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Hole in One at PokéGolf (1053)

Discussion in 'Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon - Ultra Legends' started by Serebii, Feb 24, 2019.

  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    Hole in One at PokéGolf

    After their stint on Poni Island, Ash & co. meet the legendary golfer Kahili and her partner Pokémon, Toucannon. It's the first time that the group has seen the golf game and are fascinated so decide to take on the Poké Golf sport that's popular in Alola. With this version of Golf, both trainer and Pokémon must work together. Will they do well?

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  2. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    So sorry guys, seems I never actually hit enter on the create thread post this morning.

    My sincerest apologies
  3. Apslup

    Apslup Feelin' Fine.

    Guess I'm the first one to comment on this lmao.

    But yeah this episode was pretty boring tbh. It followed a pretty simple premise which they couldn't really expand upon. The Poke-Golf idea is good on paper but in practice it's pretty bad. Also that old geezer was really unfunny and confusing. Also something was really off about that Toucannon's voice, it sounded really weird.

    Pretty crappy episode. 3/10.
  4. p96822

    p96822 Evolve me please

    I agree here. I think this episode need some of the Pokemon Sun and Moon comedy. So this episode is boring and desive a 2/10
  5. mehmeh1

    mehmeh1 ^Probably Steven Universe?

    toucannon was hilarious but otherwise the episode was meh, 3/10
  6. JC317

    JC317 Well-Known Member

    Remember how I joked about Brionne showing off multicolored bubbles in the preview thread?

    It was supposed to be a joke...
  7. Zhydra

    Zhydra Master of Chaos!

    I didn't get the outrageous demand I wanted. (To be slapstick on par with Tom and Jerry and have Ash get hit in the face with a golf ball.) But I got a list of things I like.

    I liked how Kahili was trying to get some breathing room from her celebrity life. The golf moments with most of the characters were pretty fun to watch. (Kaiwe trying too hard, Lillie working herself up, making herself dizzy and barely making a distance is cute.)
    The final hole was hilarious, even before our queen waifu Kahili used the Toucanon... cannon. It is a funny episode and a good breather from the plot heavy episodes we gotten for over a month.

    On the negative, the Guru was not needed, him lying about how long he was doing the golfing gig wasn't funny and I was with Toucanon on the fact this guy needs to shut up.

    7.5/10. Not bad for filler.
    FlygontheRavager likes this.
  8. AznKei

    AznKei Badass girls saving their boyfriends. XD

    I checked it once on YouTube and there's some parts of the episode the screen just froze so I might be missing some stuffs.

    I can relate this episode to the baseball episode like 2 years back, in a way that the main cast participate doing sports. Except that I liked the baseball one better because the cast were competing to each other and there's more in stake overall.

    As for the main cast, it goes like this:

    - Sophocles didn't hit the golf ball at all, and Togedemaru was taking care of controlling the ball on its own.
    - Lana seemed to be a sport professional hitting with the balls with great poses and accuracy.
    - Lillie always seemed to require focus in order to overcome her challenges/fears.
    - Kiawe got fired so much that he overdid his actions and screwing himself up.
    - Mallow acted more like a normie getting excited to do these activities, same with Ash albeit less fired up than the latter.
    - Most Pokemons from the cast got to interact with the golf ball, except Torracat, Rowlet, Lycanroc, Turtonator, Tsareena & Vikavolt

    The COTD had an odd hairstyle, especially in the back with those "curves". As expected she's a golfing pro. I don't see much of a purpose for the guru. The only thing I remember from him is that Kahili's Toucannon was constantly biting his head.

    Anyways, fun filler episode.
    satopi and FlygontheRavager like this.
  9. Zoruagible

    Zoruagible Lover of underrated characters

    This episode just made me more depressed about the fact Ash doesn't have Toucannon, this episode showed that it could have worked!
    But at least it finally got a role...
    Ignition likes this.
  10. mehmeh1

    mehmeh1 ^Probably Steven Universe?

    reality surpasses satire once more
    he did in the pokeproblemm segment (kukui hits the ball and wants braviary to attack it, but lycanroc then comes and catches it)
  11. lolipiece

    lolipiece Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    It's been well over twelve hours since I've watched this episode, so whatever thoughts I wanted to say have fallen into the aether.

