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Historical Mystery Tour (608)

Bulba the Great!

We Do Not Sow
The sizes in this episode were wildly inaccurate. How was Dawn roughly the height of Piplup, and also a blade of grass? Piplup ain't that short, guys.

Natu can't seem to have its name pronounced the same way - every appearance the characters say it differently. Just decide on one!

Also amusing that anyone cares enough about Goldeen to steal a whole tankful.


Just a member
This was an interesting episode, Ash and Pikachu's encounter with the Spearows reminded me of the time when they encountered a floke of Spearows in the first episode. I liked the competition between James and that Goldeen scooping master.


While I liked the hallucinations I didn't think this episode met its full potential and I was just happy to see Palmer towards the end. 5/10

Mrs. Oreo

Wow it was weird seeing Ash, Dawn and Barry shrinking inside of Natu's illusion, but I liked Team Rocket's stunt with the Goldeen tank. I especially liked how Barry's dad Palmer casually showed up too.
What a wacky episode, especially when we saw giant Piplup. My favorite scene was when we saw how Barry had captured his Heracross. :)
Figures that Brock would be left behind again. It was great to see Barry's flashback of how he got his Heracross. I definitely liked the re-done encounter with Ash and the Spearow, too. Although the whole Camerupt thing was sadly the most bizarre thing in my mind.~


Barry is not only a favorite character of mine, but his interactions with every one is a hoot. It's unfortunate that Brock got so left behind. Those dumb kids really should know never to listen to strange clowns or walk into glowing circuses.


That brown haired kid sounded so much older than what he looked like. Though that man, the serious looking one, was cool. He had his own music and everything and competed with James so that just puts him up there.


So for the first time since the Jouto saga, we saw Naty have an impact in an episode, although I didn't quite enjoy the illusion scenarios. What I did like was finding out more about Jun however, as well as seeing his dad, Kurotsugu.


In hindsight, I wonder if the whole illusion subplot from this episode was another way of foreshadowing HG/SS since Naty and Natio were featured here, in which case this episode wasn't very successful at hyping up those games.


I call you honey
It was a good episode for me, Barry was very funny and Barry even bumped into his dad, Palmer. Team Rocket's Goldeen catching stall had a lot of visitors which was cool.


Daizy said:
Team Rocket's Goldeen catching stall had a lot of visitors which was cool.

Their successful festival business impressed me since the Rocket-dan showed us for once how well they do running a legitimate establishment.