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honestly, i need help on fire red

i am going to start over on my fire red and i have a problem. i have played pokemon so much and i do not which starter to pick. i can beat the game with any of them so it does not matter which i get so HELP ME PLEASE!!!! also i want to use pokemon that are not commonly used or a little below average. i was thinking about a paris, doduo, and depending on my starter, seal, or growlethe/flareon/magma/ponyta/vulpix. i wont start until i get a good response:) THANKS:)

Scyther Owns

Scyther Fan
if you take venesaur then don't take paras, i'd say use exeggutor, dodrio, blastoise, magmar, hitmonchan/lee and jolteon/raichu, those are the best choices

Thor's Beard

Well-Known Member
if you you want to use less common pokemon you could just not use a starter. It makes it more interesting if youve played through the game before.

Scyther Owns

Scyther Fan
i played on my ruby with a wurmple that i caught at the start, the dustox whas unbeatable(use a pokemon that levels up faster)
If you take Venusaur, all I can think of are Rapidash, Dewgong, Hypno, Fearow/Golbat, and Jolteon/Electrode.

If you take Charizard, you can get whatever's above except Rapidash and Fearow, then Golbat/Arbok, and Exeggutor/Vileplume.

If you take Blastoise, you can get whatever's in Venusaur except Dewgong, then take Exeggutor/Vileplume.

So basically you choose between:

Exeggutor/Vileplume, Rapidash, Dewgong, Hypno, Jolteon/Electrode, Fearow/Golbat, and Golbat/Arbok.

These are all my suggestions, though. Be diverse, and have fun. ^_^


Lost the Plot
If you take Venusaur, all I can think of are Rapidash, Dewgong, Hypno, Fearow/Golbat, and Jolteon/Electrode.

Yeah, use Hypno. He's on my team just now. Just beat Koga's poison gym with him. It was awesome.

My Charmander's been lazing in the pc since the start. Why do so many people feel they *have* to use a starter all the way through?