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Honor [Discussion Thread]

Discussion in 'RPG Café' started by Sketchie, Jul 27, 2013.

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  1. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    A SketchQueen RP
    Forever will we stand, and we will not be moved.
    [Sign Ups] . [RP Thread]

    The year is 2033. Each pokemon game (not including Gen 6) events have taken place in the years they were released.

    In past years, evil organizations have always been present, trying to overthrow balance and take over in their region. And with every organization, there is a trainer who won't stand for it. That trainer rises through the ranks, fighting battle after battle until they find their way to the top. In an epic battle, that one trainer rises above his opponent, disbanding the evil organization and saving the day.

    But what if that trainer failed?

    In the year 2015, a Team Shadow was born. They worked in secret underground bases in each region. They started to appear in each region early 2016. The one trainer from each region who had defeated the evil in their own region decided together to take Shadow on like they took their other teams. The 5 trainers started their war against Shadow, and in the beginning, it looked as if the 5 trainers had the upper hand and were to defeat Team Shadow. But in late 2016, the war was still going, and Team Shadow started to rise. One by one, each trainer fell. And one by one, each region fell to Shadow. First fell Unova, then Hoenn, then Johto, then Kanto, then lastly Sinnoh.

    Team Shadow had control over every city in each region, and they made quite a few changes. There were guards constantly patrolling the streets, factories making supplies for the Shadow, and a curfew was set up- no one could be out after 9:00 without proper permission.

    And there was no natural light- the sun never rose anymore.

    In the dimensional plane of the Legendary Pokemon, a meeting was to be held to decide what to do. Being the crisis Team Shadow was, Dialga started to think if one of the other legendaries had started it. Knowing that Darkrai had attempted to destroy the world once, Dialga pinpointed her blame onto him.

    During this one fateful meeting, Dialga stated she knew the culprit. She stated it was Darkrai, and he was going to attempt to destroy the world again. Many of the other legends, including Arceus, agreed with Dialga, ignoring Darkrai's protest.

    Dialga proposed that as a punishment, Darkrai would be sent to the Earthly Plane to live in the world he had created. Arceus thought it over for a minute, but then agreed that Darkrai's punishment was fair. However, eight of the legendaries- Mewtwo, Jirachi, Giratina, Deoxys, Genesect, Regice, Kyurem, and Entei- stood up for Darkrai, saying no one had any proof that Darkrai was at fault.

    This sent Arceus into a rage. No one had ever questioned Arceus's rule until now. As punishment for speaking out of turn and against the final judgement, the eight pokemon would be sent down as humans with Darkrai. He also added on to the original punishment, adding that they will be separated out across the Sinnoh region, and that their memories will be wiped out. They will be born as a human children, all on the same day.

    Cresselia was horrified. She knew Team Shadow wasn't Darkrai's doing, but she was too afraid to speak out against Arceus. The day the eight pokemon were to be banished, Cresselia was able to talk to the eight. The told them that on their 17th birthday, she would be able to restore their memories of who they were, and could give them a dream on where to meet with each other. Cresselia told them that they are the only ones who can take Team Shadow down, and they have to prove their innocence and bring each region to peace.

    You are one of these eight pokemon. Mewtwo, Jirachi, Giratina, Deoxys, Genesect, Regice, Kyurem, or Entei. You were born in a different city in the Sinnoh region, to a nice family (rare for the times, but Cresselia was able to make it happen). You have no idea you are a legendary pokemon.

    1. Follow SPPF rules (duh).
    2. This is PG-13, people, let's keep it that way.
    3. A reserve will be held for a week. (UNLESS you give me a valid reason other-wise.)
    4. At the beginning, only one pokemon is allowed with the character, preferably the type the character representing the legendary is, and it can't be a psudo-legendary.
    6. No godmodding, or making your character insanely-powerful, or making a Mary-Sue.
    7. Let's start out with one pokemon (of your legendary's type, preferably). You can catch more as time goes on.
    8. Please attempt to be active...

    Other Rules
    1) ASK before catching a Pokemon/Evolving. If I say no, then no. With that being said, I have a form you need to fill out before catching a Pokemon.
    2) Keep movesets to 4-5 moves. (ASK before making a pokemon learn a new move, please.)
    3) Now, of course since this a Pokemon RP, there will be battling. And I don’t know about you guys, but every Pokemon RP I have been in, the battling system is ever so flawed where characters keep dodging each other’s attacks. So here are my rules on battling: First, I am only giving you THREE dodges per battle. Even then I think it’s a bit much, but we’ll see how it goes. If you want more dodges, then use a slot in your movepool for an evasion attack. Secondly, we are going by the games in terms of accuracy as well as power. If it doesn’t have 100% hit rate, then there is a chance it can miss (either being too powerful or hard to aim), unless it can never miss(Magical Leaf, Aura Sphere, etc). That’s pretty much it. If you guys have any more input on battling let me know.
    4) No Legendary Pokemon.
    6) HMs are not going to be used to break obstacles. If a pokemon can do it, then it just does it.

