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Homosexuality & Politics in the 21st Century

In my opinion, straight people don't need pride. Ever. At All. I think that pride should be exclusive to those who really need it.

Straight people already have pride. They're on the top, the norm, the more "popular" sexuality in terms of oppression. On the other hand, the LGBT community isn't handed pride in such a matter. They're shunned, oppressed, pushed down. They need to create pride for themselves.




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As time goes on, it becomes more and more icky to vote Democrat, especially given the reveal today about how there may have been a conspiracy to prevent Bernie Sanders from becoming the Democrat Presidential Nominee. The only other real choice is a a platform that, according some of their very own Republican followers, is the most anti-gay platform in history. People cheer when Donald Trump touts protecting LGBT lives, but only as a bludgeon to attack Muslims and immigrants. The party is demonstratively anti-science in including the promotion of conversion "therapy" as part of its platform, despite consistent support that the treatment is actually ineffective and even harmful to minors.

I hate his election.


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So it's pretty cool that California's gonna be the first state to start teaching LGBT history in schools as of a week or so ago :). You can say a lot about California but I love my state at times like these.


Eh, ragazzo!
Also trans is shown not to be a mental disorder study reveals.

I don't want to get into an argument with semantics like that again, lol!

There are some gays in the RNC.

The way gay Republicans see it, they want to change their platform to where it becomes a bipartisan issue.

The problem I have it that many modern Republicans take steps further than just the Republican party (as a concept). I don't think we will see anybody that was effective as Reagan. The party acts like they worship him, but if you got him from the past and disguised him, I doubt they would take him seriously.


I hate his election.

I'm not too crazy about it either.

Especially when Bernie's supporters can't get it through their thick skulls that he promised to support Hillary from the start, and that turning against her at the DNC would have been ludicrous even for Trump's standards.