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Hoennshipping General Discussion

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The Road of Life
After browsing the various Japanese sites that Patrickstar was so generous enough to post.

I was able to stumble upon this Franticshipping comic thats full of fluff:

Click me! If you dare
Credit for the comic goes to Nijiro, the artist who did it. it's a two page comic at the bottom there is a blue link, click it and it takes you to the next page.

I translated the comic to the best of my ability, so if you'd like, you can try to read along or have a better understanding as to what they're saying:

(Remember, it's a Japanese comic, so the reading goes from right to left, the right pannel to left pannel)

(Top Pannel)

Sapphire: "Kyaaa!!"

(Right Pannel)

Sapphire: "What were you doing just now?"

Ruby: "Just playing a little game."

(Next Pannel)

Sapphire: "Game?"

Ruby: "Yep."

(Lower Pannel with Ruby)

Ruby: "Write a character on the others back, and guess the word."

(Lower Pannel)

Sapphire: "Thats stupid! *Bothering me while I was resting on my side*" (*I'm pretty sure this is a mistranslation, but it does have something to do with Sapphire resting on her side*)

Ruby: "If you win, *you can mix up whatever you can think of*(*mistranslation)

(Bottom right pannel, happy Sapphire)

Sapphire: "I'll do it!"

(Lower Left pannel)

Ruby: "Alright, first, you."

Sapphire: "I'll get them all right!"

(Lower Right, all text)

Ruby: "K, this?"

Sapphire: "Sapphire."

Ruby: "...and this?"

Sapphire: "Ruby"

Ruby: "...and this?"

Sapphire: "Torchic."

Ruby: "..."

Sapphire: "Zuzu."

Ruby: "How about this?"

Sapphire: "Pokemon Battle!" *ALL CORRECT!!*

(Upper Left Pannel, glaring Ruby)

Sapphire: "Whats the matter? Running out?"

(Lower Left)

Ruby: "Alright then, how about this?"

(Lower right and center, shocked Sapphire)

Sapphire: "Huh? Only two characters?"

Ruby: "Yep" :)

*Blushing Sapphire*

(Lower Left and right pannels)

Ruby: "Don't know it? Here, it's this"

Sapphire: "!!"

(Lower Right Pannel)

Ruby: "Sapphire...?"

(Lower Left Pannel)

Sapphire: "L..L..L..Lo...Lo....Love?"

(Lower Right Pannel, Sapphire emberresed)

Both: "...."

(Left Pannel)

Ruby: "Pffft!!!"

(Lower Pannel)

Ruby: "BWA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! It was *I cant see the word clearly enough*!! Interesting!"

Right Pannel)

Sapphire: "What!? Whats with that smile!?"

Ruby: "Ok, your turn."

(Upper Left Pannel)

Sapphire: "......"

(Lower Left pannel)

Ruby: "Alright, go ahead"

(Bottom 3 Pannels, Sapphire writes)

(Below those 3 Pannels)

Ruby: "Huh??"

(Final Right Pannel)

Sapphire: "Get it?"

Ruby: "Uhh, one more time."

(Upper mid Pannel)

Ruby: "...." >.<

(Left Pannel)

Sapphire: "Done! So whats the answer?"

(Final Left Pannel)

Ruby: "Hey, was that Japanese?"

Sapphire: "It wasen't Japanese...*Can't read the rest*"

Next Page(Blue Link on the bottom)

Sapphire: "What? Don't know it?"

Ruby: "...............no"

(Lower Pannel)

Sapphire: "Should've trained more."

Ruby: (Thinks)'Damnit....No. But wait, if it wasen't Japanese.

(Right Pannel)

Ruby: "Hey!"

(Left Pannel)

Ruby: "Please!! Just one more time?"

Sapphire: "What!? How many time have I done it alreay? *Small text*: What a pain in the a*s"

(Right Pannel)

Sapphire: "Fine, just one more time."

Ruby: "Please."

(Lower right Pannel)

Ruby: *grins*

(Left Pannel)

Sapphire: "Well? Can you answer it? What did I write?"

(Big Pannel)


(Lower 2 Pannels)

*Should be able to figure that one out* :p

(Lower Right Pannel)

Ruby: "????"(Curse you small detailed kanji!!!)

(Left Pannel)

Ruby: "????" (I have no idea what 'Mikkusuore' means)

(Lower Pannel)

Ruby: *Clap Clap* "Really Sapphire...simply..."

(Final Pannel)

Sapphire: "RUBY YOU IDIOT!!!"

Ruby: " Hey! Shut up!"


There you have it, hope you guys enjoyed it. I thought it was nice. My translation is not 100% accurate, but still pretty good.
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After browsing the various Japanese sites that Patrickstar was so generous enough to post.