    CAST SUs
    So that you don't need to go looking for them.​

    Part One: Human
    Name: Jarrith Mann
    Age: 17
    Legendary: Darkrai
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Canalave City

    Appearance: Jarreth has a fairly bony head, his triangular chin prominent. He has white hair that he spikes up at the front. He has white skin, not very much color in him at all. He has freckles dotting the bridge of his sharp, angular nose. His eyes are a deep ocean blue, with flecks of darker blue. His lips are a light pale pink. He's fairly tall, standing at 6' 5", but he's very skinny and bony. His arms and legs are also skinny.

    Jarreth wears a black vest over a black t-shirt. He also wears black jeans, and black sneakers. On his wrists are thick black bracelets. He breaks up all this black with a red scarf.

    Personality: Jarreth is impulsive, out-spoken, and hot-headed. If he wants something said, he'll say it, and he's not afraid to share his own opinion. He jumps to conclusions easily. He also doesn't think things through, and usually goes with whatever he thinks would be best at the time. He's also very defensive, and will try to defend himself and his friends if he feels it necessary. He's easily angered. However, despite his explosive nature, he's a pretty nice guy. He's good at listening, and will listen to his friends if they're having a rough time. He'll fight to protect his friends, and even give up his own life for them. He loves to make jokes and laugh. Once you are his friend, he will never betray you. He also likes to pull pranks with his Zorua.

    History: Jarreth was born in Canalave City to Melinda and Nathaniel Mann. He was the second born, and had an older brother named Marcus. The two boys spent most of their time together, until Jarreth was eight years old. Marcus, then 15 years old, has joined a secret force to wipe out Shadow forces in Canalave. However, his team was caught by a Shadow patrol and killed on the spot. Jarreth never forgave them. Jarreth didn't have many other friends beside his besides his brother, so Marcus's death caused Jarreth to be alone most of the time. When Jarreth was 13, he was walking along the ocean when he was a small black thing floating in the water. He got closer to it, and eventually recognized it as a pokemon. Jarreth jumped in, grabbing the black pokemon, and swimming to a port where he could climb back on land. After a few tense minutes, he was able to get the pokemon to open it's eyes. Jarreth took the pokemon back to his house, where his mother told him it was a Zorua. Over then next few days, Jarreth and the Zorua played together most of the time, until Jarreth was able to get his hands on a pokeball and catch the Zorua. He named it Darkheart, and the two have been together ever since.

    Jarreth loved visiting the library, and the stories about Darkrai were the ones he was most fascinated about. He poured over the mythology associated with Darkrai, learning that Darkrai once tried to destroy the world, but through two heros was defeated. Since then Darkrai has had a change of heart, and does his best to be good, even though he has power over nightmares. As of late, Team Shadow have been looking for him, but every time he manages to escape and make a fool of the Shadow grunts.

    Other: He's a pretty good cook. And for some reason, he never has nightmares.

    Part Two: Pokemon
    Name: Darkheart
    Species: Zorua
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Darkheart is a prankster, like many Zorua. He likes changing into Jarreth, and the two will pretend they're twins. Darkheart loves to battle, and will even battle dolls if he has to. Darkheart also has a strange obsession with fish.
    Other: The two are like brothers, and occasionally fight over stupid stuff. Darkheart's moves are Dark Pulse (EGG), Fake Tears, Fury Swipes, and Faint Attack.

    Part One: Human
    Name: Boone Granted
    Legendary: Mewtwo
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: The Resort Area

    Appearance: Boone’s face is triangular, and his smile has been compared to a malicious cat’s. His skin is very pale, and you can see many of his veins when he gets wet. His hair is straight, but there are two sections that just will not be subject to his wishes and lay down. They stand a couple of inches about his head, and resemble blocky horns. As much as he wishes that he did not have the same color hair as an old man, his hair is grey. A lock of hair that originates from the main mass, but is only an inch or two wide, goes down until the second third of his back. Otherwise, his hair is down to about his chin. His eyes are light purple, but he wears glasses that obscure them.

    Boone is 5’10”, but his habit of standing up stalk-straight makes him appear taller. He is slender, but that is because he runs every day. He wears clothes that are mostly grey, and there are only one or two pieces in his entire wardrobe that are a different color. His most often worn outer layer seems to be a grey hoodie/jacket with deep pockets. The shirt under that is also grey, but a lighter shade of it. The pants are grey, but they seem to be a bit of a darker hue than the hoodie/jacket. He carries a small, buckle-on pouch by his waist. This is bright purple, because he wants it to be immediately visible in the event that he actually needs it, because there is a first-aid kit and some money in it.

