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Hokey Pokéballs! (350)


Team Awesome
I don't really have a lot to say about the episode (it's got to be one of the few episodes I can barely remember two days later), but I did like the two bulbasaurs, and it was great seeing Ash's bulbasaur again (or ANY of the beloved pokemon left behind; now I can't wait for the Snorlax/slakoth episode or the Chronicles). The two bulbasaurs were really cute together, and it's interesting that May's bulbasaur had that same love for flowers that Torchic does.

Kanto Trio

Must Defeat Dent!
Well, this episode wasn't really as good as some of the other AG episodes. The plot was a bit too uniteresting for me. It wasn't totally boring though, just wasn't like the other AG episodes. Plus, I did kind of enjoy it. The fact that Ash's Bulbasour came back was kind of nice even though it was for only one episode. Sigh, I just wished they showed Ash's Bulbasour use Solarbeam on Team Rocket instead of Pikachu using Thunderbolt on Team Rocket. Still it wasn't totally bad.

Rating: 6/10

Jesse GS the II

I was frozen today!
May's Bulbasaur has little heart patterns on its forehead, whereas Ash's Bulbasaur just has the traditional triangles. Also, their voices are different (much moreso in Japan).
Jesse's right--it also tells us May's Bulbasaur is female(most of us probably knew Ash's Bulbasaur was male even before Bulba fell in love with Florinda's Gloom).


This episode was great, but not one of my favorites, but it had good action. Not to mention we get to see Ash's Bulbasaur again.


;196; FireVapor

Factory Head Noland

Another great episode! The return of Ash's Bulbasaur even if was only for an episode.

This episode was just so funny, the things that Team Rocket came out with, lol.
It's a pity that Ash's Bulbasaur had to go back...stupid Grass and Water Pokemon arguing...
I'm still saying BBB!

Overall: 9.3/10
Excellent episode, "Advanced Adventure", 2 Bulbasaurs! It was an overall great episode.
A good episode overall. The two bulbasuars, Team Rocket were funny and I wish bublasaur could of stayed. Talliow finaly got an appearence after a while also who noticed, Beautifly had Nuzleaf's name and how can Combusken beat Meditite? Wierd. Shoormish and a Nuzleaf two ignored pokemon from the grass garden. (Thye should of been in the last epsiode)

I would say 8.5/10 overall.

~Torkoal Stu~


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Can't believe people liked it :confused: What happened apart from plotholes and just plain stupid things everywhere? I mean Ash and Brock going "Chaaaarge!" and sprinting off to catch up with a truck? They should forget pokemon and enter the olympics, if they can't think of a proper way of getting Bulbasaur back don't make it get taken away in the first place
And I can't remember how exactly May Brock Max and 2 Bulbasaurs managed to climb a 10ft steel wall and get onto the roof, did they explain that and I missed it?

Anyway apart from Nuzleaf this episode was boring, no good battle, no shipping even, no nothing, 3/10 filler

Factory Head Noland

...you're nice ^ It was a great episode!

The Trainer's Choice did confuse me though, Beautifly was the right Pokemon to go for:
Flying > Fighting
Bug > Psychic
A Combusken is part Fighting type therefore has a weakness to Meditite...

Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior

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under beatifly's name it said nuzleaf 0.o

and how is combusken best to use againts meditite?
psychic pwnz fighting

It was an Ok ep but not a great ep 5/10


It was an alright episode. Ash's Bulbasaur was pretty cool to see again.

The only thing in this episode that struck me as odd was the start of the episode. Team Rocket is 'fixing' the Pokeball Transporter. Didn't they have something to do with the Pokeball Trasport System in a banned episode before?

I would have thought that the creators of Pokemon would stay away from that area for fear of striking up the memories of the Porygon episode.


Old school
The con of this ep? May's Bulbasaur.

The pro of this ep? Ash's Bulbasaur.

I thought James was pretty cool in this one. He actually managed to seem like a slick operator for once, with his whole baseball maneuvers. And I'd say at least half of the viewers smiled when Ash got taken down by Golbat and walloped by Primeape. My single favourite moment was when Cacnea did it's projectile thing (I can't remember if it was pin missile or needle arm) towards Mayasaur, and then Ashasaur just leaps infront of it and uses it's vine whip to block all of them.


One of my favorite Advanced Challenge episodes. Ash's Bulbasaur has always been one of my favorites, and seeing it in Hoenn was a treat. May's got along with Ash's so well.



My new lover <3
James (To Cacnea, who is hugging him again):"Do we have to have another talk?"
^I Lolled so hard when I heard that.^


team maker expert
i think its lame they have to give may other pokemon because now they are giving may most of ash old pokemon


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I just saw the episode today at 5 PM & it was great how Ash & May's Bulbasaurs manage to get the pokeballs back from Team Rocket

He he funny how James & Meowth used a ski as a bat/hockey stick

No wonder they call this episode Hockey Pokeballs :D

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Ashy Boy

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One of the best episodes ever. It was great to see Ash's Bulbasaur back in action even though it had to be returned to Oak's lab in the end.