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Hoboman's Trade Shop (mews etc)

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Marsh Badge
I have Darkrai and Deoxys ft Both lvl 100 and Eved
I would like Shiny Dragonair and Shiny Axew


Pokemon Breeder
I'm interested in your Arceus and darkrai and Ivy's Axew. I have an adamant Uxie.


I need a MEW

Shiny Litwick (legit) Female, Bashful, Scatters thing often, Pokerus LV. 27
Shiny Zorua (legit) Female, Timid, Often lost in thought LV. 1
Thundurus LV. 40 in a Master ball Quirky, Somewhat stubborn
DW Tangela Female
DW Lickitung Female
DW Mareep Female
DW Jumpluff Female


Pokemon Trader
I have a female DW igglybuff i'd be willing to trade. I'd really like a mew...


It's full of women!
I'm interested in a shiny absol, any mew or any celebi.

I can offer a shiny donphan, a shaymin or a shiny wigglytuff


Hey! I am interested in your Shiny Bellossom and Shiny Hoothoot

Take a look at the Pokemon that I can offer, please check this link: http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=259295

PM me what Pokemon you are interested in, and we'll continue the discussion on your thread.



Is there a chance i can have a plain mew?
Could I get you to IV breed 3 Flawless Stats on an Aerodactoyl with Aqua Tail and Stealth Rock. IVs: x/31/x/x/31/31. As for the other stats, could they be high enough? If they are I will pay extra. CMT for it


Just call me Cooki
I'm interested in your Mew & Shaymin. I can offer
Lv 100 Latios,
some starters,
DW female w/ ability (Tailow-Scrappy),
PKTOPIA Pikachu (Europe),
Manaphy (from PKMN Ranger)
Shiny Chandelure Lv 50 PKRS Modest Often dozes off
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keeper of elements
i have a dw f spiritomb
alot of dw riolu m and f
im interested in a celebi doesnt matter which one i just want one pm me if u wann trade


Sexy Trainer
what do you want for a shaymin?


Event collector //
I saw that you were trading mew for one DWF pokemon , I have miltank , nincada and ralts . Can I get 3 mews ?


New Member
I have a neutral (bashful) Articuno Lv. 50 available. I know you wanted good natured, but I didn't know if that was an absolute. All I'm looking for is a Mew. Wanted one since R/G/B/Y in the 90's.



Funk Volume
This guys has been inactive since 2011


Well-Known Member
A Mew you say?
I have a DWF Eevee I can trade for a MYSTRY Mew.
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