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Holiday Hi-Jynx! (065)

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Poor Jessie, thinking that Santa stole her doll.


Okkkk that was the strangest episode ever, I mean what the??? All of a sudden its Christmas and Santa has elfs as Jynx's and for a raindeer he has a Rapidash???? and last time I saw Ash's Charmander was a Charizard. And a few more things.
That was a random episode in the history of history of history of Pokemon. o_O

Anyway,actually this was generally a nice episode, everyone loves Christmas specials, although it would have been nice if the old cliché of the bad guy turning good for the occasion played out, but I guess that's simply what makes pokémon different.


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I remember seeing Charmander in this episode and going, "wtf, isn't it Charizard by now?" But then I found out all about it.

I rather liked the backstory they gave Jessie. She had a difficult childhood, poor thing. I didn't like that strange Jynx... and the fact that they unrealistically got to the North Pole in under a day. Well, the Lapras sure was helpful. I loved the ending with all the snowflakes falling and Pikachu cuddling a gift. So cute~


Great ep.

Jynx was nice. i loved her and how she tried to help Jessie.



I've only seen this episode twice, it rarely ever airs on TV and it's a pain to find elsewhere :/

Loved the plot, though it was heavily edited from the original version. Jessie as a kid sounded just like Misty (same VA). Loved the Jynx and Santa. Not everyday that a fictional character known around the world appears in Pokemon.

A great holiday episode, 6/10

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When this aired on tv as EP65 (if i put banned eps in) I diddent understand why ash still had charmander

i never knew it was meant to be EP039 untill a few years ago ^^
I loved this ep, shame WB Kids banned it and never gave CN the tape


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I can't believe that in all 13 years that this series has been on the air that this has been the only Christmas episode that we've ever gotten :p. You'd think that at least another one would've occurred in the Johto saga given how long it was.


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The most bizarre episode I ever saw... Jessie definitely had a rough childhood. The jobs of the Pokemon for Santa made absolutely no sense... Very cool seeing Lapras be able to talk in this episode.



I hope Jessie didn't lose her doll during Blasting Off :)


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This was a really weird episode. Having Santa Claus in this felt really strange...he just doesn't belong in the world of Pokemon IMO. It made me feel really weird. O__o

Jessie seeking revenge on Santa for breaking her doll seemed a tad insane. I mean really, what sane person wastes years of their life contemplating revenge on someone who may not even exist? >__>

Jynx creeped me out. It was gross seeing it try to kiss Ash, and I kept wondering why Santa would want to keep such a freaky-looking Pokemon with him. xD


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lol I love how Team Rocket even want to steal Santa. It's a shame it was actually James though and they were just practising. It was sad to see young Jessie's toy being stolen, but it was funny to see how she was even evil in her young ages. I liked how Jynx could make people see things via some Psychic power involving her hair.
How could Ash swim in such cold waters? I also found it weird how Misty went to get Dexter to find out who Lapras was when she has one painted on her Gym. And why can it talk when Ash's Lapras he catches in the future can't?
I loved Team Rocket's entrance in this episode because of how cold it was. I also loved Jessie's evilness throughout this episode. Although I also felt a little bit sad for her because she thought her presents were stolen. The best part is when Jynx just completely ruin Team Rocket's escape and get all the presents back.
I feel like a dirty joke about Santa and all those Jynx needs to be made, but... I shall not. Why so Charmander though?
I have a Dutch Pokemon fanbook, with a comic adaption of this episode.

Jessie getting her doll "stolen" was funny, good to see that she eventually got it back. Lapras with telepathy was cool and Jynx being in love with Brock was even more epic.

Funny filler episode, 8/10. Enjoyable, but not really awesome.


TM87? I got TM32 :]
I actually liked the episode, shame it was only aired twice.
Though I have the DVD somewhere so yeah. :D
I give this a 6.5/10


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I have nothing other to say this episode was in its concept, alright, but executed confusingly and left a lot of questions marks.


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Enjoyed seeing this episode, mainly because of the Christmas feeling. Santa Clause was cute & Lapras having telepathy was interesting. I'm glad everyone got presents in the end!

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I didn't see this episode until I was near adulthood. When I finally saw it, I was amazed.


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This episode and "Snow Way Out" were originally scheduled to air earlier in season one, but were delayed due to the seizure episode "Electric Soldier Porygon", which took the show off the air for four months in Japan, past the Christmas season. At least it's nice watching them in the midst of Charizard being a jerk, and we get to see what a nice little charmander he was once. :(

Thanks for this; I came here to find out exactly this :) Figured somebody would've asked it already...