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Hoennshipping General Discussion

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Dark Sentry, Mar 20, 2009.

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  1. Dark Sentry

    Dark Sentry Kenta gud trainer

    (Pre-Approved by Kiori)

    I have been scanning the rules over and thoroughly, but I am not sure if I can just post a shipping thread without permission, and I don't want to burden a mod by having them close it because I needed to have it ok'ed. The ship is of course Hoennshipping, since the last thread was closed, but here's the new one with more information to make sure we do not violate any rules.

    Alright! We all know the Heroes of Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. We also knew from the first time we turned our GBAs and SPs on that Brendan (The Male Character) and May (Female Counterpart) had a G-Rated 'Thing' for each other.
    As the game progressed, we saw somewhat of bonding, some of us thought the idea of them crushing on one another was sweet. What was this affection they had? Hoennshipping. The fan-made pairing of May and Brendan aka Sapphire and Ruby. That however, falls in line with Franticshipping, a parallel of the Hoenn Characters, only they DID have feelings for each other and Brendan did get his spotlight.

    So here, this thread is for people who are shippers of the May X Brendan pairing.
    Most people like it because of it being purposely put in the RSE Series. Anyone is free to join of course, but MUST abide by not only the SPPf Shipper Community Rules, but by our set too.

    1. Absolutely, Positively NO SPAMMING! We really don't want to get closed up because of chat boxes and other nonsense, which I attributed to in the previous Hoennshipping forum. This is clear in the Shipper Community Rules.

    2. Don't take crack shots at other May x Ash or May x Drew shippings (Advanceshipping and Contestshipping) You may not like them, but they are still valid and have just as much right to be supported as we support Hoennshipping. Better yet, no cheap shots at any other Shippings at all!

    3. Talk only about Hoennshipping. Franticshipping may be talked about, but there's another thread for that.

    3. Don't swear at or bully any members here. Even though you can hide behind your keyboard and monitor, people have feelings, don't hurt them.

    4. Absolutely anyone can place any Hoennshipping Pictures and Fan-art here.

    5. We don't need a link to HLBMA. We know it exists and that it is epic. This falls under advertising, unless you recommend it (use the PM feature for this)

    6. Try to stick to the Anime Hoennshipping, Franticshipping has its own discussion, use it there.
  2. Holland

    Holland Knight of Zero

    I'd love to join you here! I actually spent a lot of time on the first Hoennshipping thread back in the day; it's practically my duty to join this one! How do you suppose we start, though? On the old thread, we would typically lay down some unifying topic (Hoennshipping-related, of course) that members would post about... is that what we'd do here, too?
  3. encas

    encas Come to me...

    I don't even know why I like Hoennshipping; I've liked it as long as I could remember. Back then my support was probably fairly reasonless, but whatever. I like it now, and that's what counts!

    The hints are so adorable, and Brendan and May do look cute together (well, that last one isn't even a reason, but I'm putting it anyways). Anyways, I think it's a crime thay Brendan never appeared in the anime aside from very negligable cameos. He easily could've replaced Brock in the Advance and Battle Frontier sagas! (That also goes for other game characters, like Wally and Lucas in this gen).
  4. gordon_poston

    gordon_poston Member

    I really miss the drabbles and fanfiction that appeared in the 1st Hoennshipping thread. It really takes me back.
  5. Chelc

    Chelc Well-Known Member

    I know, me, too... I've been meaning to review Breezy's new stuff, but I keep forgetting, lol. I'll have to get going on that this weekend.

    Speaking of fics, there's a GREAT fic on ff.net (I know, finding a great fic there is almost impossible) about May's journeys in Johto and she unexpectedly comes across Brendan, and they travel together. I unfortunately don't remember the link, but if I come across it, I'll post it.

    Consider this a bump! 8D I still like Hoennshipping and want this thread to stay alive. :x
  6. Bryony

    Bryony /laughing

    Why did I not see this thread before? Maybe because I only visit this website periodically? What happened to the first thread? xD

    Hoennshipping was the ship that drew me into the fandom, initially because I saw their Sugimori artwork and through that together they looked wonderful. I still very much like this ship and will consider it, with Addictionshipping, my fandom OTP forever more. I also write it. Maybe one day I will show it.
  7. Breezy

    Breezy Well-Known Member

    I lol'd.

    I was sad that the second one got closed, but yay for a new one. :p

    Anyway, I restarted my emerald, and I got to the part where Rayquaza passed overhead, and Brendan calls May (well, the character May) and he's all, "I saw something fly overhead! I wish you were here to see it!"

    And I went "Awwww =D <3333" Lol.

    I don't think I could ever dislike Hoennshipping. Even when I wasn't that interested in it, I still thought they looked cute. Fwee.
  8. Healing-D-Vision

    Healing-D-Vision The Road of Life

    I feel as I have that same obligation. Especially since this and Franticshipping are the only ships I support. As I really had no reson that I liked Hoennshipping, I just thought they looked cute together.

    I can't Garnette i will always be here as I used to, but I will pop in here and there.

    have fun!

    I still believe...
  9. Kanta-chan

    Kanta-chan Well-Known Member

    I just finished the Ruby/Sapphire arc in the manga and that made me want to restart my game lawl. So I did and here I am... again... lovin' Hoennshipping. =P (Actually, I've always liked it, but I'm slightly obsessed with it again hah).

    I'm a bit sad the old thread got closed though. Good times...
  10. Holland

    Holland Knight of Zero

    Wow, you're here again, Kanta? It's me, CC! =D Am I glad to see someone else from the old days here; I was afraid it would just be me... Yes, it is a shame what happened to the old thread(s). Hopefully, we can get a nice fresh start here.

