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~Honeysuckle Hill~ (An Advanceshipping Story)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Whitefire2000, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. Whitefire2000

    Whitefire2000 Deep sleeper

    Hello people! As you can see, I'm making an Advanceshipping fanfic. Now this story will include some other ships like Penguinshipping, Ikarishipping, Pokeshipping, Egoshipping, and Contestshipping, but Advanceshipping is the main one. You may or may not find it humorous, I still hope you enjoy it. This is rated PG-13 to be on the safe side. If I describe things to much, I'm sorry. I hope it this chapter doesn't seem too short, and it doesn't really have anything PG-13 in this chapter. And if you don't like it, please don't flame me. Thank you for reading my story, enjoy!

    ~Honeysuckle Hill~

    Chapter 1

    The day was peaceful. The trees were swaying gently to the calm breeze whiffing around. Leaves and

    flower petals swept around the rich emerald grass which danced with the trees. The air was crisp and nice, making the

    day seem so lovely. An immense white building stood amidst in the beautiful scenery. It was a three story mansion with

    tall, thick pillars that wore rose vines. The windows were crystal clear and there were many balconies coming from the

    front, sides, and back. Around the house was a lovely landscape. The garden held many different flowers, zinnias, tulips,

    roses, lilies, violets, marigolds, azaleas, and so on. Farther up, all the way in front of the mansion was a huge circular

    driveway covered with neat gray cobblestones and in the middle was a large white marble fountain with large calla lilies

    circled around the bottom. For the finishing touch, two massive white gates stood with a giant ‘M’ formed in the middle.

    The 'M' stood for Maple, the last name of the family who owned the estate.

    The gates of the mansion began to open slowly, letting shiny black limousine make its way. It entered

    the large, circular driveway gracefully and began to curve around the circle until it was finally next to the front of the

    house. As it was stopping, the door on the far end of the car swung open and out stepped a young girl. She wore a clean,

    short-sleeved white blouse with a black school emblem on the breast area. The emblem had a shield with an eagle in it and

    under the bird was labeled ‘Marilock Highschool’ in white letters. She also wore black plaid skirt that went a little above her

    knees and she carried a leather black bag. She wore black shoes with short black socks that stopped directly below her

    knees. Lastly, on her head was a black bow to add some style to her look. The girl had light brown hair, blue eyes, and a

    nice thin body. She closed her eyes, letting the breeze blow through her and then she began to race towards the mansion


    “Miss Maple! Please slow down!” A man’s voice occurred. He quickly stepped out of the vehicle with a

    look of weariness, watching as the girl ran.

    “Sorry Louis, but I have to get to my room quick!” she chimed as she turned her head back to meet his

    eyes. As soon as she reached the doors, she gave him a quick smile..

    “And remember Louis, call me May. Miss Maple is my mom!” The girl called May then turned and quickly

    took out her key as she walked up the steps to the doors, unlocking them and stepping inside. May gave her chauffeur a

    quick wink and then closed the doors behind her. Louis leaned back against the limo and sighed tiredly.

    “Wonder what she's so excited about...” he murmured to himself.

    As soon as the doors closed behind her, May slipped off her black shoes and peeled her socks off

    quickly, tossing them by the big hydrangea in the big, granite pot. She then turned back around and began to fun towards

    the beautiful, large winding staircase.

    “Macy! Can you put away my shoes before my mom gets mad?” she called as she reached the large right staircase.

    “Yes madame!” she smiled. May flashed a thank you smile to her and began to go up. The velvet steps

    comforted her sore feet as she walked up. May reached the everso large second floor and then located the other large

    staircase to the third floor. She quickly climbed up and raced through the third floor to the hallway. May raced towards her

    room, the las door on the end. She slowed down finally and opened the door calmly. May stepped into her lovely large

    room which was decorated beautifully.

    There was a big red king sized bed with frilly pillows, a satin duvet cover and black furniture. Next to it

    was a black nightstand with a picture frame on it and a red telephone. There was a black stuffed bear in the middle of the

    pillow arrangement and a big pink canopy draped the bed. There was also a red rug that rested on the white carpet and a

    flat screen television neatly placed on the wall. There was a big video game system and a nice stereo system with a large

    rack of CDs. A big black shelf with many books was placed next to the doors to the balcony and there was a collection of

    stuffed animals next to the door to the bathroom. A small white intercom stood next to the door to the room, and lastly,

    there were two red, suede bean bag chairs in front of the television and the door to the closet stood next to the bed.

    May sighed comfortably and stepped over to her bookshelf, scanning the highest shelf. She sighed

    delightfully as she found a light blue book. She reached up on her toes and pulled it out, bringing it towards her. It was an

    album with lighter blue swirly designs on the cover. May flew backwards and flopped down on her bed and sat up, opening

    the album to the third page. She smiled and stared at the page. It was covered with pictures of her as child with a dark

    haired boy her age. She was perched on a wooden swing, being pushed by the boy. The two of them were smiling and

    laughing. May looked at the other picture. It was also one of her and the boy. They were playing in a pool and splashing

    each other. May then continued to look through the album, feeling her heart flutter at each photo. After she looked at just

    about every photo, she gent;y closed the book. Then, she reached over to her nightstand and picked up the silver picture

    frame with flowers molded into the silver. May stared into the photo, her eyes full of nostalgia. It was a picture of her and

    the boy again. This time, they were sitting together on the top of the hill; the both of them looked about six years old at

    the time. The boy was wearing a dark blue tuxedo with a blue tie and he was holding a bouquet of big white honey

    suckles. May looked at her young self then. She was wearing a white dress with ruffles and pink flowers all over it. She

    wore a white bow on top her head. She was also holding the flowers. The two were smiling together. May then put the

    silver picture frame down and flopped down on the bed again. She closed her eyes and then opened them, smiling brightly.

