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Back from retirement
Is anyone like me and like to save their games in a particular place? I know this seems geeky and pointless, but I like to save in the villa next to Cynthia's in Undella Town. I love the "feel" of it. And Undella Town is on the post-Elite 4 part of Unova - good for training and leveling up. And during the Spring, I get my work-out by battling Cynthia daily. Sometimes I like saving at Liberty Island. Makes me feel like I own a private island :)


Fear Me, If You Dare
I like saving in the glitch rocks in the Iccurus city gym. Besides that, i really don't care


Fear Me, If You Dare
^sometimes i do that. I use to save in random people's beds but now you can go in them anymore. :( People in the new gen must be meaner.


Well-Known Member
I like to save in Nimbasa city. That's where the more important things are. XD


Fear Me, If You Dare
I usually fly to nimbassa city when i need a poke center. It has the best music ever in the pokemon games. (exept for the route right next to mauville in pokemon saphire)
I save when I need to...so...I agree with EA


The Great Gublet
I just save wherever I am. The only stipulation I have is that if I'm MMing I release all non-shinies (other than flame-body Pokemon) and have an inventory full of eggs before saving.

Excitable Boy

is a metaphor
I used to try to save in front of Pokemon Centers, but now I don't really care.


Soul Suckin' Jerk
I don't care where I save as long as my character is facing forward. I know, a weird little idiosyncrasy.


Active Member
for some reason i hate saving in random spots and usually only save when in a city near a pokemon center... lol idk why, just a habit
and also I have the habit of making myself face forward before saving. y'know, cause it's just more... classy.


hehe, i thought i was the only one who did this. anyway, I usually save in front of the IV judge, not by tradition but because i sometimes close the game when i get the right pokemon, if not then i always save in front of the daycare or in striaton (formely on the goldenrod PokeCenter)


I usually do my saves in front of doors, whether it be caves, gyms, or a Pokemon Center.


Nostalgia Addict
I tend to save outside Pokémon Centers just after healing.


If I am about to stop playing, and I have some injured Pokemon, I'll heal up and save as soon as I walk out of the PokeCenter, but if not, I'll just save anywhere.


U & I
Anywhere. But when i finish a trade, i stand at the Poke Center Pokeball in the middle.


Never Say Forever
I usually end up saving in Undella Town when I am done playing for the day as I will start from there the next day anyway.
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