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Holy Matrimony! (048)


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Holy Matrimony!

After finding a Missing Person sign featuring James. Ash & Co. decide to find James and inform him of his parents demise. However when James' parents turn out to be alive, they concoct a plan to get James married to Jessibelle. Will James suffer the wrath of Jessibelle or will he stay with Team Rocket & Jessie?

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I just like this episode for some reason.Namely because its focused on Team Rocket
rather than the twerps.I think this is a good episode for any fans of Team Rocket(especially if they're James fans).

The Big Al

I just keeping Octo
Jessiebell=More Evil

Need I say more.

Poor James just can't win. Be on the lamb and get tortured or be at home and get tortured. This episode really makes you feel sorry for him.

Though, they never brought Jessiebell back despite her claim she would follow James to the end of the Earth.

Factory Head Noland

I liked how in the flashback Jessiebell had an Oddish and when they saw her she had a Vileplume.

James' parents are weird o_0;;

Jesse GS the II

I was frozen today!
The Big Al said:
Though, they never brought Jessiebell back despite her claim she would follow James to the end of the Earth.

I thought about that and worked it into an episode of "Intensity" entitled "Three's Not Company" where Jessebelle returns - no longer a formal Southern belle, but a sleazy nightclub stripper with a sadomasochistic fetish who nearly beats James to death when he refuses to sleep with her. Basically, what this episode could have been if it were on after the watershed hour. Not for the faint of heart, obviously, but I remembered how mercilessly Jessebelle ordered her Vileplume to beat the living snot out of James in this episode and decided to crank it up a notch.

Also, if I recall, this episode had some pretty good animation, especially when James is getting smacked around.

EDIT: I also thought up "Intensity" episodes that involve James' parents - "Whatever Happened to Baby James?" reveals that James was adopted, and "I'm Rich James, B*tch" involves James' parents dying (for real this time) and leaving him their mansion and their massive fortune in their will. I think "Holy Matrimony" spawned the most "Intensity" episodes, actually.
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Team Awesome
This is another one of my all-time favorite fillers. It's just so great to see Team Rocket get a lot of screentime and have it be a positive episode for them. Not only that, it's probably the only time they got to sail off safely into the sunset while the twerps were the ones who had the bad ending, getting chased by Jessiebelle. I love this episode so much. :D


This episode is one of the reasons why I wished that I hadn't have given away all my season 1 videos. This is a great epsiode where we learn of Jame's past, and best of all, the twerps are the ones who get the bad ending *bwahahahaha* >: ).


The hoopy frood
This was the first ever episode of pokémon I saw, I must say, I have good taste! lol. Anyway, I really love this episode, getting to know about James' past was always a welcome relief to 'The gang are making their way towards <Insert cirty name here> City...'. Plus, growlithe being my favourite pokémon, how could I not love it?! James' parents are slightly mad, but I think they're funny that way. And I love Jessibelle's 'You're not running properly!' I was laughing my head off the whole time!


Well-Known Member
This was one of the few first epsiodes I saw(the first one was Song of Jiggypuff). Another great one. I liked when it was showing James had a past. Man a rich boy, lol. I was surprised. I liked James's parents, they were cool. Jessebelle was kind of crazy. But she was funny. Also Jessie and Meowth trying to get James to back home just to get money, lol. I am glad that he is sticking of what is right for him, and that is to be with Team Rocket. ^__^

Growley was very cute.


I liked this episode a ton and thought it was so funny. This is a great TR episode and it's one of my favorite TR episodes. ^_^


I loved this episode, the ending was so funny Jessabella chasing after Ash and co. asking whether or not they've seen her Jammsy poo that was funny and Ash saying lady we haven't seen James at all and them running from her, lol loved it one of the best Team Rocket focused episodes ever of season one.

Dark Nemesis

Best. Episode. Ever. For once, the twerps aren't the center of attention. It was great to see them get a terrible ending for a change. Being a James fan, I liked learning about his past. Also, there was plenty of humor, which makes this epi even more enjoyable. Overall, a true classic.
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I can't believe I haven't posted here yet. >_> Since Kojirou is my favorite character, this is naturally one of my favorite episodes. It's absolute character development gold- we learn so much about Kojirou's past just in this short episode. Say what you will Advanced Generation fans, they just don't make them like this any more.:p Though the writers have been expanding upon it ever since, with subtle references in the script or an occasional flashback to his childhood- the longest being in AG episode 84.

In addition to the heaping pile of character development, this was a pretty funny episode too, what with Rumika chasing Kojirou around the dungeon with a whip and stuff like that. And as Jesse GS the II pointed out, the animation was excellent. I really like Kojirou's various facial expressions throughout the episode.

And at the end a bit of Rocketshippyness- what a great way to end it. I might as well point out I loved the ending music while I'm at it. The piece that plays as Kojirou sets off and leaves Gardie behind to take care of his parents and then it cuts to Musashi and Nyasu walking down the road. That's great stuff and it fits perfectly as far as I'm conscerned.

I'll always love this episode, it truly is a classic.
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Koffing Breeder

This episode is the best filler ever!!! So funny!!! Jessebelle was a great character, Seeing James had a Growlithe was cool, and why he ran away from home became obvious!!!

Haunter Hunter Sohrab

Johto Champion
The part where he had to leave Growlee home so sad. Why is it that Team Rocket always have the sad episodes?