    “He’s coming back tomorrow! Ash is coming back!” she exclaimed happily.


    I hope you like it, the second chapter is on it's way! Thanks for reading!
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2009
  2. St. Star

    St. Star Member

    hey! first reply! :D
    The way you describe things is great! I could see everything clearly in my head.

    I wish I was as rich as May :p *sigh*

    Great chapter! Keep up the good work! I'll be waiting for the next one!
  3. Whitefire2000

    Whitefire2000 Deep sleeper

    Thank you so much! ^^ Would you like to be on my PM list?
  4. Shadow_Shaymin

    Shadow_Shaymin Gotz Burglarized

    So far I am liking quite a lot :D

    The description is great, but the chapter was short, if I may say so myself. The idea of May being rich is strange, and not living with Norman, but with Donovan? But overall, so far the story is pretty good, and I am rather enjoying it.

    PM List plz :D
  5. Whitefire2000

    Whitefire2000 Deep sleeper

    Thank you, and yes I will PM you when the next chapter is out.
  6. Whitefire2000

    Whitefire2000 Deep sleeper

    It took some work, but it's finally done. Thanks for reading and commenting my story, I hope you enjoy chapter two! Remember, this is PG-13, but that stuff will come later on. Enjoy!

    ~Honeysuckle Hill~

    Chapter 2

    “Hey May, did you know that if you suck on a honeysuckle, you can taste a sweet taste?” Ash asked. May shook her head.

    “No, but what if they’re poisonous?” she asked worriedly. Ash laughed in his squeaky six year old voice.

    “They’re not poisonous! Trust me, I’ve sucked on them so many times!” he exclaimed. He quickly ran over to one of the honeysuckle bushes and plucked two of them off the bush. He then raced back and handed one to May. She looked at it nervously.

    “There’s nothing to be afraid of,” Ash smiled, “You just pull out the inside and suck on it.” May sighed and then pulled out the inside. She brought the white flower to her mouth and reluctantly began to suck on it. Her eyes then brightened up and she took it out of her mouth.

    “That was so sweet!” she laughed and stuck it back in her mouth. Ash snickered.

    “I told you!” he then pulled out the inside of his honeysuckle and placed it in his mouth. The two sucked on the sweet flowers and stared up high at the clear sky.

    “Miss Maple?” a voice emerged from the intercom. May turned over on her bed and moaned.

    “Miss Maple!” the voice called again. May groaned loudly and turned herself forward.

    “Yes?” she asked.

    “Miss Maple, this is your wake up call.” The voice said. May sighed and removed her frilly red sleep blindfold.

    “Thank you.” She slowly slid out of her bed and stretched her arms. She then rubbed her eyes and smiled.

    “Today’s the day!” she exclaimed. She ran into the bathroom and went straight to washing her face and brushing her teeth. Ash is coming! She thought happily to herself. As soon as her face was clean and her teeth were shiny and white, she hit the shower. I finally get to see him again! I wonder if he still remembers me… May scrubbed her hair with the sweet smelling strawberry shampoo and then added conditioner to the bottoms of her lovely brown locks. As soon as she was clean and refreshed, she turned off the shower and grabbed a pink towel from the rack.

    “Miss Maple, there is someone here to see you.” The voice from the intercom sounded. May smiled.

    “I’ll be right down!” she yelled.

    As soon as May prettied up her hair, she dressed herself up. She wore a lacy black silk tank top with a dark jean skirt and strappy black sandals. She put a black beanie with a woolen flower on the side on her head and then raced out of her room. As she passed Macy, she turned around.

    “Sorry about my messy room Macy, it’s just that today’s a special day!” she smiled. The maid smiled as if to say it was nothing. Macy came up every morning to clean May’s room for her. Usually she didn’t have to bother, but today was different. May smiled and then raced downstairs.

    “What took you so long?” a familiar voice said. A girl with silky blue hair and blue eyes was looking at her smiling. She wore a satin purple dress that reached above her thin knees. She wore a light blue jacket on top of it which lied open. On her feet were strappy black sandals similar to the ones May was wearing.

    “Hey Dawn, you’re here earlier thank expected.” May said as she came down. Dawn laughed. Dawn Aihara was May’s best friend through thick and thin. Her parents owned a very wealthy toy company.

    “Weren’t you the one who told me to come here EXTRA EARLY?” she asked. May blinked. She then smiled nervously.

    “Maybe…Anyways, I wanted to show you something.” May said. She started to go upstairs. Dawn followed after her and the two raced up back to May’s room.

    “Wow, your maid cleans fast,” Dawn said as she and May entered her room. May walked over to the bookshelf and took out the blue album again. She sat down on one of the bean bag chairs. Dawn followed and pulled the other chair next to May and sat down.

    “This is Ash.” May pointed to a picture of Ash chasing a duck. He looked about four years old.

    “Oh my God, that’s him? He’s so cute!” Dawn gushed as she stared at the picture. May smiled.

    “Yeah, I can’t believe he’s coming back. I haven’t seen him for such a long time…” she looked up.

    “How long has he been gone?” Dawn asked as she took the album and began to rummage through the book.

    “Well, he left when we were only six so we haven’t seen each other for nine years.” She replied. Dawn blinked.

    “Wow…So the two of you were best friends?” she asked. May nodded.