    Personality: Boone is suspicious towards strangers, but those he is familiar with are trusted deeply. Strangers face a steep climb to absolve themselves in Boone’s eyes. Pokemon, on the other hand, are almost immediately trusted by him, unless they are owned. He can be outwardly affectionate towards strangers if it’s required of him, but he will resent being asked for that favor. If the unknown person has insulted him, they stand the same chance to gain his trust as people who have not. His reasoning for this is that they did not know him and thus did not know the truth about him. He nearly always forgives if the offended repents, but he rarely forgets; this makes for incidents that he remembers and holds grudges if there is no apologies. He applies the same standards to every human being – including himself. He can appear cold to people who do know that “personality” or “attitude” of his is a shield against being hurt emotionally.

    Those Boone trusts, on the other hand, are trusted nearly absolutely after having been through an arduous screening process. He will try to assist them in any way he can without alerting others. He can be a bit over-protective, especially when it comes to his immediate family – woe befalls (in the form of humiliation from falling prey to Boone’ meticulous plans) anyone who harasses them. He is also slightly cheerful, compared to his normal demeanor, around them and prefers not to upset them at all. The only habit of his that betrays that goal is that he always tells the truth (or what he believes to be reality). It can be the partial truth, all of the truth, or a truth from a certain perspective, but it is the truth. Any Pokemon that wants handouts can reliably obtain them from him, making him a favorite of most of the island’s Pokemon. His family and friends also get to see his “soft” side, where he is not scathing in his speech and where he can be freely…ditzy.

    While attempting to attain an aspiration, even an audacious one, Boone always tries his utmost, but, in the process, allows for all of his time to be allocated to the attainment of the goal. He continually compares himself to the paragon of the particular field, but always falls far short of his wish. This sometimes causes him to devote all of his effort into advancing a skill, but when he cannot, he often just gives up and stays away from that activity. So far, those things that he cannot improve from the basics are: singing; playing instruments; detecting insincerity; realizing what, exactly, his own emotions are; and cooking. He has given on even trying to further his non-existent skills in those regions. He is rather intelligent, and understands concepts quickly, if not thoroughly. Because of his incessant reading during boarding school, he is knowledgeable, and he pursued information in those fields, but he does not flaunt that. He often plans his path to success at something, and tries to adhere to it, but sometimes he realizes that he has made a mistake and suffers a minor panic attack. He also becomes this way when Pokemon battling; never ceasing until his opponent is defeated, or he is forced to cease or retreat.

    Boone has an immense dislike for Team Shadow and consistently slips them anonymous passive-aggressive hate-letters. He does doubt that over half of them are functionally literate, though, so he uses the simplest language available to him – quite a change from his normally terse, but informational and filled with "big words", way of communicating through words. This hate extends to deliberately staying just outside his property line and then neatly stepping back inside the line once it is 8:59 PM. Then, if he has had a bad day and is feeling particularly immature, he sticks various bits of his body outside the property line to taunt the guards. He never shouts, or shows any dissatisfaction, at (with?) the guards, which probably is what prevents him from being “disappeared”.

    Boone is succinct and brief when talking, but he allots enough words to allow for the audience to understand him. He may interrupt others to correct them if they are wrong, especially on things that could, accidentally or otherwise, harm someone. As he had been misunderstood before, he does not desire for that to happen to anyone else. He follows rules if they are reasonable, and will try to enforce those rules if possible.

    Boone avoids instigating violence, but will readily fight if the need arises.

    History: Boone has had the good fortune to be born in a family that is not only kind, but is also quite affluent. This wealth of wealth has caused them to be able to afford a home in Cinnabar Island, near the equator, and, consequently, warm, even in the permanent darkness. Of course, Boone's family had lived in the Resort Area before, but they decided that they wanted a change of scenery, so Boone ended moving when he was one.

    There were very few schools on Cinnabar Island, and no good ones, as it was relatively uninhabited, so Boone had to be sent to boarding school. There, he was away from his friends, who were mostly adults and accustomed to speaking and debating with other adults. This caused him to speak as an adult would, which, in turn caused him to be estranged from his less eloquent peers. They soon entered the stage of “everyone different is an outcast”, perhaps because Team Shadow encouraged them to, and Boone, because he was trusting and naïve, was soon singled out. They used everything they could against the poor twelve-year-old, which amounted to his name; that he had no Pokemon; that he was slightly feminine; that he spoke as if he were an adult; that he was trusting of nearly everyone; and that he was the ditsiest person they knew. The counselors told him to “man up”, so they were no help. He hid in the library and read while eating, walking, attending class, and wished he could during the sleeping hours. He developed a personality that was not his own – he became so frightened of the others that he retaliated physically, not just with little notes. The tormenting lessened up after that, but he felt sorry for others that took the brunt of the teasing. It did pick back up when he mistook learning about Mars the commander of Team Galactic for learning about Mars the planet. He did an entire report on the planet, only to have to re-do it on the correct subject. In his defense, though, he did have several other projects prepared for the others mars – one for the Roman war god, and another for physical imperfections.

