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Homosexuality & Politics in the 21st Century

Discussion in 'Debate Forum' started by CSolarstorm, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. lemoncatpower

    lemoncatpower Cynical optimist

    It honestly bars down to that single line for that user. Experience within the community is so important for anyone within the lgbt community. It gives you a whole new understanding of the people, and yourself, as it shows that you both know. I remember for about a year or so before I came out of the closet (I came out when I was 14, so when I was around 12 and 13, I used to show resentment towards the community, obviously as a sign of self-resentment, but no one knew that. Not everyone will go through that exactly, but like a lot of subjects to do with other humans and their feelings/emotions, before stating facts, experience is a must to back them up imo.
  2. Aromatic Mist

    Aromatic Mist Sensuble

    The thing is though, the physical structures of brains and the hormones you emit are Male or Female, sex-wise, regardless of your gender. You can identify as no/multiple/varying/etc gender(s), yet still have a female brain in a male body.

    Odd question, but how does everyone feel about some of the non-binary genders, especially on tumblr? Tbh, fluid, bi, and a- make perfect sense to me, as do a bunchy of others, but then there's people like 'my pronouns are rock/rockself UwU' or 'I am a quasisolohellagender' who just make me feel really bad for the non-binary community because it seems like they're being made a special snowflake badge just like everything else on tumblr.
  3. That's not true.


    Most people have a mixture of male and female traits, with only 0 to 8% percent having all male or all female traits. The differences between men and women in terms of how they behave and act is overwhelmingly socio-cultural. If you were born a man and your parents raised you as a woman, you would identify as a woman. Gender is a set of assumptions about you based on your biological sex. Also, how do you explain other cultures like the Navajo who have multiple genders..? Personally, I identify as agender because the evidence for gender being immutable or innate is shaky at best, I have a pretty even balance of male and female traits, and I wish more than anything people would just see me as a being who presents myself however I feel like on any given day instead of having their perception of me instantly altered by the filter of gender before they even know me.
    Last edited: May 1, 2016
  4. Aromatic Mist

    Aromatic Mist Sensuble

    Where did I say gender wasn't socio-cultural? I was talking about the difference in brain activity, etc, in the sexes and how people who transition will tend to have brain activities similar to what would be expected of the sex they're transitioning to..
  5. I don't know, this seems to imply that you think the brain is is primarily male or female, and that anyone that identifies outside of these binaries is full of crap because biology. I could be misinterpreting you here though...?
  6. Aromatic Mist

    Aromatic Mist Sensuble

    Oh no, I hope I didn't come across as this! :s

    Whilst it is true that the brain tends to lean towards male or female, that's mostly to do with physical features and all that, not the psyche. Though there is minor effects, which I was saying that trans people tend to display.

    I think gender is completely unique of sex and the physical body, being something that is created by your upbringing, interactions, etc. I'm totally in support of those who aren't in the binary as long as I don't think they're only doing it to get a 'special snowflake' card, like saying their gender is a rock or whatever.

    Sorry if I came across the wrong way! ^-^;
  7. Oh, okay I got you. Yeah, I don't know know what to make of the other-kin, spirit fox people either...
  8. Aromatic Mist

    Aromatic Mist Sensuble

    Some of them claim to have difficulties to the level of amputees and trans people, by saying they have 'phantom limbs' or saying they have 'species dysphoria' e_e
  9. lemoncatpower

    lemoncatpower Cynical optimist

    I don't believe the male/female brain thing. I know there was a study that people took out of context and basically ended up saying "male brains have more connections within each hemisphere compared to females so guys are more specialized" but the study was misinterpreted a bit. I mean this as it wasn't so clear as that statement says, there was a lot of overlapping information, where females ended up having as many connections but there was something else that was different. They also don't know if any of these little differences actually make us act any more masculine or feminine. They don't know if these smaller connections actually make us more specialized, they're just theories.
    There are new studies everyday that are killing these notions that we are all separated indefinitely.


    i think this below link is funny, because they're basically saying what I said above.
  10. dindar

    dindar New Member

    I scored 105 on gay test and from lovemetests.com i got i am not gay.
  11. Mordent99

    Mordent99 Banned

    It works the opposite way too. I know a lot of openly gay folks who score really low on tests like that. (I doubt whoever makes those tests is qualified or competent.)
  12. Aromatic Mist

    Aromatic Mist Sensuble

    That would be because these tests are mostly for entertainment and are based on 'gay' and 'straight' stereotypes, they don't account for every gay person being different ^v^;
  13. Mordent99

    Mordent99 Banned

  14. Pikachu52

    Pikachu52 Well-Known Member

    Early December 2015 I posted to this site outlining my views on a complaint made by Martine Delaney against the Archbishop of Hobart regarding an anti-same sex marriage publication. Predictably this sequence of events produced the usual response from churches, the Murdoch press, homophobes and Conservatives in general decrying it as a limitation on freedom of speech and playing the usual conservative victim card that always appears whenever a story of a person facing fair legal consequences for homophobic discrimination. For a case that I expected to become quite a controversial legal issue, it seems ended, as the saying goes not with a bang but a whimper. Martine Delany dropped her case. While I supported Ms. Delaney's case, the fact that it's been dropped, notably after stubbornness from the church, at least takes away some ammunition from Marriage Equality opponents as they can no longer use this as a way of furthering their persecution complex - though I'm sure they'll still try.
  15. Remix2

    Remix2 Well-Known Member

    Last edited: May 9, 2016
  16. Auraninja

    Auraninja Try to understand.

    NC: I'm going to be the most disrespected state ever.
    Texas: NC is really on his game, I better 1 up him.

    Texas backing up NC

    BTW, Wendy Davis was Greg Abbott's opponent. Just like Hillary Clinton, she is a female democrat with a lot of negative press, but being in Texas, ran very far behind in the polls.

    Ann Richards was a Democratic woman in Texas, but I think part of the reason she won was because her opponent (a man of course) said that women should just enjoy rape, thereby ruining his reputation.
  17. lemoncatpower

    lemoncatpower Cynical optimist

    holy **** the states are ****ed up ive never been happier to be Canadian., How do people like that run for president and not get shot nowadays!?
  18. Mordent99

    Mordent99 Banned

    And Texas is run by a batsh*t crazy governor who believed Jade Helm was an invasion army. I'm not worried one bit.
  19. Auraninja

    Auraninja Try to understand.

    Zoe Lofgren calls out an anti-trans witness as a bigot.

    Honestly though, the witness's rhetoric was very shallow and shows the lack of understanding.

    Of course, some people on Facebook went crazy about this and called Zoe Lofgren a bigot herself (because calling out stupid opinions somehow makes you a bigot too, i guess?).

    With the accusations of Facebook showing too much liberal news, I wish the extreme right winged people there just went out and formed Conservabook. The same thing happened to Wikipedia, so why not Facebook?
  20. Mordent99

    Mordent99 Banned

    That's a new trend among bigots. Shift the blame and call out tolerant people for not tolerating their intolerance. (It makes no sense, of course, but then, neither anything Trump says.)

    Oh, speaking of which, he chickened out. Again:

    Last edited: May 27, 2016

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