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Holiday Hijinx: New Year's Eve(AaMAyL)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Master_in_Training, Dec 31, 2007.

  1. Master_in_Training

    Master_in_Training Future Master

    This is the second of my one-shot Holiday Hijinx series, though the first has no shipping in it. It's okay that you haven't read that yet, as this is completely unrelated.
    DISCLAIMER: Pokemon isn't mine, nor the plot of the story it came from an old anime I used to watch, I forgot the title.
    Rating: G


    The Voltorb alarm clock began ringing shrilly at 6:00 PM. "Ugh, who set the alarm to ring at this time of the morning?" the young Pokemon Master in training groaned.

    Ash barely lifted his head off his pillows, and reached out to shut his alarm. But it was snatched out of his reach by May, standing right beside his bed. Pichu dropped onto the pillow right next to Ash.

    "Ash, you told me that you're going to help me go shopping today," May said, tossing the Voltorb alarm like a volley in her hands.

    "May, it's 6:00 AM. The stores are closed and-"

    "No, the mall is open early because it's a holiday. Now, Ash, get up, or-"

    Ash waved any comment off, his head still resting face-first against the pillow. "I am too tired, May. Please just go by yourself."

    May dropped the alarm, which, surprisingly, is unbreakable. "Fine. Come on, Pichu." The baby leap-frogged over Ash's head and into May's arms, and they left.

    Much to Ash's annoyance, the alarm kept ringing whilst on the floor. Taking another pillow, he sandwiched his head in between, too sleepy to shut the alarm by himself.


    "Sorry about Ash. He really is lazy this time of year."

    "Don't worry, Miss Ketchum, I guess he must really be tired," May told her hostess.

    "Yeah, from playing video games all night," Dawn muttered.

    "That's Ash for you, May," Misty pointed out. "Too lazy at this time of the morning, or any time in the day anyway." The four females shared some laughs until Professor Oak walked in with Tracey and Gary.

    "Now what's all the laughs for?" the elderly professor asked, as he took a seat on the living room sofa. "I could use a few laughs myself, seeing I was attacked earlier by Ash's Pokemon for some reason."

    "Oh? Why would they do that?" Delia asked, worried.

    Oak shrugged, but his grandson answered for him. "Gramps was experimenting on video games and how Pokemon interact with them earlier, and the results are quite unpleasant..."

    "Anyways," Tracey spoke up, changing the subject, "we came here to seek Mrs. Ketchum's help for the New Year's Eve Party tonight."

    "Oh, don't worry about that, Tracey," Ash's mother replied. "The food is ready, the overhead timer is set, and all we need are the decorations put up. And the fireworks-"

    "-are steered clear from the Pokemon, especially from an explosion-happy Charizard," Oak finished. "All in all, the party is set, and the guests have received their invitations. That's good to hear."

    Misty stretched in her seat, then stood up. "I hate staying cooped up in this place. Come on, May, Dawn, let's go outside to the town." She pulled both girls outside, before the others could say anything.

    "What the-" Gary said, after they left. "Didn't they hear? There are supposed to be decorations set!"

    "Now, now, Gary, the girls have already done their part, helping me with the cooking. Just in time for you guys to help with the party decorations."

    This prompted a groan from every male in the room. "We'd better wake Ash, we're going to need all the help we can get..."


    The three girls walked past the snow-covered dirt road of Pallet Town. May allowed her Pichu to run alongside them, playing with the snow. "I'm telling you, Misty, this rumor is the real deal."

    "But, rumors are just that, Dawn. Rumors. We-"

    "I'm telling you, a friend of mine back in Twinleaf said that when a couple stay with each other until the clock strikes twelve, and they will become soulmates forever! What do you say, May? Do you believe in the rumor?"

    "Huh?" May said suddenly, obviously not listening to the conversation. "What rumor?"

    Dawn sighed. She stopped in her tracks and turned to face May. "The. Rumors. May. What's your opinion on it?"

    "Um, I-" Pichu slid past them, skidding headfirst into a snowpile. The baby's head emerged from all the white, all dizzy and the like. May cut herself out of the conversation to pick Pichu up.

    "I still think it's silly, a rumor that hasn't been proven yet. And May agrees with me, right?" Misty asked.

    "I guess," May replied, as she tried "wringing" Pichu dry.

    "Come on you guys," Dawn pouted. "It's worth a try, right? Let's try it with our hopeless boyfriends!" (At that moment, Ash woke up with a sneeze, followed by Paul and Tracey even though they're in different parts of town.)

    "I don't think Ash is a hopeless romantic," May retorted. "But, he might forget all about me during these holidays..."

    "See? And that's more the reason for you to follow this rumor, May!" Dawn encouraged her friend. Misty shook her head in disbelief.