    When Boone returned to Cinnabar Island in the summer, he was a changed person. The people that took care of him previously were now strangers to this odd, cold child. As soon as they started to treat him with respect instead of deriding him, Boone began to be the old, cheerful child, but only around those he had previously been friends with. His parents, worried about this new development, decided to no send him back to boarding school and, instead, homeschool him. He flourished with the homeschooling decision, but he became even more unable to communicate effectively with people his age.

    On Boone’s 16th birthday, as a present, his parents took him on a trip to Unova’s Mistralton City. Because his great-grandmother was from Unova, her Pokemon were buried in the Celestial, and Boone’s parents wanted to see the graves. Boone did not stray from the path, except for one floor – unbeknownst to him, there had been an issue with Team Shadow guards dumping unwanted Pokemon eggs in the Celestial Tower as they could not be bothered to raise baby Pokemon. One of those eggs had hatched. The Pokemon that had hatched from it was rather confused and its thinking muddled, and Boone was not paying attention to where he was walking. Thus, he tripped over the Pokemon. Said Pokemon was an Elgyem, and he felt sorry for it, so he took care of it during the duration of his stay in Mistralton City. Because he had no idea of how to pronounce its specie’s name, he thought that it was “Egg-Yum”. After learning that no, it wasn’t pronounced “Egg-Yum”, he decided to nick-name it “Elysium”, after a region on Mars.

    Boone’s family returned to Cinnabar Island, and there Boone honed his Pokemon battling skills. The people on the island were willing to teach him beyond the basics, and from there on, he tried to improve even further.

    Recently, Boone and his family have had to move to The Resort Islands because Cinnabar Island had another eruption. Thankfully, the scientists studying the island had detected it early, so everyone was relocated. In The Resort Islands, Boone has been rather lonely because the some of other people are supportive of Team Shadow because Team Shadow had allowed them to keep up a lifestyle close to their old one, sans the sun.

    Other: Boone’s last name is “Granted” because, while it was originally “Grant”, the immigration officials misheard it as “Granted” when the family moved from Unova to Kanto. His mother’s line, from his great-grandmother on, was then “Granted”. Yes, his parents are aware of the pun. They also took the last name from the mother’s side because they wanted to keep the pun. Very frivolous parents, those.

    Part Two: Pokemon
    Name (nickname): Elysium (Egg-Yum)
    Species: Elgyem
    Gender: Male
    Personality: To counter Boone’s hiding of his true personality, Elysium is straight-forward when expressing his emotions. These emotions are never that powerful, or they are never read correctly. This may be because he is very young. When it comes to protecting Boone, he may be a bit vindictive, but he does not want to hurt people permanently. He is fine with giving those that appear to hurt Boone headaches, but makes exceptions for the guards that patrol the streets because they would probably retaliate by arresting Boone. He is proficient at battling, but prefers not to because he views himself as weak and only fights because he wants to protect Boone.

    Other: Moves: Psychic, Thunderbolt, Calm Mind, and Shadow Ball. Elysium has no idea what TMs are, and was confused when Boone tried to make him learn moves from the TMs.

    Part One: Human
    Name: Stella Nocte
    Age: 17
    Legendary: Jirachi
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Sunyshore City

    Appearance: Stella has long blonde hair that goes down her shoulder blade. Her teal-green eyes just sparkle with the hopes of a new adventure. Standing around 5'5, she's pretty average with the other teens her age in the town. To go with all that, her skin is whiter than normal. It's not a sickly white, but a light snow color. She doesn't mind it too much anymore. Stella also has a strange crease just above her bellybutton. As of now, she doesn't know that's a Jirachi's 'true eye'; she just thinks its a genetic defect. Something else she has are these little marks under her eyes. They're extrememly faded and only people looking for it will find them, but rest assured, they are there.

    She likes to tie little teal ribbons into her hair sometimes, as well as wearing long sundresses. Her sundresses are usual a pale yellow, but she loves all colors. She's not opposed to wearing a T-shirt and jeans with some good ol' tennis shoes, despite her love to dress up a little.

    Personality: Stella is a typical kind hearted person. She does her best to remain polite and out of conflict or trouble. As such, she’s a ‘goody two-shoes’ to her fellow classmates and tries to refrain from bashing other people. Stella also tries to be respectful of her elders and the ‘trolls’ in life, but her patience has a tendency to run out.

    Stella would rather avoid confrontation when possible, but if someone she loves is under fire, she lets them have it. She may be kind and quiet, but she knows how to defend herself when she needs to. Something else Stella has trouble with is anxiety, especially for future careers. She tries not to fear for the future, but can let her anxiety get the better of her if she over thinks the situation too much to where it freaks her out.

    Stella loves to laugh and goof off with the friends she does have and cherishes the times they share together. She loves nature, studying pokemon, reading, playing video games, and tries to maintain a positive and sociable outlook.

