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I never did this, but sounds like I might.

I never save in the Pokemon Center. Once I did and all my data got erased.


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I usually save wherever, but I often find myself in Pokemon Centers. I don't like leaving my Pokemon un-healed.


Everyday Im Shufflin
I usually either save in front of PC's at the Pokemon Center, or in Driftveil. That place's music is LEGIT.
But a saving depot would be an awesome addition. kind of superfluous though since you can already save anywhere lol


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I often visit Accumula town and Opelucid city. I like the music in both locations and one is near my level 40-56 level up spot. You could consider Opelucid my first home while I have a summer home in Accumula town.
This is a great topic! I used to always save in Undella Town, but now I prefer Nimbasa because of the Court and Stadium and the Battle Subway.

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Hidden Valley...
Nimbasa for the Subway, and Driftveil for awesome music.


I go out of the Poke Center of wherever I am and stand in front of the door, then save the game

Chibi Pika

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I frequently save in either Opelucid, or in Nimbasa. I find myself doing things in/near those towns rather frequently. I always save right in front of the Pokemon Center.



Shiny Hunter
I tend to save wherever. Lately it has either been on Route 3 (egg collecting) or the Skyarrow Bridge (egg hatching). I do tend to shine up my badges every few days before I save. I only tend to remember them as I am about to save, which makes me have to shine them before I save. :p


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Ever since pokemon stadium made it mandatory to save in a Pokemon center I've always saved in one. To be exact I'm usually in the nimbasa one due to the subway or opelucid due to the music.


i miss miror
If I'm just going through victory road or something ill save right there.but otherwise,ill fly to driftveil and save facing forward in front of the PC,so I can start my game with driftveils awesome music.
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