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Honchkrow or Mandibuzz

Honchkrow or Mandibuzz?

  • Honchkrow

    Votes: 44 71.0%
  • Mandibuzz

    Votes: 18 29.0%

  • Total voters

Blackjack the Titan

It’s been a while
Honchkrow for me. I haven't evolved my Vullaby yet, but I'll lok into using Mandibuzz for Doubles.


Shiny Hunter
Though they have the same types, they have very diffrent roles,
Honchkrow is more focused on Sweeping and offensive
While mandibuzz is more focused on Stall. (Since it can learn Toxic and roost)
Taunt is also a great add for it considering its average speed to stop slow set uppers

Honestly, i would say i prefer Mandibuzz because Dark and Flying is more focused on defence than offensive in my opinion.
Earth and Psychic immunity can be a great add in your team, Especially works really great with Poison partners.


Vae Victis
Honchkrow. I think Mandibuzz just looks stupid with the bone in it's hair. (or feathers?)


Well-Known Member
Mandibuzz I like her look with are the bones plus she can take hits and stall like nobodys busness...


King of the World
Honchkrow, in every way. First, it's an Al Capone crow, which is great enough, but it also has great stats, and a great typing. Plus, it has great STAB moves.