    History: Stella was born in the city of Oreburgh where Team Shadow was mercilessly driving citizens into the mines to unearth precious metals. There was so much dust and fumes coming from the mines that Stella's family quickly relocated to the beachs of Sunyshore City. They thought it would be a better alternative to working in the mines. It was...but Sunyshore had it's own problems. The power grid spread throughout the city was damaged and essentially useless now that the sun never rose into the sky. So now the grid is more like a broken bridge of sorts and it is starting to take its toll.

    Stella, however, was raised with hope in mind. For the longest time when she was little, there would be no other child her age to play with. One night she went out into her backyard to sit and watch the stars. She's always loved the way they twinkled and constantly wished for kids her age to play with...only her wishes would come true. The next morning there was a new load of people who had originally set their courses for Pastoria, but got lost in the fog and ended up here. Ever since that day, she had plenty of good people to grow up with. Also, not long after that, her parents found her a pokemon of her very own. A Skarmory! The previously young hatchling was being shipped to Team Shadows main grouping in town, but became hostile and escaped due to injuries and mistreatment during shipping. Stella's father had taken special precautions to capture it so he could better treat its injuries and traumatized state. Needless to say, Stella became good friends with the Pokemon and the rest is history.

    Sometimes they would all gather as a group, roughly 5 or 6 of them, and use the abandoned lighthouse/powerplant for their fort. The guards never really loitered around there for some stupid reason, but they used it to their advantage. They would talk about things that had been forbidden for years--the times before Team Shadow. Times when the sun would rise instead of just street lamps and candles. Stella would often be fascinated with books that they would all read on said times, even well after rising into her late teens. It was all wonderful until the guards started making their rounds more frequently around the Lighthouse. Since then, it's been much more difficult to come and meet there, but they're just waiting for their chance.


    Part Two: Pokemon
    Name: Skarmory
    Species: Skarmory
    Gender: Make
    Personality: Skarmory has been a very loyal and obedient pokemon for the most part. Stella really enjoys his company and his strength. It's a reserved pokemon, but enjoys being around Stella and allows her to ride on him. He is very much a chilled, laid back, but defensive pokemon.

    Name: Gildor Vance
    Legendary: Giratina
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Snowpoint City

    Appearance: Gildor has spiky hair, Black with streaks of Red, has a very streamlined face, with long lines, and slightly pointed ears. His eyes are a bright yellow, and when he smiles, he looks scarier then when he's mad. He stands about 5'9", has a medium skin tone, and has a medium build. He has a scar above his eye, caused by his training with Sneasel.He wears a black metal earring in the shape of a claw on his right ear, which wraps around his ear.

    He wears a black leather jacket, with red stripes going down the sleeves, yellow stripes on the back, and black metal studs around the cuffs. He has a dark red undershirt with a tear on the left side, black jeans with two parallel tears on the left leg at the top, and black boots, with red stripes along the sides.

    Personality: Gildor is very straightforward, independent, anti-social, likes thinking out of the box, and loves to win. When he battles, he goes full-on, whether he knows he will win or not. His pride is very high, and when he gets mad, he will let everyone around him know. When he is sad, however, he goes somewhere secluded where he is comforted by Claw. He is also very adventurous, yet reckless. He loves climbing, and the adrenaline of being in danger.

    History: Since his parents died before he knew them, and living in a tiny community, where he was shunned, Gildor grew up with no one around but his adopted father, Kodama, an elder of the village, who raised him from a baby, until one day, he got terriblly ill, and died. The others in the village said that the sickness came from the mountain. The same day, Gildor went climbing on Mt. Coronet to try and find the cause of the sickness, when he almost fell to his death, if not for his savior; a Sneasel, whom he named Claw, after the Sneasel saved his life at Mt. Coronet at the age of 8. As a result, Claw is the only being he knows by name. He then climbed Mt.Coronet to the peak, then lived there with Sneasel, whom he trained himself at the top. He has no memory of his mother, who died while he was a baby. The only memory of his father that he has was his father describing his mother, laying him down to sleep, and disappearing. He learned to fend for himself, leading to his independance, and his pride in his abilities. Although his independence, he is searching for his father. While searching one night, a trainer appeared before him, telling him to go home, because it was dark out, and threatened him of what would happen if he didn't. Gildor sent Sneasel after him, only to watch it get struck down in one blow. Outraged, he reluctantly fled, with his injured Pokemon in his arms. He then swore revenge on that trainer, and searches for him, as well as his father.

    Other: Gildor likes collecting pieces of ragged and sharp metal, and gets mad when he can't battle when he wants.

    Part Two-Pokemon

    Species: Sneasel
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Proud of it's power and trainer, Claw loves the heat of battle, but being secluded from other Pokemon. doesn't like working with others.
    Other: Has the moves Ice Shard, Faint Attack, Slash, and Dig. Likes to climb on things, and eat.