    “My mom said that we knew each other since diapers. You see, our parents were really good friends so me and Ash were always together. Then their family apparently left to another country.” she looked down. Dawn closed the book and set it down on the white carpet.

    “Why did he leave anyways?” she asked as she adjusted the purple clips in her hair. May looked up.

    “I remember it like it was only yesterday…” she smiled.


    “Ash, throw the ball already!” May called out impatiently. Ash looked up at her and threw the red ball. May caught it smoothly and then put it down.

    “What’s the matter? You’re not your happy self today.” She said. Ash looked down; his dark hair blew to the calm breeze.

    “I have to tell you something important…” he said and took May’s hand. He then led her over to the big cherry-blossom tree. As soon as they sat, Ash looked up at May with sad eyes.

    “My mom and dad told me we were going to be moving somewhere far away.” he said. May widened her blue eyes.

    “Why? I don’t want you to leave! Who’s going to come with me when I go to the fair?” she frantically cried. Ash looked up.

    “My father says that there’s a big job he has to do there, but he said we would come back.” May brightened up to this.

    “Really? That’s good! But when are you going to move?”

    “I don’t know—”

    “Ash! Come on now, we have to leave!” a voice called.

    “Uh-oh, that’s my mother. I better go, bye!” Ash called. May stared as he ran off. She sighed sadly.


    May pulled on her mother’s skirt impatiently.

    “Why mommy? Why does Ash have to leave?” she cried. Her mother sighed and put her hand on May’s shoulder.

    “They’ll be back, sweetie.” she said calmly. May folded her arms stubbornly.

    “The gates are going to be opening soon. I guess this is where we say our goodbyes…” Ash’s father said. The adults exchanged hugs. As soon as they said their goodbyes, May and Ash stepped up together.

    “You won’t forget me, right?” May asked.

    “Nope!” Ash smiled, though his eyes looked as if they were watering. May felt her eyes water too.

    “I promise, we’ll come back for sure!” Ash smiled. May threw her small arms around Ash and hugged him tightly.

    “Come on, May, they have to leave now.” Her father said. May let go of Ash and they then parted. May’s family waved goodbye and she turned around.

    “Bye Ash!” she called. Tears began to roll down her cheeks. Ash waved back.

    “Bye May!”

    ~End of Flashback~

    Dawn’s eyes were watery when May finished her story. She blinked

    “Dawn? Why are you crying?” she asked.

    “That’s so sad, but it’s adorable!” she sniffed. May smiled and walked over to her nightstand, opening the drawer and taking out a box of tissues. She walked back to Dawn and then handed them to her.

    “Thank you.” she said and then blew her nose loudly into the tissue. May laughed and then adjusted her black beanie.

    “You know, when he comes, he’ll be going to Marilock with us. Can you tell Kenny to be friendly to him? He might not make friends fast enough.” Kenny was Dawn’s boyfriend. He had spiky brown hair and played goalie on the soccer team. Dawn nodded.

    “Sure, I’m sure he won’t mind.” she smiled.

    “Miss Maple, Miss Aihara, the limousine is ready and you parents await you.” The voice popped up. May stood up quickly.

    “Okay, we’ll be right down,” she said.

    May and Dawn flew down the stairs and headed outside. There, the black family limo stood parked. Louis, the family’s driver held the back door open for the girls.

    “Thanks Louis,” May said as she and Dawn entered the back. The wall in front of their seat then began to roll down as soon as they were seated. May’s parents stared at them, smiling. May’s mother was a beautiful woman. She wore a purple hat with dark red roses on it and a matching purple dress. She was a thin woman with blue eyes, curly brown hair, and lovely red lips. Her name was Caroline Maple. May’s father, Norman had dark hair and dark eyes. He had nice fair skin and was built and in shape. He wore a black casual collar shirt and black pants.

    “You girls comfy back there?” Norman asked. May nodded.

    “Yep! I’m ready!” she smiled. Soon the limo began to move, May felt her heart pounding. The wall rolled back up and the girls began to listen to some music.

    “So you guys split up when you were only six and now you’re fifteen…That’s so adorable.” Dawn said. May felt herself blush.

    “It was nothing like that, Dawn. We were just friends, and we still will be.” May said nervously, hoping Ash hadn’t forgotten her. Dawn laughed.

    “Okay, whatever you say!” she said sarcastically. May shoved her playfully.

    “So where are we going anyways?” Dawn asked. May sighed.

    “I already told you like twenty times, we’re going to the central park, you know the one with the big field of flowers? We’re going to have a picnic.” she said. Dawn nodded.

    “How romantic, May! A field of flowers where you’re going to see the boy you were friends with since your childhood!” she laughed. May pushed her again.

    “I told you, we’re just friends!” she said.

    As soon as the limo stopped, May felt her heartbeat quicken.

    “Dawn, I’m nervous. What if he doesn’t like me anymore?” May asked. Dawn flicked her on the forehead.

    “Of course he’ll remember you, you two were best friends. Now let’s go, I’m thirsty.” She pulled May out of the car and they headed down to the flower patch. May’s parents had already set up the picnic and were pouring glasses of sparkling white grape juice. Dawn snatched a glass and sipped it lightly. The picnic was brilliant looking. The blanket was yellow plaid and it was neatly put on top of the grass. The straw basket had flowers on its hand and there was tons of food. There were finger sandwiches, fruit, potato salad, cheese and crackers, biscuits, muffins, sparkling white grape juice, mashed potatoes, turkey breast cutlets, vegetables, and so on. May sat down and took a plastic plate, taking a small finger sandwich and placing it on top of it. She kept looking to the left, hoping that Ash and his family would show up any minute. Her eyes widened as she saw two familiar people. Ash’s mother, Delia was walking towards them. She wore a yellow skirt and a satin white blouse. She also wore a straw sun hat with ribbon tied around it.

