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Hiyys Olde Shiny and Event Shoppe

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by hiyy11, Feb 21, 2013.

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  1. hiyy11

    hiyy11 T.E.G Member.

    Yes mate. No problem at all. :)
  2. elorasheppard

    elorasheppard Well-Known Member

    Hi Im interested in your SPR2013 Meloetta

    Im offering either my shiny staryu, shiny tranquill or shiny girafarig. Any interest?
  3. Spektor

    Spektor Pokemon Master

    Ill do these if thats ok
    WORLD13 Smeargle // Jolly // UT
    Nintendo of Korea Mew // Modest // UT
    Lances Dragonite // Brave // UT
    Decolora Jirachi timid
    Korean Character Fair Shaymin // Timid // UT
    PC Nagoya Magikarp // Adamant // UT
    Pokemon Hills Mewtwo // Timid // UT
    Iris's Axew // Naive // UT
    Wallaces Milotic // Lax // UT
    Stevens Metagross // Serious // UT

    I can trade whenever you are ready :)
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2013
  4. hiyy11

    hiyy11 T.E.G Member.

    Suits me buddy. I will get on and get them on my Cart ready. Thanks :) I'll PM you aswell.

    Sorry, not interested unless the Girafarig is flawless.
  5. Blasting Toise

    Blasting Toise Well-Known Member

    Do you accept regular shinies for your events? Just asking.
  6. bombazzzo

    bombazzzo Game over, man.

    After looking at your list of shinies Im interested in:
    Squirtle // Bold // UT
    Sudowoodo // Jolly // UT
    Cacnea // Adamant // UT
    Bagon // Naive // UT
    Chimchar // Jolly // UT, has PKRS
    Spiritomb // Bashful // UT
    Snivy // Brave // UT and Uncloned

    I'm willing to trade any or all for the shinies I've got in my sig.

  7. tomatohater

    tomatohater Golden Sun 4?

    Meh, I'll just throw this out there, but I am NOT expecting this to be accepted LOL!

    I am interested in your: Jap DW Torchic // Jolly // UT (Speed Boost)

    I could possibly give you my Pokeradar Shiny Shinx or Shiny Magnemite!

  8. hiyy11

    hiyy11 T.E.G Member.

    Congratulations on the shop dude, wish you the best of luck! :) I will take a look right now, and post there :)

    Depends on the event, but not normally. Also depends what Shiny, how it was obtained and legality.

    Are Skarmory, Pinsir, Xatu and Togepi flawless? If not what are the IVs.

    Sorry, unless the Magnemite is flawless I am not interested. Thanks anyway!
  9. SilentReaper

    SilentReaper Irrelevant

    Last two I would like are electryke and snover :)
  10. hiyy11

    hiyy11 T.E.G Member.

    No problem buddy. Will clone em up and ship them to you shortly :) Gonna have to search them first >..> Lol.
    Sudowoodo // Jolly // UT
    Bulbasaur // Serious // UT
    Voltorb // Timid // UT
    + Electryke and Snover :p
  11. Blasting Toise

    Blasting Toise Well-Known Member

    Most of my shinies are pokeradared like Slakoth and Corsola. I am mainly looking for legendaries that cannot be obtained in-game such as Celebi and Shaymin. Natures and stats are irrelevant and clones are okay I just want to own them. I guess you can't help but thanks anyway.
  12. hiyy11

    hiyy11 T.E.G Member.

    Sorry I cannot help, however I have PMd you.
  13. bombazzzo

    bombazzzo Game over, man.

    Skarmory, pinsir, and natu are flawless. I'm not sure about the togepi.
  14. hiyy11

    hiyy11 T.E.G Member.

    OK I'll take the 3 then. Pick 3 of what you wanted from me and we'll set up a time to trade :)
  15. hiyy11

    hiyy11 T.E.G Member.

    Situation resolved. I have removed the hacked and possibly hacked JEREMY events from trade.
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2013
  16. bombazzzo

    bombazzzo Game over, man.

    I'd like these three then ^^
    Squirtle // Bold // UT
    Sudowoodo // Jolly // UT
    Cacnea // Adamant // UT
  17. hiyy11

    hiyy11 T.E.G Member.

    Cloned and ready. I'll PM you :)
  18. adwf194

    adwf194 Flawless Collecter

    please cmt and tell me what pokes interest u. if u like some i will gladly trade with u but i need to know how many pokes u like from my shop and i will choose that many from urs :)
  19. varanus_komodoensis

    varanus_komodoensis they call me Varanus

    Hey hiyy! I figured out how to send Pokemon files to my computer, and I've backed up all of my shinies and everything, so I have their files now! So if you want one of my shinies in return for our last trade, please let me know and I'll email it to you right away! Like you said, the events with ribbons won't back up. :( Sad day.

    Also, I'm looking for any Manaphy because it's the last Pokemon I need to complete my Pokedex. I have these files, and files of all of my other non-event shinies:

    Eppie's Mew//Adamant//UT // 31/30/31/09/30/31 shiny <-- I think you might already have this.
    Shaymin//Naive// UT// flawless shiny (Turns out I did have a flawless shiny! Also I did a legality analysis for this and it comes up clean. Was likely RNG'd)
    Darkrai// Hasty// UT shiny
    DW Venusaur// Serious// EV trained // 31/31/29/27/31/25 (passed legality test)
    DW Blaziken // Adamant // EV trained // flawless (passed legality test)

    I can make the Blaziken and the Venusaur UT if you want by giving them EV-reducing berries.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2013
  20. 92tornadus

    92tornadus Active Member

    Hey hiyy, added some new stuff in my shop so take a look at it. It's in GBA part 1 and part 2 and there's a lot more than before
    Also the PCNY shedinja you traded me was hacked, agiledog confirms it but don't worry about it with me because I only found out it was hacked a few hours ago, no one knew before then at all, so it's not your fault, or anyone's really, it's probably been in circulation for a while
    Edit: just found out the Aggron I traded you is hacked too -_- hacks are ruining the trade community
    If you want I can offer you 10 pokemon from my shop as an apology :)
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2013
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