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[Something funny]
I just go to the nearest Pokemon Center and save in the middle of the Pokeball on the floor.

Im pretty amazed of how many people do that here too =P.


Snowy Poochyena
I sometimes save where ever I am, but in white I have this thing about going to Nimbasa City and saving in front of the Ferris Wheel. I don't know why, but I almost always do if I'm not in the middle of something important and can fly there.
I save, ALWAYS, in front of the musical. I dont know why but i like when the pokemon do those stupid cartwheels.


Snowy Poochyena
that is the silliest thing i've ever heard
Gee, aren't you nice? :/

Anyway, in HG, in Goldenrod City, I save facing my pokemon, in the middle of those little squares on the main road in the city, if anyone knows what I'm talking about lol


Write on
OMG, I love having a "home"... but I call it a "home base". I started having one in HeartGold, saving my game a lot in Violet City (not hard to see why :)). Now, in Pokemon Black, I've found a new Flying-type city that I use as my home base, Mistralton City. I love the planes! :D:D:D


Money is the anthem!
I don't really save anywhere in particular, but if I had to choose a "home' it would be Undella Bay. The music is calm, it's near the beach (well it IS the beach), and my favorite pokemon resides there ;).


just a passerby
Pokémon center, in the middle of the Pokéball on the floor.

This is soooo me. When I save I always make sure my team is at full health (when possible) and I have to face forward too. XD


I save in the middle of the pokemon center as well. But at most times I usual find an interesting place to save at where ever i am (routes, seas or cities).


I got one right!
Pokémon center as well, though usually at the side table or in front of the PC for me. And occasionally the middle.

It's a habit from having to save at the centers to access the PC in Stadium 1/2.


formerly R. New
I like to save either in my house or at the bottom of the left-hand set of steps in the nearest Pokémon Center, facing the opposite side of the room.

Meowth City

Staff member
I always save in front of the PokeCenter or Gym facing fowards on the bike. I'm little OCD so I don't like saving in random places unless I'm in a hurry or something.


Whenever I'm MMing and getting eggs I always save in front of PC in the house after I deposit my eggs.

Other than that I save wherever I am at the moment.
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