    “Caroline!” she called happily. Her brown hair was tied back into a ponytail and her brown eyes sparkled. Caroline got up and ran over to greet Delia. May and Dawn got up as well. Then Ash’s father, Simon came up the hill as well. He wore a dark green collar shirt and tan pants. Norman walked over to greet him.

    “Oh Caroline, Norman! We’ve missed you guys so much! And you, May you have grown so much. You’re so beautiful!” Delia smiled. Dawn waved.

    “Hi, my name is Dawn,” she said. Delia smiled.

    “Hello Dawn, you must be May’s friend. You look adorable.” She smiled. Dawn smiled cockily.

    “Thank you!”

    “It’s been such a long time; you must be looking for Ash, May.” Simon said, turning to her. May smiled.

    “It’s good to see you again.” she said. May then looked past him and she widened her eyes.

    “Hey! It’s been a long time, May!” a voice called. A dark haired boy stood in front of her. His hair was nice and spike and he had fair skin. He had dark eyes and he wore a red baseball cap. He also wore a red and black shirt with dark blue jeans.

    “Ash?” May asked in a small voice. He smiled, showing off his shiny white teeth.

    “In the flesh.” he said. May felt her cheeks turn a rush of hot pink. Her heart bounced about.

    “It’s been a while, May.” He said as he walked up to her. May blinked.

    "Wow...you look so different." she said.

    "So do you..." Ash smiled. May smiled and then threw her arms around him, blushing furiously as she hugged him.

    "I'm glad you're back." she said.

    "Me too."


    Well, that the end of chapter 2! I hope you enjoyed it, I'm sorry if it seemed to short, please post your comments!
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2008
  7. Shadow_Shaymin

    Shadow_Shaymin Gotz Burglarized

    I love this one too. Fabulous for your first fan-fiction, I am really liking it, especially how much you are changing the story around, I love the way that it's done.
    Question: Do pokemon of any shape or size make an appearance in this fan-fic?

    Doesn't worry me either way, I just wanna know. Keep up the good work, I'm loving it.

    I think you mean we.

    Just pointing that out, but it was the only one I found, so well done for surviving me. But will you survive other people when they rate you.
  8. Whitefire2000

    Whitefire2000 Deep sleeper

    Thanks you so much, and thanks for the correction. I wouldn't have ever seen it. :) And no, about the pokemon thing. I'm sorry, it's just that I wanted to spice up my story with the modern day and all, but I might make a story with pokemon included :)
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2008
  9. allison2324

    allison2324 Well-Known Member

    Awesome story can't wait to see what happens next
  10. St. Star

    St. Star Member

    Yeah! I want to be on the PM list =]

    I like it that there are no Pokemon included for a change. Not many writers on this forum write fics like that..

    aaw.. I can imagine him standing like that. Poor thing.. :( But I'm glad he's finally coming back after 9 years! :D and I hope he'll stay!

    LOVE the chaptah! :D
    I can't wait for the next one!
  11. Whitefire2000

    Whitefire2000 Deep sleeper

    Okay! I'm sorry it took long, but I had a major writers block in what to do, but fortunately it passed. Now this chapter does have some PG-13 stuff, now if you don't want like that, then don't read it and don't complain about it. I needed spice my story up a little so there. I want to thank all those people who commented on my story, and I hope whoever reads my chapter enjoys it. Thank you!


    ~Honeysuckle Hill~

    Chapter 3

    May felt a rush of warmth as she felt Ash’s arms hold her tightly; it was different from their hug at the airport though. It felt a bit more meaningful. At last, Ash parted away from her. He was grinning like his usual self. May felt like she had been with him for a long time.

    “So May, what have you been up to since I was gone?” Ash asked as soon as they began to walk towards the picnic.

    “Well, I’ve just been hanging around, busy with school. You know, the usual.”

    “Cool. It’s kind of weird being back, but that feeling will probably go away soon. It’s just good to be back.” He said. At that moment, Dawn was running up to them.

    “May! Is that Ash?” she asked as she stopped. She pointed right over to him.

    “Dawn, it’s kind of rude to point…” May trailed off. Dawn blinked.

    “Damn it! I’m so sorry! I always have a bad habit of pointing, I’m trying to stop but it’s hard! Please forgive me!” she cried. May sighed.

    “She always gets like this when she accidentally does something wrong.” she whispered to Ash. He seemed to find the whole situation amusing.

    “It’s fine, my mom’s exactly the same.” he laughed. Dawn sighed with relief.

    “Oh thank you. Oh, sorry, I forgot to introduce myself! My name is Dawn Aihara!” she smiled. Ash looked at her and smiled.

    “Aihara…Hey, isn’t that the last name of that famous toy company owner?” he asked. Dawn smiled cockily again.

    “Yep! That’s my father, and I am proud to be an Aihara!” she smiled, showing off her gleaming white teeth. May sighed and then made a gesture over towards the picnic.

    “So you want to go eat?” she asked. Ash nodded and he followed May and Dawn to the picnic basket.

    “So we’ve already decided where to build our house.” The adults conversed happily together. May, Ash, and Dawn sat together a little farther away from them. Their plates were pushed aside with crumbs and leftovers on top of them.

    “So what’s Marilock like?” Ash asked and he took a bite from a finger sandwich. Dawn smiled.

