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Formerly SinnohChamp
I'll be honest, I just play the game, and when I don't feel like playing anymore I just save without even thinking about where I actually am.


Something else
For this gen;
Under the bridge @ Village Bridge. After enabling all different parts to the song :D


Come at me Flower!
to be honest, i almost never save, since all i do is turn the volume down all the way and putting it on the charger.

King Lawliet

Cero Miedo!
I save wherever I feel like it really but seeing as I trade online a lot there's not really much need for me to manually save anymore


Hyuck hyuck hyuck
I like to go into Red's house in HG/SS and save in his bed. Creepy I know :D

In Black, there is a building in Castelia Town that Team Plasma were using for their base, now that they've left I've taken it over


Well-Known Member
poke centre facing forward in the middle of the pokeball also for me ,


Go figure.
I usually end up saving in a pokemon center. When I was little I'd always fly back to Pallet Town, get in my bed, and save. :)


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Staff member
In these games, I don`t really care where I save, but I tend to save outside usually. I rarely save inside a building.

In other Pokemon games, though, I often save in cities or gyms that I really like.


Pokemon Trainer
I use to save in random people's beds but now you can go in them anymore. People in the new gen must be meaner.
i did the same thing,but like you said you can not do that anymore


not bad
I usually end up saving in the middle of a League challenge or in the Abyssal Ruins.


Experienced Trainer
I normally save in a building - it doesn't matter much, just as long as I can have my privacy :/


Prof. Pokerus
I try to save in Pokemon Centers, chairs, beds, or a nice spot that it looks to set up a tent if I were a real Trainer.

Except when I'm soft reseting for something.


Do it the bird way!
Anywhere I feel like, I will save wherever suits me best. However though, I do make a point to hatch eggs in certain locations for whatever odd reason.


like pepsi cola
Lol wow, though I was the only person who did this!! Yes I do tend to have places I prefer to save, for no other reason than a wierd kind of comfort. In R/B/Y it was Vermilion, in G/S/C it was Goldenrod, in Hoenn it was Mossdeep, in Sinnoh it was Solaceon Town, and in Unova it was Undella :3

And some bizarre compulsion means I never save anywhere that's not inside a pkmn centre...facing forward in the middle of the pokeball, as some others have mentioned!
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