    Name: Ridley Schade
    Age: 17
    Legendary: Deoxys
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Veilstone City

    Appearance: Ridley is a tall and slender Young man with a fit physical apperance. He appear to be taller than he already is, as he's often standing very straight. His skin is pretty pale, and instead of getting tans when out in the sun, Ridley gets sorched like a baked potato in an oven. His hair is mainly strawberry-blonde With dyed stripes of Cyan on his right front bangs. his hair is medium long, and styled to make Ridley look rebelious, despite his oposite personality(s). His face looks like he is bored out of his mind most of the time, With pure white eyes that rarely reveal any hints of emotions. People that see him might think he's a lazy punk, and not an intelligent individual.

    For clothing, Ridley usually goes With the casual. His outfits often consists of tight black or dark blue jeans, and Orange shoes With blue laces. He use a variety of shirts, mostly Orange or blue in color, which he leaves open at top, revealing most of his pale chest, and his necklace of a Purple stone, tangled in helix-curled "Arms" of silver that holds the stone in Place. Ridley enjoys looking good, and spend a lot of both time and Money on buying clothes, a lot of them and often. The stone in his necklace changes color to match his personality

    Personality: Ridley is usually very mature and precise in his ways. He is naturally calm and collected, and as such he's perfectly fine with other people making their own decisions when it comes to pretty much anything that doesn't involve himself, even if he disagrees with their choices. He doesn't show much emotions, though he have a lot of feelings stuck inside him. He simply don't know how to Express himself sometimes. He's been raised in a proper manner, and have learnt that a proper gentleman never show any signs of feelings when With others, as Your own feelings doesn't matter. Inside, Ridley is just like any other teenager that wants to fit in and be as normal as possible. In his closed up state, he tends to be a little Cold and self-centered, putting himself and his loved ones first in line when it comes to safety etc.

    For reasons Ridley, and everyone else, don't understand, he sometimes experience total personality changes. This appears to happen pretty random (planning on having him Learning to Control it) whenever he's spending time outside in the city of Veilstone. He may experience suddenly hightened anger, being angry and hot-headed for no apparent reason. When in this state, or "personality", Ridley becomes a Prodigy in battling, physical fighting and bravery. He does, however, also become a bit impatient and he can't see the Whole structure of Things, and he'll often rush himself into Things he should stay away from. (Attack Form) Another personality he experience makes him even more calm than usual, and makes him think a lot clearer, making him smarter and more capable of planning strategies, i ncontrast to his aggressive other self (Defense Form). his last personality change makes him manipulative and mean. He will not hesitate to sell you out unless he feels it's not Worth it. This is the personality that Team Shadow encourage in order to make the best out of him as a Team Shadow member. (Speed Form)

    History: Ridley was a Young kid With quite a bit of troubles throughout his early life. He was born into a wealthy Family that lived in a Penthouse appartment in Veilstone City, With a good view towards the sea, and the meteorites the city was known for. Ridley grew up pretty much like every other kid, but ht was different. during his early life in kindergarden, his parents were informed that he showed unnatural behaviour, and that she was concerned for how Things was going at home. This scared his parents, that knew that everything was normal at home. and could not understand what was going on With him. He did sometimes show signs of "humanity", but mostly in the form of outrages, what they decided to Call "Thinking mode", which they liked the best, as he did extremely well on homework like that, and at last, being full of energy. His parents even concidered giving him a AD-HD test, to be sure, but it was of no use. Nobody could figure exactly what was wrong With the Young Schade boy, or the weird color changing necklace of his.

    Ridley had, unlike pretty much everyone else, nothing against the rules that Team Shadow made when they took over Sinnoh. Just og With the flow, and everything wil lwork out. Ridley was a distant guy during High School, and he was pretty fast labeled as an outsider, making him popular among bullies. This was also because he was a smart guy, and for some reason, bullies dislike Smarties. He struggled through being called names and physically assaulted, until one day when his personalitychanges stroke again, and he brutally attacked his "main bully" With an iron pipe. This incident made Team Shadow aware of him, and in evil teams, lonely nobodies that show excellent skills With beating People up score high on their ranks. They doon contacted his parents, who was too scared to do anything against them. They simply just took Ridley With them and put him in one of their training camps.

    In Team Shadows training camp, Ridley showed to be very skilled at a wast variety of whatever they were doing, and they recruited him full time when he turned 16. From being bullied by Team Shadow-influenced People in School, he was now one of the bullies. This affected his "normal" personality to become just a bit more self-centered and Cold, though he didn't show it. At some point during his training, Ridley had caught a Ralts. Team Shadow had a rather cruel way of treating Pokemon, but Ridley never got infected With that behaviour, and the two bonded over the darkness that now was the world. Ralts seemed to understand whatever emotional mess Ridley was, and he became his first true friend.

    Nowdays, Ridley is just working for Team Shadow, doing high ranked work due to his apparent oblivious nature, and relaxing on Cold dark days in the meteorite park With Ralts, trying to understand the chaos inside him that always seem to creep up on him.