    “It’s a nice school. We have a bunch of sports teams, clubs, and we have a lot more choices of electives. Some of the girls are really annoying and ****ty, and some of the guys are stupid and act like jerks. In all, if you friends with the right people, its fine. Like Kenny…” Dawn trailed off thinking about her boyfriend. May sighed.

    “Kenny’s her boyfriend, and she’s OBSESSED with him.” She said. Dawn scowled.

    “It’s not my fault he’s the dreamiest man on Earth!”

    “Whatever you say, Dawn” May laughed. Ash smiled.

    “So May, do you have a boyfriend?” he asked. May’s face turned bright red.

    “No…What about you, did you have a girlfriend?” she asked. For some reason, she was hoping he’d say no.

    “No, all of the girls back where I was squealed and screamed too much. They were like banshees, and they were dramatic and annoying.” he said. May and Dawn laughed. May looked down, feeling a pool of relief wash over her. Why did she feel like this? Dawn stared at May and snickered.

    “Oh, and I forgot to tell you. Since our house is in the process of being built, we’ll be staying over at your place for a while.” Ash said. May looked up.

    “Really? That’s awesome…!” she said nervously. Dawn took a bite out of her finger sandwich.

    “Why can’t you just stay in a motel or something?” she asked.

    “Well, it’s going to be a pretty long time and my mom hates motels so we decided to crash at May’s place for a while. It’s a bit easier to move around.” he said. May smiled. Well at least I won’t have to go out all the time to have fun for a while. I’m glad he’s staying with us.

    After the picnic was over, Ash and his family had to go collect their belongings and the Maples had to leave to prepare for their arrival. As Dawn and May slid into the back of the limo, Dawn began to speak.

    “Ash is pretty cute looking, right?” she snickered. May’s face turned rosy red again.

    “I guess he is…” Dawn kept on going.

    “With his gorgeous dark hair and his lovely dark eyes!” May turned even redder.

    “Knock it off!” she said. Dawn began to point at May, her eyes were wild.

    “Admit it May, you LIKE him!” she grinned. May glared at her with her blue eyes. Dawn rested back into position.

    “It’s okay to like someone, May. It’s cute.” she blinked. May sighed.

    “I’m not sure, Dawn. Maybe I like him, and maybe I don’t.” she began to look down. Dawn rolled her eyes.

    “Don’t get all deep on me; you know I’m not the ‘deep’ type, except when it’s about me and Kenny’s relationship.” Her eyes sparkled as she brought up her beloved boyfriend. May sat up.

    “Hey, you haven’t been going out with him lately, and usually, you’re booked because of him. What’s up?” Dawn sighed and tipped her head back on the seat.

    “I really don’t know actually, he’s been canceling a lot lately,” she said, “But it’s probably just something minor going on.” she smiled. May smiled back, taking a lock of her soft brown hair and brushing it with her fingers.

    It was late at night at the Maple Estate, and the Ketchums had already arrived. Most of their stuff was put away, but the rest lied in one of the closets. It was about one o’ clock in the morning. Everyone was asleep.

    May uncomfortably tossed around. No matter how many times she rested her head on the satin coated pillow and closed her eyes, she just couldn’t fall asleep. She then sat up and pushed her dark blue silk sleeping mask up onto the top of her head. She reached over and lit up feathered red lamp on her nightstand and got up. She wore an indigo blue silk tank top with laces and matching silk indigo shorts. May walked over to her enormous walk-in closet and went over to the slipper rack. She slipped on matching blue slippers with sapphires embedded in them and then walked out of her closet, shutting the door slowly behind her. She then switched the lamp off and quietly walked out of her room, going downstairs.

    “I’ll just go eat something and then go back up.” she whispered to herself. She quietly went down the large staircases and cut through the enormous living room. As May strode through the large room, it became darker. I should have brought a flashlight or something, but if I turn on the lights, I might wake someone… She thought. She tried her best to find her way and sighed with relief as she stepped onto the cold tile of the kitchen. May then stopped. It felt like there was someone else moving. She felt her heart start to beat fast; she then looked around and saw a dark figure. She widened her eyes. It was coming closer. She then stepped towards the figure. She then stepped onto something, it was a cloth. May gasped loudly and tipped over, falling down hard. She winced with pain and lifted up her head. Her fall was cushioned by something. She then looked down and gasped again.

    “Damn…” Ash was down, groaning with pain. May turned red and quickly got up.

    “Oh my God, Ash! I’m so sorry!” she said frantically. She grabbed his hand and hauled him up. He stumbled up and brushed himself.

    “It’s fine, except now my head really hurts…” he rubbed his forehead.

    “I’m sorry…”

    Soon, the two were sitting on the circular high chairs in front of the large counter. The lights were dimmed so that it wouldn’t wake the others. May was pressing a white leather icepack on Ash’s forehead.

    “I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you and someone left a rag on the floor…” she began. Ash chuckled.

    “It’s okay; I would’ve probably done the same. Anyways, I was just coming down here for a snack. I couldn’t sleep.” May smiled at him.

    “Me too, I’m surprised you still remembered where our kitchen was though.” She said. Ash looked around the large kitchen.

    “C’mon, I could never forget the times here.” He smiled. The kitchen was pretty big. First off there were many counters and the pantry was large and full of all kinds of food. Mostly, Hilda, the family’s cook always prepared meals, so she was usually in the kitchen the most. There was a big stove with a large oven under it and a big microwave on top. There were drawers and cabinets with words engraved on them, one of them was engraved ‘Silverware’, the other was engraved ‘Cooking Utensils’ and so on. There was a shelf next to the pantry and the stove with all kinds of cook books and DVDs of cooking shows, and across it was a large stainless steel refrigerator with a water filterer and icemaker. Lastly, there was a T.V. on the island counter.

