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Holiday Hi-Jynx! (065)


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grovile said:
How can Ash has a Charmander when he is Charizard

This episode and "Snow Way Out" were originally scheduled to air earlier in season one, but were delayed due to the seizure episode "Electric Soldier Porygon", which took the show off the air for four months in Japan, past the Christmas season. At least it's nice watching them in the midst of Charizard being a jerk, and we get to see what a nice little charmander he was once. :(

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I am very good at remembering dates and they definetly DID show this episode more than one.

On Wed July 26, 2000 Kids WB reran this episode, I remember watching it that day.

This episode is still avalible on the Video/DVD The Pokecorral

And the reason why Ash stil has Charmander and Misty doesn't have Togepi yet is because this episode actually takes place just before the episode "Pikachu's Goodbye", but the problems with the episode "Electric Hero Porygon" (when the epsiode gave kids cezures) caused this episode and the other episode "Snow Way Out" to be delayed to Epsiodes 65/66.

I also really liked this episode because I thought it was funny that Team Rocket tied up Santa Claus and tried to rob his presents.


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This epi was ok. Jesse thinking Jynx was santa was dumb. Lapras was awesome in this epi. 8/10
What DVD can I find the Holiday Hi-Jynx episode on?


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I saw this episode yesterday for the first time in years. It's great sine I remember watching this episode one christmas morning after opening presents. The scene with Lapras appearing to Satoshi underwater brings back memories.


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i miss the black jynx w/ blue ahnds...


Iv'e only seen fragments of the episode on youtube. I didn't think it was that hot.
Could someone please explain me why does Jessie atacked Ash and Co. with James Weezing!?!?

I believe it has an apparent reason, but I really don't get it...


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I love holiday episodes. But it's too bad that it was banned because of Jynx.


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What I want to know is why on earth was Jessie in a castle in the flashback as a kid?

I don't know much about the whole banning of the episodes bit, but presumably this and Snow Way Out occur one after the other, in which case Snow Way Out paints the picture of Jessie being very poor as a child, having to eat snow...

Did they win the lotto or something...?

I had to laugh at Jynx floating away on the chunk of ice, just waving the boot at the shoreline... Wouldn't have tried freezing a bridge back over, no...?

I wasn't mad about Lapras in this episode, it really seemed kinda tacked in and pointless... Was there ever another instance of a telepathic Lapras?

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I saw this episode for the first time in my life ever today. And what a great time for that, on christmas eve today. The jessie in the castle thing was weird, but I thought it was cool to see santa and all those Jynx helpers. I just knew there was a holiday pokemon episode like this but just never saw it... I'm glad I finally saw it. Talking Lapras in this episode was quite cool as well.


I loved this episode, it got me into this Christmasy mood. And I got to see Jynx, one of my favourite pokemon (I love Ice type pokemon).
P.S. Lovely Kiss ftw ;)


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The time line of this episode made no sense. But it was a nice Christmas special. All the Jynx helpers were really cute.
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The first time I saw this ep, it REALLY confused me. For starters, Jessie's flashback to that traumatic Xmas night spent in that rather grand-looking manison appeared to contradict the suggestion laid down in other episodes that she came from an impoverished background, while Santa's explanation that he couldn't return Jessie's doll because she "didn't believe in him" seemed waaaaaay off the mark, given that the episode's narrative pretty much hinged upon the implication that she DID believe in him, quite fervently at that, even if she was somewhat mistaken as to his true identity. Things made a bit more sense when I read up on how things in the original Japanese version went - there, Santa's excuse for withholding Jessie's doll was that, by the time it had been repaired, Jessie no longer lived in the mansion (implying that it was merely one of the many foster homes which Jessie supposedly lived in as a child), and Santa didn't know where to find her. At least, unlike the English version, it doesn't contradict its own internal logic, but all the same, I have to wonder - what was there to stop from Santa from actually finding her? Why wasn't he able to keep track of these things? Isn't he supposed to know where every child upon the planet lives (according to popular legend, anyhow)?

Most cartoons get their cheesy Xmas episode at some point or other (in which some incarnation of St. Nick more than likely puts in an appearance), and this was Pokemon's, I guess. Not being a huge fan of cheesy Xmas episodes myself, or of Jynx for that matter, I didn't really care for it all that much.
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When I saw this ep. I'm guessing Jessie's mansion was her mother's since she was a high rank team rocket member and made lots of money then later when she died Jessie was transferred to a poor foster home. Also Jessie was using weezing while James and meowth were dancing in the flames, to blot out charmander's eyes like ep. 3 when koffing blotted out pikachu's eyes.


i never saw this episode back when it was aired for the first time, still i managed to watch it since a friernd had it on DVD, it was a fun episode.