    Ash jumped the last step of the stairs to the living room of his own house. "Morning, Mom!" he called cheerfully, into the kitchen.

    It wasn't Delia who greeted him, but Gary. The latter was quite offended, and it seemed that Ash didn't know why, despite Gary holding a bunch of party decorations in his hands. "Morning? Yeah, right, Ash-y boy. It's already 10:00 AM! You woke up late, as usual!"

    Ash yawned loudly. "Can't help it, Gary. I spent half the night tending to my Pokemon, you know."

    "Yeah, right," Gary muttered. "Playing with them is more like it..."

    Ash ignored his rival and walked into the kitchen. He entered with the aroma of delicuous cooked food meeting his nostrils. "Hm-hm. Hey, Mom, what's cooking?"

    But before he could get a glimpse of the food, Mimey pushed him back into the living room. This was followed by Delia saying, "Sorry, Ash, but the kitchen is off-limits until the party. Why don't you just help the guys with the decorations?"

    "Don't bother," Gary retorted. "We're about finished anyway."

    "Well, then," Ash piped up," I guess I'll just head to the lab then."

    "Oh, for-" Before Gary could even finish what he was saying, Ash was gone. "That guy always finds a way out of his chores."


    At the lab, Ash found his Pokemon having some fun because of snow day. Glalie and Snover, in particular, are quite ecstatic at the weather, of course.

    It was a snowball fight-war, with Johto on one side, and Hoenn on the other. Kanto are neutral, due to their large numbers, and Sinnoh is divided between the three groups.

    "Hey, you guys, let me join in!" Ash called as he jumped the fence to join the game.


    Ash enjoyed the snowball fight with his Pokemon so much that he didn't notice the time. At exactly 4:00 PM, their game was interrupted by Brock, who just arrived from Pewter City. "Hey, Ash!" the breeder called his friend's attention.

    It took Ash a few seconds to recognise Brock, as the latter was wearing a thick wool jacket. As soon as he did, however, Ash stopped the game and ran over to his friend. "Hey, Brock, I thought you were going to spend the holidays with your family?"

    "I am. We decided to spend New Year's with you guys, as Dad had a few words to say to Professor Oak anyways."

    Ash left his Pokemon and the corral as he walked with Brock back to the Ketchums. Along the way, the older of the two told his friend of a rumor spreading around Kanto.

    "They say that it's bad luck for a couple to be seen together in New Year's Eve. That they will break up just as the clock strikes twelve. What do you make of it, Ash?"

    "I don't believe in rumors, Brock. And you shouldn't, either. I thought you were more sensible than that."

    Brock only shrugged. "A friend's uncle's brother claims it's true. And I'm not taking any chances. I-"

    "But, Brock, you don't even have a girlfriend," Ash pointed out. Much to his dismay, Brock burst into tears at his words.

    "I know! Don't remind me!" Brock began ranting all about not making any good romantic advances for the past year, and how it's going to change as his new year's resolution. He didn't even notice that Ash has now lagged behind, lost in his own thoughts.

    'It can't be true, can it?' Ash asked himself. 'I mean, it's just a rumor, right? I have nothing to worry about, right? Geez, he's supposed to be the more sensible of the two of us, and he planted this idea in my head!'

    Brock reached the Ketchum residence, full of guests even though it's still early. He was still ranting to himself that he didn't even notice that Ash is gone.

    "Ah, Brock, you're here," Flint spoke up from the middle of the living room. "There's someone I'd like you to meet."

    "Excuse me, Ash, Dad needs me, and- Huh?" It was only then that Brock noticed his friend missing. "Where'd he go?"


    Truth is, Ash doubled back to the lab. 'I still think that rumor is false, right? I mean, it's just hearsay, and-'

    Sceptile(ACK! Look out!)

    Ash walked right into a tree, where Sceptile was conveniently hanging on. The impact caused the latter to fall face-first into the snow, plus shaking a pile of snow from the tree, covering them. The two heads emerged from the snowpile, cold and shivering. Sceptile felt it unbearable, and Ash was still lost in thought that he doesn't even feel it.

    The Pokemon ran right up to them, and Torkoal and Quilava provided heat for the two. Charizard(That should cool you down, Raph...)

    Sceptile(Har, har. Boss, what's wrong with you? You looked like you're in a trance or something.)

    Of course, Ash didn't understand Sceptile's question. But, still distracted, he unwittingly answered for them. "Guys, do you believe in rumors?"

    The Pokemon blinked. They don't exactly know what to say about rumors. Ash didn't notice, so he continued his rambling. "If that rumor is true, then I shouldn't be staying around with May and-"

    (WHOAH- Whoah, whoah!)