    “Hey, we have some cookie dough ice cream in the freezer, want some?” May asked. Ash nodded and took the icepack from May as she went over to a cabinet labeled ‘Glass Bowls’. She opened it up and pulled two fragile China bowls. She then closed it and opened the drawer under it labeled ‘Glass Silverware’ and took out two China spoons. After she got the spoons out, she reached into the freezer, pulled out the ice cream, and dropped one scoop into each bowl. Ash blinked when she arrived with the two bowls of cookie dough ice cream.

    “Thanks.” he said as she handed him his bowl. As May slid back into her seat, they began to converse. Ash scanned May's sleeping wear with an impressed look.

    “Wow May, you dress differently now. Back then, you used to wear those flowery dresses all the time.” Ash said as he scooped up some ice cream with the glass spoon.

    “Oh don’t remind me, I can’t believe I even dressed like that when I was young.” She laughed.

    “I remember what my mom used to make me wear: suspenders!” Ash smiled.

    “Yeah! I have a picture of you in them; I think you were climbing an oak tree…” Ash shoveled spoonfuls of ice-cream in his mouth.

    “You have pictures of us?” he asked. May nodded.

    “Yeah, I have an album full of them in my room, wanna go up and see them after we’re done eating?” she asked.


    After they finished up the cookie dough ice-cream, they put their bowls in the sink, turned off the lights, and head upstairs. May tiptoed quietly over to her room and opened the door, wincing as it squeaked loudly.

    “I’m getting a new door!” she whispered loudly. Ash walked inside and pulled her in, and the door creaked shut. May slowly turned on the lights and Ash looked around, looking impressed.

    “Wow, May. Your room has changed from unicorns and bunnies, to pink and red themed.” He smiled. May winced as he mentioned her earlier décor which was full of unicorns cute animals. She felt embarrassed when she thought about it.

    “I never knew you liked video games.” he grinned.

    “I don’t see why other girls think their dumb, video games rule.” May said. She walked over to the black shelf once again and pulled out the blue album. She signaled Ash to come over to the bean bag chairs. As they sat down, May opened the album to the first page and scooted herself next to Ash.

    “Here, it’s almost all of our pictures together.” She said, handing him the book. Ash smiled as he looked through the pages.

    “I remember all of these; I’m surprised you kept them! Oh May, remember when we thought that mermaid statue on the fountain at the Amazon Mall hypnotized all the adults and made them give her money?” he asked. May laughed and nodded.

    “Yeah, I still have a quarter from the money we took out!” They laughed for a long time and then the laughter died down.

    “You know, I’m glad you haven’t changed from the inside. You’re still old May.” May smiled, showing off her laser-whitened teeth.

    “Me too. You’re still my old buddy.” There was a long pause. Their eyes met, and May felt the universe stop. It was pretty weird. At least that’s what May thought. Their faces slowly inched a bit closer, and May’s heart was beating faster.

    “Um, so…we should probably be getting to bed…” Ash quickly pulled his face away, he was a little red. May felt herself grow red too.

    “Uh, yeah! Our immune system will crash if we don’t get enough you know…” Ash laughed at her remark, breaking the small tension.

    “Well, good night, genius.” he smiled.

    “Good night.” She smiled back. As Ash got up and walked towards the door, May looked up.

    “Hey Ash?”


    “You want to go to Central Park with me tomorrow?” she asked. Ash turned his head around.

    “Sure!” he said. May smiled.

    “Great! Well…Sleep tight!” she got up.

    “You too.”

    As soon as he was gone, May turned out her lights and flopped onto her bed. She stared up, her face was red. That was so weird… She thought about that strange pause and then sighed. Her eyes then closed and she slipped her mask over her eyes.


    “Miss Maple, the limousine is ready and Mr. Ketchum awaits you.” The voice on the intercom sounded.

    “I’m coming!” May called. She was looking around in her closet for a matching head wear and quickly grabbed a chartreuse bandana with white flower prints on it. She quickly tied it around her head and then slipped on matching wooden strappy heels. She then grabbed a small, leather chartreuse purse and then raced out of her room and down the stairs. Today, she wore a long chartreuse green top with short, slightly puffy sleeves. She also wore dark jean shorts then stopped right above the knee, and for the finishing touch, she wore a gold and chartreuse necklace with matching gold bracelets.

    “Hey May, ready to go?” Ash asked as she came down. May nodded and the two headed out over to the limo. Louis was holding the back seat door open for them again. May and Ash climbed in. As Ash got in, May began to scan him. He was dressed nicely. He was wearing dark blue jeans and a black, half-sleeved button top. On his head was the same baseball cap from yesterday and on his wrist was a shiny black Rolex watch. May blushed a little and then looked down.

    It didn’t take too long to get to the park. As soon as the limo stopped, May and Ash got out.

    “I’ll call you when we want to be picked up, okay Louis?” May smiled at her driver. He nodded and then drove away.

    "Alright, where to first?” May asked as she turned around to face Ash.

    “Let’s visit the fountain first.” He said. May nodded and they entered the green park. It was a nice, clean area where many people came to. There were wooden trash can next to almost every bench and there were drinking fountains around. Different kinds of trees surrounded the park; their leaves were healthy and green. Pond sparkled around and small flower patches danced.

