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~Hoenn Lovers Club~

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Angelic Elf Ivy, Feb 22, 2006.

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  1. Angelic Elf Ivy

    Angelic Elf Ivy Well-Known Member

    This was approved by PsiUmbreon, and it's basically for people who like Hoenn whether it's the games, show, contests, or something else about Hoenn.

    Basic SPPf rules.
    1. No SPAMming
    2. Stay on topic best you can
    3. Treat each other with respect.
    4. No Hoenn shippings please.
    5. You may not give permission to join unless you are the owner (me) or a co-owner. You can, however, welcome people to the club. Thank you. >.>
    6. Have funs! :D

    Angelic Elf Ivy

    Co Owner 1:
    c??e ?ogep?

    Co Owner 2:

    Co Owner 3:

    1. ShadowCloud62
    2. Marowak XD
    3. Mimori Kiryu
    4. Shadow Ichigo
    5. *Groudon*
    6. Eeveetrainer
    7. registeel13
    8. Russian May
    9. Scottura
    10. NarutoUzumaki94
    11. ~Mystical Puru Ryuu~
    12. Dragon_Master24
    13. Blaze Dragon
    14. Deoxys94
    15. Comis Patronus
    16. *Shade*
    17. dragonboy
    18. May_Eevee
    19. Shiron
    20. PokemonMaster216
    21. Sneasel Inferno
    22. Darkstorm16
    23. Dark Aerodactyl
    24. azurill
    25. Jonah
    26. ?Princess Ketchum?
    27. pokefan999
    28. 2bcelebi320
    29. kevmel309
    30. Wanderer Mobius
    31. Magician Ruwla
    32. rashed11
    33. Salamence78

    If I've made a mistake in the spelling of your name, or if you wish to not be a part of this club any longer, please PM me and I'll take care of that.
    Thank you.
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2006
  2. Myuuvuirocon

    Myuuvuirocon <--- Destoria

    Hi! I kno u from the Wes Club, right? I love da Hoenn region! Sapphire was da 1st Pokemon game I got n' I fell in love w/ da Hoenn region n' its Pokemon. Can I join? Me da 1st person! Wow, cool... ^^
  3. Angelic Elf Ivy

    Angelic Elf Ivy Well-Known Member

    Sure you can. ^_~ Hope others join soon.
  4. Myuuvuirocon

    Myuuvuirocon <--- Destoria

    Yay! Ok... um... what do we do now? *anime blinks* Topic? I dunna, just wanna kno what we do here.

    Again - Thanx fer lettin' me join. How d'ya become Co-Owner? just wonderin'... :D
  5. Angelic Elf Ivy

    Angelic Elf Ivy Well-Known Member

    Well, since I'm the owner I'll decide who's worthy of the job. Heh heh heh. >=D

    Topic: Which Hoenn game do you like more? Why?

    Emerald because there's more things to do than in the other two games.
  6. Myuuvuirocon

    Myuuvuirocon <--- Destoria

    Same here. But on my sapphire game, I have more pokemon o.0. N' I don't like da big letters in s/r... I like them like this, NOT LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME...

    Hm... how d'ya get more members? Ah well, it just got started. Gotta wait a lil' while I guess... >_> *waits* Ok, I'm done (I'm veddy impatient lol)
  7. Angelic Elf Ivy

    Angelic Elf Ivy Well-Known Member

    Same. ^^
    You could help advertise. Put a link in your siggy. That should help.
  8. Myuuvuirocon

    Myuuvuirocon <--- Destoria

    Kay, I'll work on dat... *goes 2 sig* now where 2 put it...
  9. Angelic Elf Ivy

    Angelic Elf Ivy Well-Known Member

    Awesome. Thanks.
  10. I...must... join. :3
  11. Angelic Elf Ivy

    Angelic Elf Ivy Well-Known Member

    And you're in.
    You seem to be on often enough, and I know you pretty well so would you like to be a co-owner?
  12. Sure! ^_^

    EDIT: nevermind... >>
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2006
  13. Myuuvuirocon

    Myuuvuirocon <--- Destoria

    Hows dat? I dunna how ya do it in da words though... >_>

    Yay! Another member! A Co-Owner!

    ;038; Can I be here?

    Are friends welcome? Nike would like 2 join.

    ;038; I'm a Hoenn region Pokemon!

    Topic? uh... Which Legendary do u like the most in Hoenn?

    Hard? yes. Um... I like Jirachi... n' others...
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2006
  14. Angelic Elf Ivy

    Angelic Elf Ivy Well-Known Member

    I sorta have one up a few more posts but if you have an idea for a topic you're welcome to post it.

    Sure, why not. She has appeared in the Hoenn region if I'm not mistaken.

    Which Legendary do u like the most in Hoenn?
    RAYQUAZA!!! o_O *twitches* He's mine!
  15. Okay- Topic-- I need to try Emrland. ;_; But, till now, I prefer Ruby~ xD
  16. Myuuvuirocon

    Myuuvuirocon <--- Destoria

    Oh, I forgot! I also love emerald 'cause both Magma n' Aqua are in it n' are evil... ^^ I love TEAM MAGMA!

    Also, I love da Lati's... n' Rayquaza... n'... ah, who m I kidding! I love em all!
    *hugs legendaries*

    EDIT: CuTe ToGePi, r u a Co-Owner? or not? me confused... actually, I'm always confused... XD.

    ;038; No kidding...
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2006
  17. Angelic Elf Ivy

    Angelic Elf Ivy Well-Known Member

    Yeah. In the other two Hoenn games it doesn't really make scence that one's evil and the other's good. It makes you wonder....

    Yeah, but still kindda gotta like one more than the others, right? ^^;;
  18. Myuuvuirocon

    Myuuvuirocon <--- Destoria

    Yep. I like Magma da beat 'cause I played Sapphire 1st n' Aqua was evil n' Magma was good... so dat sorta influenced me ta Magma's liking side...

    *How d'ya make da link 2 dis site like in yers? Like in words, not in da real whole link website name... I dunna how ta do it... could ya tell me? It would save some room in my sig...
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2006
  19. Angelic Elf Ivy

    Angelic Elf Ivy Well-Known Member

    Yeah. I like Team Magma's members better, but I like Team Aqua's uniforms. "Arg! We be pirates!" XD

    EDIT: Yeah, CuTe ToGePi's a co-owner. ^^;; There's a list at the top if you'd like to check.
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2006
  20. Myuuvuirocon

    Myuuvuirocon <--- Destoria

    Yeah, I checked. I like Magma's uniforms... 'cept fer da skirts... UG! I HATE skirts... sorry 2 say...

    "Arg! We be pirates!"

    XDXDXDXDXD!!!!!!! I dunna how 2 quote... me soooo smart...

    Ack! Me 13 yrs old... I'm 1 yr older than both of ya... ah well.

    me g2 sleep now, g'night!
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