    Other: Ridley can communicate telepathically With other Psychic-Type Pokemon and trainers. His last name is german for 'Pity', fitting for a troubled kid. He's also very skilled at a variety of martial arts that he learnt from Team Shadow


    Name: Chrona
    Species: Kirlia
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Chrona is a calm and collected Pokemon that blindly obeys whatever Ridley tells him to do. He shares a strong bond With his trainer, and trust him With his life. Chrona is also a very proud Pokemon, and he doesn't Accept defeat, hanging on until the very end. He gets really mad when he lose, and he often blame tohers than himself in order to protect his pride
    Other: Sometimes Space out.

    The other SUs will be in a post after this one. Because Serebii doesn't want me posting 62900 characters. (Jeez, serebii, I can't post under 10 characters, and now you tell me no more than 50000? ... NM, under 50000 sounds fair.)
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    Sketchie it's about the CUBES


    Name: Ian Blackwood
    Age: 17
    Legendary: Genesect
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Celestic Town

    Appearance: Steel grey hair is the most notable thing about Ian at first glance. The next would be his deep red eyes, and perfectly emotionless face. His skin is a bizarre off-white grey color, best described as ashen, and is completely unblemished by scars and the like. Weighing in at under over one hundred and eighty pounds, yet standing almost six and half feet tall, Ian has a very slim build. Despite that, his body is all muscle, much like dancer, runner and martial artist.

    Grey’s and blacks make up Ian’s clothing, most of which is designed to allow from greatest freedom of movement. Black combat boots and pants are staples of Ian’s wardrobe. A long sleeved grey shirt covered by a black leather jacket is Ian’s usual garb, although he sometimes adds gloves and a second jacket under his leather one if the weather is cold or a blizzard is in place, generally he doesn’t wear the extra clothing.

    Personality: Ian is a born hunter and killer. He revels in the chase, stalking his prey before killing them. Now, he isn’t a serial killer, and generally his prey is actually going to end up as his dinner, and no he isn’t a cannibal either. That said, he will often stalk and occasionally kill members of Team Shadow, depending on his whims at that point in time.

    Living in the frozen wastes around the Spear Pillar has made Ian very self reliant, he is quite capable of living off the land, and has done nothing for his already lacking social skills. Almost not interaction with actually people for nearly five years means that Ian, socially at least, is on the level of maybe a thirteen year old. He doesn’t trust easily, and has very little understanding of many of his emotions, which he tends to, shut away because they are a liability when trying to survive. To that end, Ian can also be somewhat amoral, seemingly not caring what happens to those around him as long as he lives.

    During the few times Ian has met a real person, he is cool, keeping his distance from them, and never letting people come within three feet of him if he can help it. Physical contact with Ian will likely get you hurt, as will surprising him.

    History: Ian was his parent’s only child. As a boy, he was always fascinated with Mt. Cornet, and as soon as he was able, he would sneak off to explore the mountain at every opportunity. By the time he was ten, Ian knew the layout of the bottom few levels of the mountain by heart.

    Ian never really got along well with kids his own age, mostly because he seemed to be hyper developed in some areas, and massively underdeveloped in others. For instance, Ian from the start seemed to have an innate understand of hunting and killing, while he sucked at socializing. Ian’s grades were always good, not amazing, but good, however he never really made any friends. In fact, almost everyone avoided Ian in school. Neither Ian nor his peers could explain this, but Ian didn’t really care, as his interests didn’t coincide with theirs and he mostly found them annoying.

    When Ian was twelve, a pair of men came knocking on the door. His father approached him, telling him that he needed to run and hide somewhere. Confused, Ian grabbed his backpack and snuck out the window, before running to Mt. Cornet. Unsure exactly what was happening, Ian moved into the upper levels of the mountain, places he as yet had never explored. Finally reaching a snowy plain near the summit, Ian set up a small camp, and decided to wait for his parents to come. They never did.

    From then on, Ian lived within the mountain, as when he would sneak into the town, Team Shadow members were crawling around his house, and apparently looking for him for some reason. Living high up on Mt. Cornet was hard, and during the first year and half, Ian spent a good few nights freezing and hungry. Eventually Ian found a cave near the Spear Pillar he could live in, and learned to hunt for food atop the mountain, instead of having to sneak into homes and steal to survive.

    During the following years, Ian would occasionally travel down the mountain to acquire clothing from Eterna City, or to stalk various Team Shadow members. He also spent a great deal of time trying, and virtually failing to get his father’s only Pokémon, a Volcarona, to listen to him. Generally however, this didn’t end well.

    Despite the fact that Team Shadow is no longer looking for him, Ian still hides on the mountain, as that has become his life now.

    Other: He is skilled in martial arts and most forms of combat

    Part Two: Pokemon
    Name: Abigale
    Species: Volcarona
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Abigale is at best an egotist. She has little respect for others, and getting her to respect you is a long arduous process. Her ego is something of a defining trait, and has only evolved to become worse and worse as she got older. She is also very prideful, and this is much of what keeps her and Ian from getting along well.
    Other: Abigale doesn’t listen to Ian, despite the fact she has a fair amount of respect for him, as she feels it would be disgraceful to let someone who is only 17 give her orders.

