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Historical Mystery Tour (608)


this would be the 3rd time Ash gets attacked by spearow and also with dawn getting attacked by ariados.

But it was an illusion, does that count?

I liked it even though it was Filler. Natu and Xatu don't get enough screentime in my opinion and when they do they don't usually showcase their abilities. 7/10


Great episode, i loved that Barry returned.
And yes, Natu and Xatu didn't get enough screentime, i think they had to be more influential in this episode, but they weren't.

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Woe unto those who haphazardly challenge James to a battle of Goldeen Scooping, putting honor and pride at stake.


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I actually liked the episode. Although the whole Camerupt thing was sadly the most bizarre thing in my mind.

I actually liked it too! I didn't really plan on liking it. It never got boring to me. The whole waking up and realizing that you're small and myself trying to figure out what they were going to do was awesome. Even when it got to the "goldeen catching booth thing", I wasn't bored. Poor goldeen though. Can you say cruel and unusual punishment?!


Who knew James was such a good Goldeen scooper? I thought Palmer was gonna appear later next episode, but I guess I was wrong. This whole episode was just one nostalgia trip, in a weird way, because of Xatu.
But it was an illusion, does that count?

I was unaware that it was an illusion. Either way, even if it was they didn't know that at the time, so what difference does it make for them?

Wow, Jun's flashback was really tame compared to Ash and Dawn's.
Interesting bit of role-reversal in Dawn's flashback: last time it was Piplup who was caught in the web.


<-- so adorable ^_^
It was a great episode
Barry is still funny :)
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This episode was a bit pointless IMO. Just the fact that it had some flashbacks and nothing more was what killed it for me. The only highlight was the recapping from episode 1 with the Spearow.
I'm really disappointed lately about CN. Honestly I've missed five episodes in a row because of their time slot and I can't even catch up. So how was Palmer's voice in the ending of the episode? I read from Bulbapedia listening Craig Blair as the VA for Palmer. I'm guessing he sounds middle aged? Young adult?


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well ill be a yellow nosed makuhita! lol loved that. Just confused, did xatu de-volve into natu then back to xatu? i hope not

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I'm really disappointed lately about CN. Honestly I've missed five episodes in a row because of their time slot and I can't even catch up. So how was Palmer's voice in the ending of the episode? I read from Bulbapedia listening Craig Blair as the VA for Palmer. I'm guessing he sounds middle aged? Young adult?

He sounded.... really calm. And his speech was as wise as it was in the original.

I couldn't tell who it was, which is probably a good thing, I'll leave it up to someone with better ears, but it does make my thoughts turn to the upcoming battle with Palmer and Ash. I usually don't play Seiyuu/VA favorites, but... I really liked Palmer's voice in the original. Nobuyuki Hiyama just sells it really well. Here's hoping Palmer gets some pep in his match next week.

Brock's complaint at the end is a good statement for the entire episode.



That brown haired kid sounded so much older than what he looked like. Though that man, the serious looking one, he was pretty danm badass. He had his own music and everything and competed with James so that just puts him up there. Palmer's voice sounded a little weird to me but I'm sure that I'll get used to it by the next episode.

The way Ash, Dawn, and Barry defeated that Camerupt was a little strange though.


Brock's complaint at the end is a good statement for the entire episode.


Yes! It was a little boring the second time around. The first time I saw it, I thought it was interesting. I still don't get it, was it all just a mirage caused by Xatu? Or was the tent really there?

I did NOT like Palmer's voice ;_;


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Well, OK, I'm a teensy bit confused now.:loopy: What shall I make of today's episode? Well, I'm going to try to order my thoughts.

First of all, this sure was the weirdest Sinnoh episode so far. I didn't know what it was all about until the very end. While this doesn't necessarily mean that it was bad, I wished that the solution to all those strange events would have been clearer and more understandable. To be honest, I expected some kind of profound truth or moral wisdom behind it, but I'm afraid that the explanation Palmer offered was insufficient.
I mean, I do get the basic message of that journey into the past, but firstly it was too rushed and secondly what the writers wanted to present as a "mystery" wasn't half as good and profound as Cynthia's "Poke-philosophy" (yeah I love this term ^^) Well, maybe that's why Palmer is "only" a frontier brain and not a champion. And, yes, this question does indeed matter, because since I watched "Arceus And The Jewel Of Life" I've been wondering whether Palmer or Cynthia won that battle we see in the opening. Now, I'm almost sure that I know the answer. Today's episode was proof enough that Palmer can't hold a candle to Cynthia, neither inside nor outside the battle when it comes to talking about Pokemon or philosophical problems.

Next, we had that strange dreamland. I liked the idea and it sure raised my interest, but the way the story developed was a bit underwhelming, especially the solution to how to get of of all that by hitting the bull's eyes on that random Camerupt seemed to be far-fetched if you as ask me. Why had that Camerupt such a significant role? Where's the logical connection?
This riddle remains to be solved

I guess, every once in a while there are surprisingly strange episodes in Pokemon and today's story certainly belongs to that category. Another example was arguably "Ghoul Daze", which however was way better because it had creepy elements and was thus extremely exciting. If anything, that episode back then would rightly deserve to be called mysterious.

And yes, I agree with you that seeing James being good at something honest was great and probably the best aspect of the episode.

Creepy sounding clown.
I HATE CLOWNS. No, I even detest them.
You know, I've hated clowns since I was a child, because for some strange reason I can't get rid of the feeling that they all just wear a mask to hide their hellish, evil alter ego. (like Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde):saiyan:
I'm usually a tough guy and there's not much that I'm afraid of, but if you really want to make me feel highly uncomfortable, show me pictures of clowns, because I somehow "suffer" from what is called Caulrophobia.
I didn't know that this is actually a serious and pretty wide-spread phobia until I found this article
Coulrophobia is abnormal or exaggerated fear of clowns. The term is common, but it does not appear to be used in psychology.[1] It is common among children, but is also sometimes found in teenagers and adults as well.[citation needed] Sufferers sometimes acquire a fear of clowns after having a bad experience with one personally. It can also be the effect of seeing a sinister portrayal of one in the media,[citation needed] such as the monster that took on the disguise of a clown in Stephen King's novel and film It.

I hope that you will now understand why the clown in today's episode somehow made me tremble.
But enough of that now.I'm starting to feel uncomfortable again.

All in all, a decent, but not all too logical episode unfortunately. But from what I've heard the Twinleaf Festival will get a pretty exciting and good end and that's what really counts, because "all's well that ends well", right?

6.5 out of 10 points


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I thought that the episode was decent. Nice to see Barry appear and how the episode showed us how he got Heracross.

It was OK, but not the best. It was mostly pointless flashbacks although Palmer appearing at the end was cool.


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Certainly wasn't a bad episode, I think the word I'm looking for is ODD. Haha once again, Brock got royally shafted. Barry was cool though. Seeing Palmer at the end was a surprise, I really like his voice, very appropriate. Overall 7.5/10


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Minor flashbacks to when Ash, Dawn, and Barry all met their Pokemon. Nice. The episode was boring and once again Brock didn't do anything. He called out his Pokemon for some reason, but all they did was stand there.

Palmer showed up though, so thats cool.


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I just saw this and I really like it. When it gets all stormy near Ash I'm like "Oh, the spearow!" I also like how there is a natu. I like natus.:D