    “It hasn’t changed at all.” Ash said, admiring the area. May stopped and looked up. It was the giant marble fountain. The park was popular for its fountain and many people usually came to see it. It was big with three levels and it was always on. At night it was lit up by the lights built in it.

    “Wow, I remember the fountain, we used to come here a lot together!” Ash marveled at it. May stared at it and then turned to Ash.

    “Hey, you want to make a wish?” she asked. Ash nodded.

    “It’s on me.” He smiled and reached into his wallet.

    “Thanks, but you don’t need—“

    “C’mon, it’s no big deal. I need to get rid of these quarters anyways.” May smiled and then turned back to the fountain. She scanned for a good aim and then locked her eyes on it. She was aiming for the top of the fountain. Ash began to fish through his wallet. Her grunted and pulled out a credit card so he could reach some coins. Quickly without thinking or looking, May swiped the credit card out of his hand and lobbed it in the fountain. Ash’s mouth fell open as it fell into the second level.

    “Damn it! It landed in the second one!”

    “May!” Ash exclaimed. She turned around frantically.

    “What? What is it” she asked. She obviously didn’t know what she had thrown.

    “You…you threw my credit card…” Ash blinked nervously and then sighed. May widened her eyes.

    “What? That wasn’t a coin? Oh my God! I’m so sorry! I’ll go get it!” she cried.

    “Wait, don’t—” May ran towards the fountain and leaped on the ledge. She then stood up on the toe area of her shoes and craned her neck to see into the second level. Her arm fished through it. Ash stuffed his wallet in her pocket.

    “May, get down! You’ll fall in!” he exclaimed.

    “Not until I get that credit card!” she gritted her teeth as she spoke. Her eyes brightened up then and she pulled her hand out of the second level.

    “Got it!” she yelled. Suddenly, her feet bent over and she teetered over. May gasped loudly and she splashed into the fountain.

    “May!” Ash shouted. He ran over to the fountain and then climbed onto the ledge. May sat in the water drenched from head to toe. She then lifting up her hand and flashed the credit card at him.

    “Take the stupid credit card!” she smiled through gritted teeth. Ash could tell she was really mad. Her slowly lifted the credit card from her hand and stuffed it in his pocket. He reached his arms towards her and then began to wobble.

    “Damn…” Ash muttered and toppled into the water. The water splashed onto May who stared as Ash fumbled into a sitting position. She stared at him and then burst into laughter.

    “You look hilarious!” she bellowed. Ash sighed but his eyes showed a flicker of amusement.

    Ash helped May out of the fountain, and they both stepped onto the dry ground, soaking wet. May shivered as she took out her red blackberry pearl.

    “Louis? Can you pick us up?” she asked sweetly on the phone. Soon a bit later, the black limo arrived. Louis stared at them with a shocked look.

    “You two are soaking wet!” he exclaimed in his British accent. May smiled nervously.

    “Yeah, so lets just go and not ask questions!” she climbed into the backseat of the limo and closed the door as Ash came in.

    “Okay, we shouldn’t have done that, but on the bright side, that was fun!” Ash smiled.

    “Yeah it was! I hope we don’t get in trouble.” May said. It wasn’t that long back home. Soon, both May and Ash were in the Maples Estate’s largest bathroom. The two were still a little damp, but dry a warm. May draped the white towel over her head and sighed. She now wore black knee-high shorts with a lacy pink tank top. She looked over at Ash who now wore a red half-sleeved collar shirt much like the one he wore before and blue jeans. He dropped his towel in the hamper and went back up towards May. She tossed her towel in the hamper too and placed her pink bow on top of her head.

    “Well, let’s go!” she smiled.

    “Where?” Ash asked. May grinned.

    “Well, do you like movies?” she asked. He nodded smiling. May grinned and grabbed Ash’s hand and pulled him out of the bathroom. They raced up the stairs to the second floor and stopped at a door. May slowly opened the door. Inside was a giant black screen with rows of red chairs in front of it. Ash widened his eyes.

    “Wow, you guys made a miniature movie theater?” May nodded.

    “My parents have movie nights quite often, and so do I.” Ash walked around, exploring the place. He then turned around and gazed at May.

    “So, what’re we watching?” he asked. May smiled.

    “Do you want to watch Fresh Prince? We have all four seasons on DVD.” Ash nodded.

    “That show is amazing.”

    They sat down in the fourth row and they stared at the screen. May snuck a look at Ash. Now she was really blushing. I…I like him… She told herself. It didn’t matter anymore. He was the perfect crush. She waited a little bit and then scooted a bit closer to him. Whoever May Maple wanted, she was determined to get.


    “Louis, stop by to pick Dawn up too. She asked to come with us, for some reason she wants to be early today.” May told her driver. It was Monday morning now and they were off to school. May wore her school uniform with her black bandana. She carried her school bag as well.

    “Ash! Hurry up!” she called.

    “I’m here!” he called back. He came out wearing a clean white, short-sleeved collared shirt with a small black school tie. It had the school emblem on the upper left corner and he wore black jeans. He also wore black shoes and he carried a leather black school bag like May. They climbed into the limo and headed off.

    “So, Marilock is full of all kinds of people, huh?” Ash asked. May nodded.

    “Some of them are stupid, some are mean, and some are amazing. Everyone has a personality.” May said.

    “So, how’s the football team?” Ash asked.

    “Oh, they’re really good. We’ve won so many games now!” she exclaimed. Ash brightened up. He seemed pretty interested in the football team, because all the way to Dawn’s house, he kept asking questions about it.

    “Miss Maple, we have arrived at Miss Aihara’s.” Louis said through the speakers.

