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Hokey Pokéballs! (350)


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one thing still bothers me when team rocket run into the house they found how did James know to push the butten for the shields if they just found the house?


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I always like seeing old Pokemon return, so I enjoyed this episode quite a bit.
Nice re-appearance of Ash's Bulbasaur. Overall nice episode, with TR being dumb as usual. ;)


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well i think that Ash should have kept the Bulbasaur because it is rare to most people.


In my nightmares
It was cool to see Bulbasaur again. But it was nice that it didn't stay. I've seen enough of him since Johto. Grovyle wasn't there long enough yet anyway.


A ridiculous reason to bring back Ash's Bulbasaur for just one episode.

Just so it could meet May's new Bulbasaur? Kind of a sorry excuse to showcase it again. Anyway the overall story was boring. The Bulbasaur were all I was paying much attention to.

Fake PokeBalls have been overdone. 1/10


I really loved to see Ash's Bulbasaur again. it was great to see it with May's Bulbasaur.

And the Golbat that Brock return to it's pokeball was big.


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I actually think it's a nice reason for them to bring Bulbasaur back.
It was a fine episode, I liked how they kept battling the pokeballs and threw it into the house where the Pokemon was released. The trainers in that town must be really like transferring their Pokemon alot if there was that many (And how can it take so long for them to realize that?). Now was it me or was James really cocky in this episode?


Shiny Flygon
Bulbasaur really learned a lot from Ash's Bulbasaur in this episode. I think it very helped.:)
Team Rocket should have run from there...


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This episode was kinda boring to me.

The only thing I really enjoyed was the fact that Ash's Bulbasaur came back, but that was about it.


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This episode was ok... It was great to see May's Bulbasaur and Ash's Bulbasaur come together, meet each other and get along. It was great to see Ash's Bulbasaur come back for this episode. It was cool to see Ash's Bulbasaur protect May's Bulbasaur. TR again wasn't very smart in this episode, instead of sending the Pokemon to the boss right away, they wait too long and pay the price.



Oh dear. This was almost as bad as the last episode. Team Rocket was dreadful in this episode and it's worse than usual since they're actually what's driving the plot forward here. Nothing else to be said about this.