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***Hold it RIGHT THERE!***


Errrm, this thread says nothing about sites not related to Pokemon. If your site isn't related to Pokemon, you're allowed to post it right?


I've seen non-pokémon websites being advertised here before so I guess you can do that. Also, I have a doubt: about the rule of the layout having to be made by you or staff. It's not my case but let's say you suck at layouts and are thinking of starting a site. Will it count if you ask for a fellow webmaster of yours to make you the layout (the content and everything would still be made by you)? The site could be advertised in that situation, right?


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A rather late reply, but hey.

Yes, non-Pokémon websites can be advertised, and note the "or" in the effort rule: you only need an originally-made layout if you don't have any content of worth. The basic idea is just that people need to actually have something to comment on, either a layout, some content or both.


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I was wondering about Rule 6, where it says you have to have an originally made layout created entirely by me or other staff. I have a website on FreeWebs, and I don't have a Premium account. I use a layout that is available, since it won't allow me to make my own. Is that alright?



lol...cool! But isn't that a Freewebs layout? I'm pretty sure it is, but it's just kinda-sorta disguised with the backgrounds 'n' what not...

But hey! It doesn't really matter! I think this is the about...umm...1st(??) website posted in this thread? lol XD Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I'd still like to thank you for posting your site here anyway! :) I loved the Freewebs easy-builder days...(which are now over...XP)

I would probably post my site, but Parasyte Hosting is down for some odd reason...o_O

Parasyte Hosting
It may be back up by the time you click the link, but it's been down for a while, and is a major free HTML site hosting service...:p


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Why aren't forums allowed??????


Why aren't forums allowed??????
It's already hinted in the first post. :/
In this forum, you may post your website to get it rated or simply for help regarding it. You may also discuss website-related things. However, you may not post forums, IRC channels, Oekakis, Wikis or anything else that has its content created by members rather than a certain webmaster and/or staff.
Which means that since this section is for website creating help and criticisms, things like chats, Oekakis and forums shouldn't be here since a lot of its content is member posting and contribution. The main reason someone would post those things here is to simply just advertise when there's something called signatures.


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oops my bad I forgot >_> thanks for reminding me


hey thanks this really a good thread and i will ahve my website up in december then ill post a link .i also made one of those group things about web biulding
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I have a newebsite.It`s called Lucario`s Hide Out.please vist and rate.http://lucarioshideout.webs.com/

Get a New Background. Don't tile a Sprite as the Background. It looks awful. The interior page's Background looks fine. You should just stick with that for now.

Try a real banner for your Title: an Image with the Site's Name on the Banner. If you do not have the graphical skills to do this yourself then someone down in the Art Shops of this Forum should be able to help you.

Other then that you need content. From what I saw your site has none.

Keep working on it.