I was able to stumble upon this Franticshipping comic thats full of fluff:

Click me! If you dare
Credit for the comic goes to Nijiro, the artist who did it. it's a two page comic at the bottom there is a blue link, click it and it takes you to the next page.

I translated the comic to the best of my ability, so if you'd like, you can try to read along or have a better understanding as to what they're saying:

There you have it, hope you guys enjoyed it. I thought it was nice. My translation is not 100% accurate, but still pretty good.

Ohhh...... It's sooo... CUTE!!
Then again, take time to view Nijiro's gallery...

I recommend the following...


Musashi and Kojiro?!
Aww... the pics and the manga are all cute! XD Man, the artist is sure something. :D


I knew people would like this site.

Anyways... I'm gonna restart the topic Ren-kun originaly proposed.

What would Ruby and Sapphire's baby look like?

I'm guessing its gonna have Sapphire's hair and Ruby's eye color? Personality? A mixture of both (which would be chaotic).


Beginning Trainer
"Sir, madam, we really would like to know the name you decided on the child."

Ruby blinked, briefly interrupted from his silent gazing to look upon the doctor. "I...uh..." he stammered, at a total loss for words. This wasn't fair on his overwhelmed mind at all.

"We never came up with a name," was the finishing remark from the young woman sitting in the hospital bed, her arms carefully holding a tiny swaddled bundle. "She wasn't expected, and with the calamity of these past months, well...it must have slipped our notice."

Surprise this might have been, it was far from unwelcome though. Sapphire could only look down and watch the baby try to cuddle against her. She- the baby- could feel the familiar heartbeat and tried to get closer to it, seeking instinctive comfort in an ever unknown world she had come into.

Ruby gently reached out with a finger to one of the tiny fists trying to grasp the hospital gown Sapphire was wearing. One little fist left the gown, only to wrap around Ruby's finger. The touch was not familiar to the baby, but it did not matter- she still felt safe with this new presence around. Safe, warm...loved.

"Should I just pencil in 'Baby' and wait for you two to give a real name in the meantime?" the doctor quipped, though he might as well been talking to the walls. He watched Ruby get a little closer to his wife and child- the doc knew they were married by the matching rings that spoke of a ceremony that may have been rushed but was earnest all the same.

Had this been a game show of some sort, all three would have been blessed with a jackpot. Incredible luck and maybe fate had played an extensive hand in the future that looked sunny and rosy for all involved. She was fortunate he hadn't run away when she told him of what happened. He was fortunate she hadn't rejected him when he went down on his knees and proposed. And the baby was fortunate for she was born to two people who- despite the repeated quarrells and back and forth babbling that could drive any third party insane- really did love each other.

It was when she opened her eyes that both parents stopped breathing, utterly entranced. The gaze was pure serenity, a gentle shade of lavender that could calm a storm. There was innocence and curiosity in the gaze, but within all that lay a few slivers of what had made her parents what they were. She was the symbolism for everything positive about them.

"Amethyst," they both said to the doctor without taking their eyes off her, "Amethyst Topaz Corundum."

The doctor could only smile as Amethyst- obviously liking the name- closed her eyes and snuggled a bit further against her mother's chest, lulled to slumber by her heartbeat. He wrote down that name as Ruby leaned his head forward, resting it on Sapphire's shoulder.

Name: Amethyst Topaz Corundum
Mother: Sapphire Pyrite Corundum
Father: Ruby Hematite Corundum

Welcome to the world, child.


The Road of Life
What would Ruby and Sapphire's kids look like?

Something like this or this

Those are the sprites for the tuber kid's from D/P, courtisy of pe2k.com

When I frist ran into them in the game, I thought to myself "Holy crap, they could be Brendan and May's/Ruby and Sapphire's kid!" just bare with the size, as they are very small =/

Thats just my opinion, but Patrickstar has the right idea, cause that would have been my answer. That or a mix'n match:

The daughter would still have Sapphire's hairstyle and eye color, but the hair color would be black.

The son, of course, would have Ruby's hairstyle and eye color, and his hair color would be brown(I am reminded of the game version of the FR/LG boy, his eyes are red, and his hairstyle is kinda like Ruby's, and is brown. :O )

Then again, a personally mixed with Ruby and Sapphire, that would be chaotic. Imagine a wild, tarzan-like kid who tries to stay clean. Ruby's somewhat smug attaitude, along with Sapphire's In-your-face attitude...........We have a "small" problem

As for Zycho32's Drabble

As always, great drabble:D, but not as always, it diddn't end on a down note. Still great stuff nontheless. Keep up the good work and do try to post often. Makes me want to make a drabble again, but my drabbles were crap and would probably ruin the "mood" D:
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herd u liek mudkips?
No, your drabbles are pretty good, Random H3RO. Please post one. :D

I was browsing over some sites a few days ago, when I saw, out of the blue, Hoennshipping fanart. And in a place I'd never expected it, either. Sadly, I forgot where I saw it...

