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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Discussion' started by JD154, Jul 11, 2013.

  1. JD154

    JD154 That Weird Kid

    Do you have a weird or interesting hobby to share? I for one play drums and write a bit.
  2. Flaaffy180

    Flaaffy180 Flaaffy Master

    I have many hobbies...

    I have many hobbies most are related to ether animals or sport in some way. But like you, I write random stories. Currently, since year 7 is nearly over, Im working on a funny mini book about everyone in our form! Everyone's a mythical animal and there in the book in some way. Just a little laugh. Im reading it out on Monday and there gonna sit on the carpet like little kids and ill read it to them - lol!
  3. Airi-Chan

    Airi-Chan Falling Roses

    I have random hobbies. Internet, sleeping, eating, cooking, reading, listening to music are my general hobby. I don't have any weird hobbies :v
  4. Flaaffy180

    Flaaffy180 Flaaffy Master


    Yeah really my only hobbies are sport related though I do love to sleep and eat =D
  5. Teapot

    Teapot Sweaty Toad

    I play piano and clarinet, aswell as creating dolls, clothes, fabric items, etc. BUT, sleeping is my speciality :D
  6. Flaaffy180

    Flaaffy180 Flaaffy Master


    Woah that's cool! How long have you been creating dolls and how many have made ShinyGirl?
  7. Silent_Vibrava

    Silent_Vibrava Fanfiction Writer

    Writing fanfiction, cooking Indian food, and building robots.
  8. Mew The Gato

    Mew The Gato ___________

    Well, I love Mathematics, reading and art.

    But I have two strange hobbies...

    I love saying, "indeed" and also using ellipsis........
  9. Zazie

    Zazie So 1991

    I am quite a bit into guitar, not only do I like playing it, but I am pretty big into the little details as well. Alternate tunings are pretty interesting to me as is anything that involves modding the electronics and wiring. I probably need to spend more time actually practicing though, I'm not very good.

    I am also into using computers for creative applications. I am into web design (getting my certificate) and I like to mess around with Photoshop and other image creation/editing stuff. And I also like to experiment with creating music on my computer, but I usually get a creative block within a few minutes. Learning flash right now, so I may eventually learn to make my own cartoons.
  10. Ridovi

    Ridovi New Member

    Violin ando Clouds

    I love to play violin and see clouds <3 *¬*
  11. L. Lawliet

    L. Lawliet Black Ice Trainer

    i build with legos. i am currently replicating various games.
  12. mjunior3

    mjunior3 Link Jokers!

    I collect Yu-gi-oh cards, play with legos, and sleep. :D
  13. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie 桜咲くこの坂を今も上っている

    My two main hobbies are writing and drawing. I basically feed on it (I don't necessarily breathe it). I can go without it every now and then, but I have to either write or draw something at least every day.

    I also like to sing, play video games, watch anime or other cartoons, and read--though I've been reading more manga than actual books. Speaking of manga, I've been getting into collecting them lately, like I'm trying to complete some series and start on new ones, so every few weeks, I buy something off Amazon, or at the Half-Price Books if I go there and have money on me. Mom says I'm getting addicted to manga, I say I'm developing a hobby.
  14. disposable_heroes

    disposable_heroes <- Best PKMN Ever

    If you can count playing Quiz Bowl, then yes.

    Also guitar, keyboard, and Rock Band.
  15. Ace Trainer Alex

    Ace Trainer Alex wants to fight!

    Used to do a lot of drawing, but nowadays I need to be inspired to. I also play the ocarina, collect various cards and certain figures, as well as game.
  16. Marco The Phoenix

    Marco The Phoenix Y Yes, I Watch Anime

    I used to play piano, but alas. I've been out of practicing for a while.
  17. Latch

    Latch Funky Fresh

    Soccer, Lacrosse, Breakdance, Music and FIFA.
  18. telivisionhead

    telivisionhead Well-Known Member

    Drawing,internet,eating,ds,video games,footy,parkour,watching tv,lego. Wait some of those aren't hobbies, unless watching tv counts. Lol.
  19. Rezzuréct

    Rezzuréct Allez Les Bleus!

    I play guitar a little bit. I also like to sleep, eat, play video games, mess with Photoshop and listen to music
  20. SpoinkyPearl

    SpoinkyPearl Well-Known Member

    I used to play violin but I quit that hobby about two years ago. I was always too lazy to practise so I wouldn't have become very good violinist anyway ^^'

    After that music hobby, I've not really had any "official" hobbies but only something you can do at home. I play video games and sometimes board and card games with friends. I also like drawing and writing but it's hard for me to find time for those hobbies nowadays. I also collect anime figures but that's a very minor hobby of mine since figures are quite expensive and I usually buy about 3 to 5 figures in a half a year. I also read and collect manga which has been my hobby about 10 years already.

    Even though I don't play myself anymore, I love to listen to music but I wouldn't count that as a hobby. I also like to watch films and cycle around my hometowns but those are probably more leisure activities than real hobbies.

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