    “Thanks,” May said. She then slid over to make some room for Dawn. The door opened slowly and Dawn climbed into the limo, smiling. She wore the same uniform that May wore, except she put black clips in her hair.

    “Hey guys, what’s up?” Dawn smiled.

    “Nothing much, I was just telling Ash about the football team.” May said. Dawn laughed.

    “Well, let me tell you, the only thing better than the football team, is the soccer team!” she said. The limo began to move again. Ash smiled, his eyes flickered with amusement.

    “Really, why?” he asked.

    “It’s obvious, because the cutest, most greatest guy is the goalie!” she fantasized. May sighed and looked at Ash.

    “She’s talking about her boyfriend again.”

    “How can I not talk about him, he’s lovely!” Dawn grinned. Ash looked at them.

    “Okay…So how are the teachers?” he asked, trying to move the conversation on. May smiled.

    “Let me start from the beginning.”

    They shortly arrived at the school right when May began to tell Ash about food period. Dawn opened the door quickly.

    “What’s the rush?” May asked as Dawn looked around.

    “I’m looking for Kenny, he’s usually here early.” She said. May blinked.

    “Why did you come here early anyways?” she asked. May got out of the limo followed by Ash and waved at Louis who then drove away. Dawn sighed.

    “Well…He’s been canceling so much lately, I wanted to ask him what’s going on in person.” She said. May patted her on the back.

    “It’s probably nothing.” she said.

    “Yeah, some guys just need some space.” Ash added in. Dawn brightened up and little and then exhaled.

    “Yeah, you’re right. I must stay positive!” she then began to walk towards the school. May turned to Ash.

    “This is Marilock High School.” May smiled. It was a large school. There were large buildings and it was an open school. Boys and girls were all over the campus dressed in their uniforms and socializing. There were tables and benches where there were people seated and the Administration Office stood as the largest building. Ash was nodding his head.

    “This is nicer than my old school.” he blinked. They walked towards the outside main campus area and stopped right at the beginning. There was so many people talking and socializing. A bunch of girls sitting at a black circular table burst in to a fit of giggles and their eyes scanned some guys not too far from them. There were some boys at a table watching a card game taking place.

    "I summon the Dark Magician!" a kid playing the card game yelled. The other boys cheered as he did. Ash stared.

    “Well, I feel a friendly society.” he said. Some people then turned towards him and stared.

    “Looks like we have a new student.” a kid whispered to his friend. Some people smiled and waved at him, some just kept staring. May felt a prickle of enjoyment to all of the attention, but Dawn still kept looking.

    “C’mon, he’s always here early.” she murmured. May and Ash followed her through the big campus. People went back to talking or playing a game. Dawn flicked her eyes everywhere until she spotted a brown haired boy. She brightened up.

    “Kenny!” she smiled and began to run towards him. Ash and May caught up with her.

    “Why’d you stop—” May looked at her friend’s expression and the looked forward. Kenny had his arms around a blonde haired girl and their lips were locked tight. May widened her eyes.

    “Kenny!” Dawn shouted. The two quickly unlocked from each other.

    “Dawn? What are you doing here, you’re never early!” he asked in a shocked tone. Dawn gritted her teeth and ran up to the blonde haired girl, grabbing the collar of her shirt.

    “You ****ty little *****! How dare you stick your dirty tongue down MY boyfriend’s throat!” she snarled. May ran over to her and yanked her away from the blonde.

    “Calm down, Dawn!” she said. Dawn stared at Kenny.

    “And you! This is why you’ve been canceling, because you’ve wanted to make out with that b****? You b******!” Dawn hissed. The blond seemed panicked.

    Kenny's mouth was wide open, but no words came out. Dawn clenched her fists.

    "I never want to see your damn face again, Kenny!" Dawn yelled and she stormed off.

    "Dawn!" May called. She turned to Ash.

    "I think it'll be better if I just talk to her, you stay here!" she said. Ash nodded and he watched as May ran off to go look

    for Dawn.


    Well, that's the end of it! I hope you thought it was good. It was pretty hard to think of what the school looked like, but I did it. Please post your comments! Thanks for reading!
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    yay! It's here!

    xDD! that sounds like dutch girls xD (Not including me ofcourse :p )

    *squeals* They SO almost kissed! :D they are cute togeter! :D

    HAHA! omg this part rules xD how can you not feel if you have a quarter or a creditcard in your hand? lol! Great part!

    He's right :D

    *gasp* I knew it from the start of this chap! I KNEW IT! that son of a B....!! *grabs chainsaw and chases kenny* I HATE HIM! poor Dawn :(

    dawn is cool xD

    Great chapter! *sits down on a rock, waiting for the next one*
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    Lol, thanks for the compliments. I'm glad you like the story, not many people on this site are big fans of it. And I LOVE Fresh Prince, that show is HILARIOUS. Oh, I think your profile picture is extremely funny! XD Yeah, well there is going to be a little ikarishipping now that you bring it up. Thanks so much for reading my fic! ^^
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    Well, I'm a BIG fan! I love the way you describe everything. You are really a great writer! :D
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    I'm here. Well done again Whitefire. I still love the story. You're developing it quite nicely, it is well written and described, AND, there is lots of cussing :D

    Keep up the good writing, love the shippiness, so never remove the shippiness, or you may have to punished severely.
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    Lol, thanks for the compliment! I was kind of wanting to add some spice to the story so I just kinda added some words...:3 Thanks so much complimenting my story again, I really appreciate it. :)
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    Yeah, I am going to put a some ikarishipping in it, I mean Dawn deserves a soul mate too. ^^
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