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the black lugia

i always save in front of legenderys even if i'm going to use a masterball


Oh I don't care one bit hahah if I did It would further cloud up my mind with tedious things that I do.

pokemon player

Sylveon, tho.
When I save in a Pokemon Center, I like to stand in the center of the Poke Ball on the floor.
Me too! I also like to save in The villa in Undella.


DW Breeder
I always try to save in black city. makes battling the trainers there every day that much more convenient...

Dr. Leggs

Astral Cowboy
I'll save literally wherever I am when I need to, it makes no difference to me.


Well-Known Member
In R/B/Y it was Cinnabar Island i like the sound of the waves and the idea of the island being all mine. muwahahahaha
in G/S/C it was Goldenrod i guess because i'm a city boy, it will never leave me.
in Hoenn it was Mossdeep i just love water around me
in Sinnoh it was Solaceon Town because of the daycare its usually where i stayed the most in that gen.
and in Unova it was Undella just like a place thats beautiful and quiet

and...facing forward in the middle of the pokeball, as some others have mentioned. i wonder if theres a reason why most of us do that lol.
In my black version I always save at Nimbasa city, outside the western sports dome. Usually because I tend to reset the game for the trainer that gives you the rare candy item.

In HG and SS I always saved at the pokemon league because I could fly anywhere from there. I also enjoyed saving in Jublife city and Lilycove city in the Emerald Version.
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I'm gonna miss my boi Deoxys...
Is anyone like me and like to save their games in a particular place? I know this seems geeky and pointless, but I like to save in the villa next to Cynthia's in Undella Town. I love the "feel" of it. And Undella Town is on the post-Elite 4 part of Unova - good for training and leveling up. And during the Spring, I get my work-out by battling Cynthia daily. Sometimes I like saving at Liberty Island. Makes me feel like I own a private island :)
I agree with you. I love undella town. I also love the music there.


Sol Badguy
i like to save in front of the pc because i trade with a lot of people and i like to organize my pokemon


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Mostly I save wherever I happen to be, but if I have a choice I prefer to go to Icirrus City or Village Bridge. They're both beautiful, and I wish that I could actually live there.


Awwwww Yeah!


I just save where ever, dosent really matter to me :/


Wut are you saying?
I'm not really particular where I save, but I like to be facing towards the screen when I save.


not the color
I generally treat saving as going to sleep or taking a rest. Therefore, I save within buildings or Pokemon Centers.

Besides inside buildings, I sometimes save with my character placed under a tree in my White Forest.


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I usually save in the center of the Pokeball on the floor of the Pokemon Center. It's something I have done since...well...probably always. Well, in the Pokemon Centers that have Pokeballs on the floor, anyway. In White it's in one of two places: Nimbasa City or Undella Town.


"I'm a little turtle,
I crawl so slow,
And carry my house
Wherever I go."

...In other words, nope. I just save wherever I am. I used to do the Pokémon Center center-of-the-Pokéball thing, but only if I was already there.
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