    Charizard(Ash, not spending New Year's Eve with his girlfriend?! Not on my watch, you don't!)

    Corphish(Usually I don't approve of shipping, but I second the notion. You CAN'T possibly leave May by herself in New Year's Eve!)

    Ash decided to leave them. To him, talking to his Pokemon doesn't seem to be helping. The Pokemon could only watch as their trainer turn the walk back in the direction of his house. Feraligatr decided to change the mood.

    Feraligatr(Aw, I wanna practice swordfighting. Hey, Leo, can I borrow-)

    Charizard(NO! No touchy my katana, NO WAY! Remember the last time when you nearly poked your eyes out?!)



    "Max, have you seen Ash? It's getting late."

    "Sorry, May, I haven't seen him anywhere. He must be back at the lab."

    At 11:30 PM, the party is in full swing. Nearly everyone in town must be there, all except for Ash, who hasn't turned up since he left for the lab that morning. May doesn't exactly believe in the rumor Dawn told her, but she doesn't want to spend New Year's Eve without Ash.

    The girl kept asking around the party for her boyfriend. She asked nearly everyone in the party: Mrs. Ketchum, Misty, Tracey, Professor Birch, her parents and Julie(who arrived at the party late), Brock, and even Paul. None of them have seen Ash.

    May stepped out of the party and to the quieter patio outside. That would be a statement, since there are still partygoers there, who just want to stay quiet, at least until the countdown.

    Pichu jumped from May's arms and onto the snow-covered railing lining the patio. He then started pushing snow off the railing just for fun. "Ash, where are you?"

    May then noticed Pichu holding his hands up to her. They are all red, due to his touching the snow. "Aw, I guess the cold is too much for you, huh?" May took off her red scarf and wrapped it around Pichu, and covering his arms. Picking Pichu up, May said, "There. You shouldn't be feeling cold now."

    "Here's something to make him warmer." From out of nowhere a hat was placed on Pichu. Now, the baby looked like an abominable snowwear.


    The young man grinned sheepishly as he jumped over the railing to join May. "Sorry I'm late, May."

    "Where've you been? Everyone's been looking for you."

    Ash scratched behind where Pichu's ears should be beneath the scarf. "I said I was sorry. Brock just told me of a weird rumor earlier this morning, and I spent the whole day thinking about it."

    "A rumor? Dawn told me of a rumor, too. Is it about-"

    "Couples on New Year's Day?" Ash finished for her. They exchanged lighthearted laughs. "I knew it. Anyways, Brock said that if a couple remains together up to when the clock strikes twelve, they-"

    "-will remain together, right?"

    Ash blinked. "Wait, that's not how my rumor went, May. In fact, my rumor said the exact opposite will happen. The rumor said that couples break up at the start of the New Year."

    This was followed by silence. The other people in the patio have now returned inside the house, as it was now time for the traditional countdown.

    10... 9... 8... 7... 6...

    "Ash, then how come you are here, then?" May asked uneasily.

    "Thing is, May, I don't believe in rumors," Ash grinned sheepishly.

    5... 4... 3... 2... 1... "HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

    Fireworks, that were pre-set around the Ketchum house, began lighting up, illuminating the dark midnight sky. Pichu peered over his scarf to see the fireworks high above them. The noise from inside the house was deafening,everyone congratulating each other on the New Year.

    Ash decided to turn back to the house to join the party. But May stopped him by holding his arm. "I don't believe in rumors either, Ash," she told him quietly.

    END of my first, miserable New Year fic.

    And, of course, Happy New Year!
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2008
  2. kawaii serebii

    kawaii serebii PokeSpe Collector

    I'm zero-ing on the I-like-to-Flamethrower-my-trainer Charizard.

    They're not exactly hopeless, not on the subject of Pokemon anyway. And I'm surprised you decided to throw in Paul as well.

    Almost did the same to myself once, except I definitely did NOT poke out my eyes with my wooden sword.

    Pichu looks superly CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE in my mind's eye with May's scarf around it. Must've been sizes too big
  3. flamingoozaru

    flamingoozaru Well-Known Member

    Best part, Ash bumping into a tree and yet notices nothing. And did Ash beat all his pokemon in video games, causing them to be sore? And well, it looks like one of the rumors came through. Or something like that.
  4. Master_in_Training

    Master_in_Training Future Master

    I knew it was a bad thing not posting the first Holiday Hijinx here, but it's kinda late, since it's Christmas-themed. But, like I said, it doesn't even have any shipping in it, so here it is.
    EDIT: You see, the things that happened in the firs Hijinx was referenced upon in here(e.g.: "Leo's Katana" and the video game incident, which was even more humiliating for those who experienced it)
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2008

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