But I thought everyone hated Brendan and Hoennshipping! (They do. Everywhere I go, they do. It's depressing.) Seeing that fan art...that was awesomeness!

Oh, why didn't I pay attention to where I found it? All I know is that it was there. But my computer shut down during the night, and now all is lost! :(

BTW, if RubyxSapphire is Frantic Shipping, and BrendanxMay is Hoenn Shipping, then what is BrendanxSapphire? And RubyxMay?


We are sterotyped, not hated.
Other shippers (this only applies to some of the morons in this world) think that we are intelligently challenged for supporting a never met ship (anime wise).

To R3domhero: there is no "mood" right now, so why not contribut some for the fun of it?

Currently, I am starting this massive FS drabble collection and I'm starting things off. You guys can send requests after a while.

You probably write wayy better than me, and we will be glad to help (even though i have a history of bashing tons of fluff drabbles, but post it anyways).


The Road of Life
Meh, what the hell? I've got time.

Rolling along with the "Child of Ruby and Sapphire" topic

WARNING!!(havent had one of these in a while) Lame drabble ahead, proceed with caution.

It was as calm and as quiet as any night can be in Littleroot Town. A cressent moon shined high up in the sky, lighting several of the small streets and houses that were scattered all over town. Trees were getnly rustling in the soft breeze that was blowing by. Several stray pokemon were in deep slumber in the small alleyways between some of the houses, showing how calm it was this night. Little did they know that this calmity was about to be unexpectedly interrupted.

"Ahhhhhh!! Mommy! Daddy!" A very young girl, about the age of 3, was crying her eyes out while screaming for her parents.

Several doors down, not too far from the young girl, were none other than her parents, who were none other than Ruby and Sapphire. Both of which were enjoying their slumber while in their own little dreamworld when the screams from their daughter finally brought them back from that happy place in their dreams. "...Hmm, ugh, where is that comming from?" Ruby asked in a slur as his eyes started to open.

"Ugh..., hmm..., wa is that?" Sapphire asked as well, apperently just waking up at that moment, her eyes still closed. Both of them lied in their bed for a moment, letting their ears adjust to the sound that was comming from..........in the house? In.....!!

"Olivia!" Both Ruby and Sapphire said in a panic and shot up from their bed and made a mad dash from their room to their daughters. Something like this has never happened before. It has only been one and a half years since Ruby and Sapphire gave Olivia her own room, and amazingly enough, Olivia diddn't seem too frightened at all. So for her to scream in the middle of the night, it has to be something bad.

Sapphire was the first to reach Olivia's room. She quickly opened the door and hurried in. "Olivia!?" Sapphire asked in a panicked tone as she looked around th room. Everything seemed to be ok, on the wall oppisite of where the door was laid a large toy chest with various toys and stuffed pokemon sticking out from the top, just above the toy vhest was a single sliding window, which was closed. To the left of the toy chest and window, resting on the left wall, was a white dresser which had all of Olivia's clothes, on top of the dresser stood a small lamp. To the left of the dresser were two sliding doors which led to the closet, which held the nice and formal clothes that could not be folded up and put in the dresser, which both sliding doors were closed. Finally, on the oppisite wall of the dresser and closet, there was a single sized bed, and on the bed and in the corner was a small girl. She had sholder length black hair with a single straind sticking up. Her sapphire blue eyes were filled with tears and were continully streamming down her face her knees up to her chest, curled up clenching a stuffed torchic doll.

Olivia looked up at Sapphire, tears still streamming down her face, put down the torchic doll and held up her arms wanting her mother to embrace her in her arms. "Mommy.." Olivia said softly, still crying, but not as loud as before, wrapped her arms around Sapphires neck and squeezed, getting as close to her mother as she could. Olivia looked past her mom and saw her fatrher, Ruby, walk up to Sapphire and herself. Ruby placed a hand on Sapphire's left sholder and leaned over to give Olivia a small kiss on her cheek.

"What happened?" Ruby asked softly, trying to calm his daughter. Olivia just squirmed a little in Sapphire's arms, and finally sopke.

"He almost got me. Mommy, daddy. He almost got me!" Oliva said, once again crying.

"Who almost got you?" Sapphire asked, while still trying to quiet down Olivia.

"The Pokeman!" Olivia answered.

"Shhh, it's ok, it was only a dream, you're safe now." Sapphire reassured her daughter. Calming her down a little bit.

"The what?" Ruby asked in a confused tone.

"You don't know about the Pokeman?" Sapphire asked her husband in surprise. "The Pokeman is supposed to be this half pokemon, half human creature that comes after little kids at night. You mean to tell me that your parents never used to scare you with that when you were little?"

"Of course not! My father was frightning enough. So you know about the pokeman how?" Asked Ruby in a bored tone while looking down at his wife holding his daughter.

