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Ho-Roudon's Fakemon Thread


Bug Pokémon Fanatic
Well, yeah, here are some fake Pokemon I made a while ago. They're for the website whose link is in my sig.If you'd like to see more, just check in later, 'cause I'll post some more... The first few are quite old, so they may not be that good.

Name: Petaqua
Types: Water
Ability: Shed Skin
Height: 1'5"
Evolution- Atlantagon at Lv. 18
Data- Petaqua is a small and shy dragon. It can fly by using its large fins. It is often seen in forests foreging for berries.

Name: Atlantagon
Types: Water/Dragon
Ability: Dragon Spirit (raises Attack when damaged)
Height: 6'1"
Evolution- From Petaqua at Lv. 18
Data- Atlantagon is a majestic Dragon that roams the 7 seas. It's pure voice can heal any creature it sings to. Despite it's size, it is very light. It can fly by using the wings on it's head and by using it's fins and tail for balance.

Name: Quadranti
Name Origin: The Italian word "Quadrantids", meaning "Meteor Shower"
Mystical Pokemon
Types: Dragon/Steel
Data: Quadranti is supposedly a Legendary Dragon's child. It races throughout the land, bringing happiness wherever it goes. It's beautiful horns are admired by many, and it were once hunted by people wanting to sell it's horns for money. Even so, it are not extremly powerful. It appears before any trainer it thinks is worthy.

Well, yeah. Quadranti is my favorite so far, it's a legendary, somewhat like Mewtwo in relation to it's power. I'm also going to make some more Legendaries, such as Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. I need ideas, though. I'm thinking along the line of dragons...



yes they are good but the Nessie-monster thing is just a Lapras with a Long neck and a custom head


Bug Pokémon Fanatic
Yeah, I know. I just felt like making it. Here's some more...

Serpent Pokemon
Types- Psychic/Flying
Ability- Shed Skin
Data- Pythigon is unique in the sense that it has no shiny form. It's colour and patterns vary slightly, though. There are 12 different kinds of Pythigon.

*~Color and PatternRarity Scale~*
In order from Most Common to Rarest-

Blue w/ Green Triangle
Blue w/ Star
Yellow w/ Flame
Yellow w/ Water Droplet
Green w/ Water Droplet
Green w/ Purple Dot
Red w/ Purple Dot
Red w/ Green Triangle
Purple w/ Flame
Purple w/ Yinyang
Silver w/ Star
Silver w/ Yinyang


Name: Frostue
Types: Ice
Ability: Frost (causes mild flurries that up Ice-type moves by 5%)
Height: 1'5"
Evolution- Glaceral (by Trading)
Data- Frostue are shy creatures. However, you can always tell when one's approaching by the wild flurries they cause. They always carry around a shard of unmeltable ice because it is the only memory they have of their lost parents.

Name: Glaceral
Type: Ice
Ability: Frost
Height: 3'6''
Evolution- From Frostue (by Trading)
Data- Glaceral are tough, doglike creatures. They are brave enough to face even the tallest Steelix with pride. They are tough to control at times, but they are very loyal.

I'm very proud of the Pythigon, it's completely custom.



I Think that Frostue isn`t good.
But Atlantagon is Beautifel.



Bug Pokémon Fanatic
Yeah, I know, but here's another one...


Name: Cygnus
Classification: Swan Pokemon
Type(s): Ice/Flying
Height: 2'3"
Weight: 15 lbs
Location: Sky, uncommon
Attack- med
Defense- low
Speed- high
Sp.Def- high
Data- Cygnus is a majestic Bird Pokemon that soars throughout the Sky. It is extremely light, so it stays in the sky all the time, even when it sleeps. It is able to store air for an extremely long time in it's lungs, so some people claim they have seen this Pokemon in outer space.

- Peck
- Growl
- Icy Wind
7- Gust
9- Tail Whip
13- Sky Attack
16- Icicle Spear
21- Hail
26- Wing Attack
31- Ice Beam
35- Water Gun
39- Whirlwind
44- Hydro Pump
50- Blizzard

Fwee :3