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I always save inside a house. If I'm on a route, I look for the nearest building and if I can't find one, I'll fly to the nearest town. It's a habit I picked up when I was playing Silver version about a decade ago, and it's still something I obsess about.


King of TM87
This is a good idea, i'm going to do this in BW2!


Oh, hey, Big Zam!
The Nimbasa City PC. It's basically so close to everything.


Let it rip!
I either save in my room, Pokemon centre, but mostly I go into liberty island and victini's room!
They are mostly, some others are pokemon league (When I'm there)
In prof.Juniper's lab by Cedric
By cheren!


Fossil freak
I never save indoors, I feel like I won't be able to go out when I turn the game on again. Maybe I'm claustrophobic, haha. I usually save just outside a Pokémon Center.


Forever now
I usually save outdoors too, near the doors, often after healing from Poke Center.



Trainer of Champions
I save in front of the nearest Pokemon Center or Nimbasa City if I can. Always outside of the Pokemon Center, never inside.

Gelatini Jejunator

Vote Vanillite! Wait
Usually my save point ends up being the Pokemon Center of whichever town I'm visiting at the time.


Reputable Trader
My home would have to be the lostlorn forest
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