    That being said, overall an average episode. Kahili was never one of my favorite SM characters and golf is literally the most boring sport in the world (or does anyone want to argue against that?) and there's only so much you can do with it without turning it into a weird sports anime (points to current avatar).

    That being said, that Beak Blast scene was freakin' cool. I need more Pokemon being used as weapons(?) in my life, please and thank you.

    Also, Krabby makes an appearance. Don't think ones gotten any sort of focus in years.

    They're supposed to look like wings.
    FlygontheRavager likes this.
  12. British Soul

    British Soul Top Hat Regulator

    It was nice seeing Beak Blast used in the series and I have to admit, it looked cool.
    I will say this though, "demonic hole 10" tried too hard to be a crazy golf hole, but its concept got it sent to the mental hospital, I mean you'd have to be crazy to attempt it.
  13. KurashiDragon

    KurashiDragon Well-Known Member

    I like this episode overall but there's not much to say to it. Stand out moments for me were the speed racer reference *at least I believe it was a speed racer reference* and lycanroc catching the ball when Kukui was playing. Other than that while overall enjoyable, it's not really standout. I even got dissapointed where there was no z-move fun with the baseball at the beginning. I always enjoy that ;_;

    6 / 10 At least it's better than the last episode.
    FlygontheRavager likes this.
  14. AuraChannelerChris

    AuraChannelerChris "Oh, look. A comment."

    Writers: Wait, why is Kahili always frowning and being serious in the games? Eww, kids won't like that! Let's make her smile 24/7 and make her golf profession wackier!
  15. Xuxuba

    Xuxuba Well-Known Member

    There is nothing more exciting than a filler about golf.

  16. Almighty Zard

    Almighty Zard He has returned.

    she seems different from the games, but in a good way, definitely better than being a serious e4 member which she obviously isn't in the anime.

    durable golf balls to not get destroyed by a move like that.

    Anyone know who voiced her? I think I've heard her VA before but I can't put my finger on it.
  17. Nodame

    Nodame Cute Pokemon fan

    I enjoyed this episode. Lillie was adorable as usual. Lol at Togedemaru scaring the Digletts, so cute <3
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2019
  18. Twilight-Kun

    Twilight-Kun Pokemon World Champion

    I'm glad they didn't have any zany wacky shenanigans and actually showed their research on golf

    And a really nice attention to detail by having Togedemaru manipulate the ball because some golf balls have titanium and tungsten in their cores, which are slightly magnetic

    Also, poor Shaymin is desperately looking for Gracidea flowers and looked so depressed this episode

  19. Lord Starfish

    Lord Starfish Fond of owls

    I appreciate it. Because her game self reminds me of a certain past co-worker of mine who was so consistently aggressively unpleasant that she could completely ruin my day even on days when she wasn't there.

    ...This episode was meh. I really do not see how this sport can be a thing that's played at a professional level when the rules include "Oh yeah, and your Pokémon can DO STUFF to help you." Those contributions really feel like they should be considered cheating to me. Especially Togedemaru's. She literally just did that on her own without Mamane even knowing what she was doing.

    Also, this episode convinced me that the Whatever Gurus are another group of utterly identical siblings with the same running gag. I realized that they all speak differently; Fishing Guru spoke pretty normally, PokéSled Guru slurred his words so heavily that it was hard to even understand him, and Caddy Guru is a reverse weeaboo, peppering his sentences with whatever English words he happens to know and sounding utterly ridiculous as a result.
  20. Hanto

    Hanto Water Addiction

    Only Toucannon was pretty cool, we finally got a regional bird with a great personality after all these years of balloon chasing (sorry, Ash, it is not yours)

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