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Hoenn confirmed?!

Discussion in 'Games' started by Chidori__O, Oct 15, 2013.

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  1. Chidori__O

    Chidori__O Well-Known Member

    This is a fun game I played with friends irl. Here are the rules:

    1. Follow all the usual forum rules
    2. The first poster (me in this case) states how HOENN remakes are confirmed.
    3. The next poster states 'Hoenn confirmed' or Hoenn not confirmed because (insert explanation here).

    If there is a problem such as you don't understand the rules feel free to PM/VM for a more in depth explanation. Also X and Y spoilers are in effect so try to use spoiler boxes if it involves X and Y or choose a different explanation.
  2. (since you didn't put an official proof I'll use the last example) Hardly confirmed. Hoenn gave Marill/Wobby and only Marill/Wobby preevos and then a Kanto game came out.

    Hoenn confirmed because in the most recent gen we had a Dream World and in Hoenn some random scientist said something about seeing pokemon's dreams.
  3. Chidori__O

    Chidori__O Well-Known Member

    (Whoops, forgot an example D: Thanks for helping that out lol)

    This doesn't prove Hoenn is here because you didn't provide screenshots

    Hoenn confirmed because X and Y came out October 12th and Emerald came out on October 21 in Europe.
  4. WizardTrubbish

    WizardTrubbish Enough of that

    Hoenn not confirmed because I am not European so I don't care what they think

    Hoenn confirmed because there's a thread on Serebii title "Hoenn confirmed" here
  5. Confirmed because Hoenn confir-ception.

    Hoenn confirmed because 3+8+6 adds up to merely one more than 7+1+8. (17 and 16 respectively)
  6. fenniken

    fenniken fire master

    Why do you guys want a remake!!!
  7. WizardTrubbish

    WizardTrubbish Enough of that

    Hoenn confirmed because math

    Hoenn confirmed because Fenniken is a spamming *******
  8. Confirmed because it is true therefore you must always be right.

    Hoenn confirmed because WT is an oracle.
  9. WizardTrubbish

    WizardTrubbish Enough of that

    Confirmed because indeed I am

    Hoenn confirmed because I said so
  10. Canada

    Canada Banned

    Not confirmed. I don't trust your word WT, you might be one of those mean oracles that enjoy other people's pain.

    Hoenn confirmed because I saw it myself
  11. Cometstarlight

    Cometstarlight What do I do now?

    Not confirmed b/c we're gonna need pictures

    Hoenn confirmed because a TON of NPCs in X and Y talk about Hoenn all the time.
  12. WizardTrubbish

    WizardTrubbish Enough of that

    Screw the NPCs, it isn't confirmes

    You know too much

    Confirmed because Sling knows too much
  13. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    They also talk about Kanto, Johto, and Unova. This confirms nothing!

    Edit: I don't know Sling...

    Hoenn confirmed because this thread exists!
  14. WizardTrubbish

    WizardTrubbish Enough of that

    No, I already said that

    Hoenn confirmed because I know who Sling is and that's really all that matters
  15. Not confirmed because Sling is currently making a Sinnoh remake (you may not know it, but you are)

    Hoenn confirmed because you get the Kanto starters as a part of the storyline. The last main games where this happened were FRLG, which were in gen 3 with the Hoenn games.
  16. WizardTrubbish

    WizardTrubbish Enough of that

    Hoenn not confirmed because you got Kanto starters in HGSS too

    Hoenn confirmed because if it wasn't why would I bother to post in this thread?
  17. Canada

    Canada Banned

    Hoenn confirmed, WT speaks the truth

    Hoenn confirmed because a bird told me
  18. Confirmed because I sent the bird.

    Hoenn confirmed because Kalos and Hoenn are both big regions.
  19. WizardTrubbish

    WizardTrubbish Enough of that

    Not confirmed because bird lie

    Henn confirmed because another bird swore on a stack of bibles and told me
  20. Schade

    Schade The real Slim Schady

    Not confirmed because the bible lies! Oh.. and birds don't talk..

    Herrn cnferrnd because there are leaves in Violas gym With dewdrops, just like in the RSE intros
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