    Oh, and I see Breezy's here, too. Hi, Breezy! Long time, no see! Ah, this sure takes me back...

    That aside, back on topic! I'm glad to see the dedication among the few posters here. As for me, my love of Hoennshipping has never faded! I've adored the idea of Brendan and May together ever since I first beat Sapphire and saw the end credits sequence. Hard to believe that was 6 whole years ago...
  11. Kanta-chan

    Kanta-chan Well-Known Member

    Omgosh! Hi CC~ It seems as though we are all coming back. Now for the others to join up with us... then it'll be return of the first generations of Hoennshippers. =]
  12. Holland

    Holland Knight of Zero

    I know, isn't it great? I still keep in touch with Jane/Sequoia, so I suppose it wouldn't be too tough to invite her back here, too. A reunion of the first-gen Hoennshippers would certainly go a long ways toward helping this new thread thrive. ^^
  13. Black Murder Heavangelon

    Black Murder Heavangelon Ow! Ow! Harder! Ow!

    Didn't expect this old thing to come back.

    Though I shouldn't say that since I am one of the original Hoennshipers from the first thread.

    To be honest, Hoennshipping was just a phase for me. I still like it, just not enough to motivate me into looking for it on fanart sites and fanfiction. Although, it was how I found Serebii.net. Right now, I'm into Sunflowershipping (LucasxLG Girl), though I'm kind of falling out of it...

    It's still nice to see some supporters of hoennshipping, keeping it strong throughout these years. Reminds me of my gullible years of noobism. It did make me a fanfiction writer though. :)
  14. Kana

    Kana kisses

    Kanta, your friend request brought me here (in my inbox). Ahhh, this brings me back to... 2004! Five years! I'm so old. This forum has so many good memories for me. :)

    I probably won't come here every day (school! I know how you guys feel now! I'm just a little freshie, but science + tech school = workworkwork), but I'll try to drop in on weekends. If you guys are in. :)

    I remember these: ^____^ =^^= ^^ It's been ages since I've used them.

    Hoennshipping forever? It feels ancient, but B&M are still one of the cutest couples ;)
  15. Kanta-chan

    Kanta-chan Well-Known Member

    Off topic: Wow holy shi--

    People are coming back. : D

    Indeed, five years has been a long time Cherz. You're a freshie, I'm graduatiing, yadayada.

    On topic: Sometimes I think Hoennshipping was a phase for me since I haven't paid attention to it since... well four or five years ago. But I guess I never really lost interest seeing that I'm back and yesh, still believe: BRENDAN&MAY4EVER!11!
  16. Ice-Phoenix-chan

    Ice-Phoenix-chan gone with the wind~

    hahahaha that's exactly how I was bought back... and I suppose I invited others too... When I saw the friend thing, I was like "what the heck is that?" and just randomly clicked people XD

    Yesh, good memories indeed.... those carefree days where fanfics were soo cool and I would type ^__________________^ constantly... lol

    Question though, are we Anime-anime hoennshipping (ie in the anime) or game? or both? (I suppose no manga since that's franticshipping)
  17. Kanta-chan

    Kanta-chan Well-Known Member

    XD Welcome back Icy-chan! Woo whee, it seems like a mini-reunion.

    Omgosh, I went on my FF.net page and re-read my own stories... lol. I'm so tempted to re-write them.

    I'm not so sure of what this thread is. The old thread was for all 3 (game, anime, manga). o.o
  18. Breezy

    Breezy Well-Known Member

    So cool. I love how everyone is coming back all of a sudden.

    Who is bribing who and how come I didn't get any of it?

    I think we can talk about all three since the franticshipping thread got closed too, though I never stuck around in the first one when you guys talked about hoennshipping in the anime. o_O Did I miss something or was it one of those "Well, if Brendan was in the anime ..." things, lol?
  19. Sumner Sturgeon

    Sumner Sturgeon REMAKES

    Kana: Kanta called you "Cherz"... Sis, is that you? Wow, welcome back! =D Man, this is amazing, everyone coming back like this! Oh, and that's fine if you can't be around too much; I probably can't, either. ^^;; I'll definitely try and stick around if the rest of you are all here, though!

    Icy: Good Lord, you too? I simply must be dreaming. XD As for your question, I suppose we're free to talk about the games and anime, since, logically, they'd both deal with Hoennshipping... but, I'm not sure about Franticshipping, though. It's not in our thread guidelines, and they seem to close shipping threads at the drop of a hat these days. ><

    Kanta: It sure does!

    I'd say go for it! Actually, that reminds me, my own story (which I've brainstormed for the last 5 years and barely made any progress on...) could really use some attention. With luck, maybe the new thread could give me the inspiration I need!

    Breezy: I'm not sure who's doing it, but I'll try to find him and shake him down! XD

    Well, occasionally we talked about Brendan in the anime and such, but mostly, we just talked about Brendan and May in general, in a sort of "continuity-free" context.

    EDIT: Oh, and er, sorry if my earlier posts as "Holland" confused anyone; I'm still CC, it's just that I accidentally made that other account a while ago after I thought my old one was deleted... I'm sticking with this one from now on.
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2009
  20. Healing-D-Vision

    Healing-D-Vision The Road of Life

    Holy crap!

    many older members are returning.

    But for how long?

    and just how are we going to keep this place hopping?

    Also, I always believed(at least, when I first started posting here) it was only us trying to incorporate Brendan into the current arc that was going on, (which was the BF arc)

    so I believe it was the "What if Brendan was in the anime" type thing.

    i'll shut up for now, as I may be ignored.
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