"Because apperently, unlike you, my parents did try to scare me with the pokeman." Sapphire said bitterly back to Ruby. Sapphire then turned back her daughters attention, she could feel that Olivia was breathing hard, she was still scared. Sapphire began to rock back and forth slowly trying to calm her down. Sapphire then rememberd that this was something that her own mother used to do when she was little, before she passed away. fdor some odd reason, this made Sapphire feel a little bit closer to her own mother. She could feel that Olivia had finally calmed down.

"Mommy?" Olivia asked softly.

"Yes sweetie?" Sapphire answered back softly.

"Can I sleep with you and daddy?" Olivia asked, her eyes now closed.

"Of course you can." Sapphire told her daughter in her ear. She then got up and began to walk out the room when Ruby sopke up.

"I still don't see whats the problem wit hthis whole pokeman thing." Ruby said.

"For the love of...., she's only 3!" Sapphire told Ruby in an angry tone. "You know what? You can just sleep in here and Olivia will take your spot in the bed tonight." Sapphire said in a half playful and half serious tone, which confused Ruby.

As Sapphire and Olivia were on their way back to herand Ruby's bedroom, Olivia begfan to squrim again in Sapphire's arms. "No, what if the pokeman goes after daddy?"

Sapphire gave a small chuckle and looked at her daughter "Don't worry sweetie, the pokeman can't hurt daddy."

Back with Ruby, who was laying in Olivia's bed, thought to himself 'i still don't see the problem. And why am I ACTUALLY listening to Sapphire?' Ruby then got up from the bed and began to walk back to his bedroom to find both Sapphire and Oliva both already sound asleep.


Some notes, I don't know if Sapphires mom is dead or not, but I haven't seen her in the manga, so i'm going to assume so

I must go offline, cause it's currently 3:33 AM where i'm at. I diddn't proofread or any of that good stuff, so there are alot of mistakes.


Nice job. Descrpitive and decent. The baby's name kinda bugs me, although a few mistakes. But hell, who am i to judge? I'm not perfectionlist (my fics are packed with mistakes). Overall, nice. Even though i don't like the subject of your drabble (and i helped started this topic, I'm weird), it is still worth reading.

Btw, I thoughts its "pokemon" not "pokeman"?


herd u liek mudkips?
Yeah, a Poke-Man. Half Poke, half man. Makes perfect sense to me.

I'm annoyed and angered about Hoennshippers being disliked because Brendan and May never met in the show. I consider the anime stupid. Especially since when I say Hoennshipping, I'm not talking about the damn show! I'm talking about the game! But no, crazy anime fans come after me with long, sharp, spears and attempt to impale me, just because I say that Brendan is Norman's son. I'm not talking about the show, for godsakes! What don't people get about that...[/rant]

The drabble's good. I've noticed a few spelling and grammar mistakes, but all in all, it's...good. (Couldn't find a better descriptive word...) I LOLed when Ruby had to sleep in Olivia's bed.

So, what would BrendanxSapphire be called? And what about RubyxMay?


The Road of Life
Originally posted by Patrickstar
Btw, I thoughts its "pokemon" not "pokeman"?

It is, just like the drabble said; the Pokeman is a creature that come and "gets" little kids in the pokemon world. I totally made it up for the sake of this drabble. think of it as the Boogieman for the pokemon world :O

I feel as though the end was a bit rushed, cause of my lack of time in the end. (Funny how in the begining I said that I had time)

At least it's worth reading, as you said...
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Random H3RO: :D Me and the Pokedude are gonna be very very good friends... What's the Pokemon s/he's half of anyway?

O: I haven't been here for aaaaaages. Have we got a topic?


herd u liek mudkips?
What would Ruby and Sapphire's baby look like?

I don't have an answer. I'm not too sure about Brendan and May's kid, either.


The Road of Life
Originally posted by Sequoia
Me and the Pokedude are gonna be very very good friends... What's the Pokemon s/he's half of anyway?

I have no idea, i'll let you choose, so surprise me :O

Topic-wise, my drabble answered that question.....

SIDENOTE:Un-FU*KING-believeable; today was November 15th, two days before the PS3 comes out, and people are ALREADY camping out in front of stores, tents and evetrything


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Eh, if it were Brendan/May, I wouldn't get anywhere describing a baby between them...or maybe I could. Ruby/Sapphire is easier just because I can play with the Gemstone theme.


The Road of Life
The gemstone theme with Ruby and Sapphire is easy and convinent.

Brendan and May's child would be the same baby, just a differet name.

Well, two out of three ain't bad (While the games had many hints, and the manga, is, well, we thought it was canon at first, but now it's pretty shaky, but hopefully things will get better. Anime-wise, nothing, not even a decent Brendan apperence.)

Bleh, I always knew the anime sucked anyways, IMO
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