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Historical Mystery Tour (608)

I didn't really like this episode all that much. The whole flashbacks thing with hitting a camerupt just seemed a bit pointless. The only interesting thing that happened was showing how Barry caught his Heracross but that could of simply been seen through a simple explanation. Left feeling this episodes was a bit pointless myself and i am getting a bit bored of these pokemon end up bigger than humans episodes.


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This episode was okay and definitely not the worst filler. Palmer's explanation made no sense to me as did Barry's cry of "Well, If I wasn't a yellow nosed Makuhita." Clearly, it was the Goldeen parts that lifted this episode.


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It was a good episode. Kind of strange when everyone shrank, and getting through it all. And the Goldeen subplot was fun as well.


Whoa. Did I hear Dan Green AND Ted Lewis's voice in this episode? Or is it my imagination once more?

Well anyways, this episode was okay. It had some very amusing parts. Mostly involving around Barry. I will say this that after this episode, I'm liking Barry a lot more now. He makes me laugh. Tee-hee. Okay I'm done.


Whoa. Did I hear Dan Green AND Ted Lewis's voice in this episode? Or is it my imagination once more?

Not your imagination.

Ted Lewis voiced one of the two little boys watching the showdown at the Goldeen Scoop Competition.

Dan Green voiced the Goldeen Scoop Master :p


Hmmm... this thing pretty much reminds me of "Honey, we Shrunk our Kids!" or something like that. Other than that, the only things that I've found to be even "remotely" important is how Barry met up with his Heracross, Ash meeting Palmer, & that one part in which James owns a Goldeen veteran catcher at his own game. Besides these it pretty much is a blast from the past...

Yeah, no BP summary here, especially since I've been gone for some time...

"Maybe" next time will be different, however...


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this was an ok episode as it was funny to see Ash Barry(Who was great to see back btw) and Dawn shrunk and running around like crazies lol. Apart from that it wasnt really that good and only used as a filler for next week


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The only thing I liked about this episode was learning about how Barry caught his Heracross, that's about it.
I got to watch it today, so...

+ Carnival; Brock takes care of a stall for the fisherman, I think? So, yeah, he basically just sits there with his Pokemon doing nothing. TR's Goldeen catching stall had a lot of visitors.
+ Johanna said something like "Kurotsugu to mama tomodachi ne" or something like that, keyhole crapped out during that time, which means 'Palmer and mama are friends'...?
+ Very very short battle, which was Heracross vs Pikachu, but they got interrupted when Barry saw Xatu flying.
+ Ash, Barry & Dawn follow Xatu to a tent, where a man asks them to go in, and thus the weird illusions begin. At least, I think it was illusions.
+ Everyone got seperated from their Pokemon. Ash sees a 'gigantic' Nidoking, Nidoqueen and some bug Pokemon, and then his past experience with Spearow begin. Dawn sees a 'gigantic' Fearow, a Feebas & a Magikarp. Ariados appears. Both Pikachu & Piplup save their trainers respectively. Barry's past experience was shown as well. They reunite.
+ Natu glows and the 'illusion' ends, and the tent disappears. The Xatu flies overhead again.
+ Barry gets up and bumps into Palmer. Palmer is confirmed to be his dad as Barry says "Daddy??" after seeing him.
+ They return to Twinleaf Town.

And that's about it. In the preview, Empoleon is seen battling with Pikachu; Rhyperior vs Grotle.

Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa... Lois, this is not my batman glass!
Just kidding, but seriously, there was a Nidoking and Nidoqueen in this episode? How do I not remember that part!? Probably because I've only seen this episode once, so I probably forgot about it. I'll have to watch this episode the next time it's on.

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The battle between Ash and Barry should have continued


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This episode was ok and bizarre. It was cool to see Ash and Barry have another battle, this time with Heracross vs Pikachu even though it was never finished. It was great to see Xatu and Natu for the 1st time in awhile. It was great when the Gang shrinked and then got to interact with their Pokemon who were now a lot bigger than them. Ash and Dawn basically got to relive their 1st time out on their journey. It was cool to see Palmer for the 1st time and to find out that he was Barry's dad.



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Why do people think its boring?
I thought it was an amazing filler and not boring at all

on another note, poor brock!


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It's always fun whenever Barry is in an episode. And i wanted to finish seeing that battle too. But of course something useless had to happen or it wouldn't be boring enough for the writers.:/


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I haven't posted my review of episodes for, like, two years, so I thought I'd play some catchup.

I've always had a fondness for the bizarre episodes of pokemon. Season five's "Address Unown" is in my top 10 episodes of Pokemon, and the King of Pokelantis episode is one of the few gym battles I really enjoy. This episode is definitely right up my alley.

It was a little strange seeing Ash, Dawn, and Barry being shrunk to smaller than the size of their own Pokemon (though it's the second time it's happened to Ash), but it was touching that they were basically reliving their first moments with their pokemon. :) And Barry always made any episode fun (at least Bianca's filling his place now in the Unova region for crazy hyper sidekick). It's too bad poor Brock gets left on the sidelines, even doing worse than Team Rocket! But otherwise, the episode is a strange but enjoyable romp.