    Part One: Human
    Name: Snö
    Legendary: Regice
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Snowpoint City

    Appearance: Snö stands at roughly 5 ft. 11”, a somewhat tall height, and weights in roughly at 145 lbs. His skin tone is a light, creamy color that can look ashen in certain lighting situations. His skin isn’t perfect, though. On his arms you can see multiple scars, either from self-inflicted wounds, or from accidents, something that had seemed to gravitate towards him. He also has a giant burn scar that’s running down his back. His face also isn’t devoid of anything, as if one looks closely; they can see burn marks on his left eye. His hair color is a sort of an icy blue coloring, though to some it can be seen more onto the edge of white. He keeps his hair short and jagged, as his bags look like a wave of small icicles than one solid line. Snö’s eyes are a bright yellow color, and can be like the sun to some in coloring, but they look in them is anything but warmth and happiness. His voice is a rugged, ticked off one; it’s of medium deepness, roughly around Kaito from Vocaloid’s deepness. He also has a scent of raspberries, blood, and burnt dire about him. It’s certainly repugnant, but it’s also distinct.

    For his cloths, he is very distinct. First of all he wears a set of goggles that seems almost impossible to see through. They’re the same color as his air, and are only able to be seen through one way, making it almost impossible to see his eyes. They have the pattern of Regice’s dots on them, even more of significance that he was Regice. The goggles aren’t connected to his head by a strap, instead the function much like glasses, as in he can take them off and fold the ends together for storage. Though, they aren’t used to help enhance his vision, more of the hide his left eye burn and help him see in the dark. He wears a jacket that’s of a light blue hue, and has a design of snowflakes falling down into it. It’s a hoodie, and he commonly has his hood on, giving him a sort of delinquent aura. Under his jacket is a black short made out of cotton. There’s nothing special about his shirt, it’s just a simple black tee. His pants are darker colored blue jeans. The pair of jeans reaches just past his ankles, but it doesn’t obstruct his way when he is walking or running. His shoes are Wingull brand tennis shoes, with a light blue coloration, and the laces a snow white. The aglets of his laces are in the shapes of a Wingull’s beak. On his left arm is his X-Transceiver, which is a limited addition Cryoganol version, which has a motif of Cryogonal. Besides that he doesn’t really carry anything else, well, besides a small backpack when he’s hiking or having to get a surplus of supplies

    Personality: For his personality, Sno is as mysterious as his origins. He doesn’t really speak much at all, unless it is for warnings or when he has to talk, which is pretty often, for his annoyance. Though, it’s not that he doesn’t like talking, it’s just that normally he talks with people who doesn’t have an understanding of the world like he has. Thus, he doesn’t talk much, preferring to think over things and only speaks when he has to. This sort of way of speaking has made him an outcast at trainer’s school, and he really doesn’t have much friends.

    He is a sort of fatherly figure to children, despite his intimidating looks. He always tries to take care of children, as they are what make the world in the future. He is often in his orphanage teaching the children when he isn’t alone or helping the orphanage in question. Snö will often take the kids outside to look around town, when they are allowed to, though he also takes them out into town when they aren’t allowed to, as he feels like they need to learn that rules don’t bind them.

    He also likes to hike in Mt. Coronet for weeks at a time, just to get rid of all of the stress he has and think about things. He always hikes there once a year, ever since he was twelve, as it’s a safe haven for him. He often makes his way towards Spear Pillar, and then makes camp there for a week and just take a break from the world. He feels like a guardian of the world when he’s at the peak, and he just washes away the worries of his past there.

    He is addicted to Raspberries, as they are his favorite food. He is often found growing them in Berry Pots, and makes sure they try to survive the harsh weather of Snowpoint City. He is also like this for children and Pokémon, as the snow is often deep in areas, and the city isn’t as well developed due to its permanent winter.

    While he seems like a generally nice guy, he isn’t necessarily. While he’s kind to children, he is still harsh on them; trying to make sure they learn from their mistakes and try to take a better path. He also isn’t quick to kill, if he has to. He doesn’t like killing, or even hurting people, but if he has to protect people than he must kill.

    He also has a fear of fire, due to his past. He’s always cautious when around fire, and he only uses it when he has to. This fear has been a burden to him when he’s hiking, but overall he doesn’t really need it, as his goggles help him see a little better in the light less world.

    History: Snö was abandoned as a newborn child in the deep snow by Lake Acuity. He doesn’t remember much of it, and was told about it when he was of reasonable age to be told. He would have frozen to death if the owner of the orphanage found him. For that he was always grateful to her whenever she needed help, and in a sort of way, became like her son.
    Though, besides her kindness, Sno seemed to have a heightened sense of what was happening in the world around him. When he was at the age of five, he started to go out on his own to explorer the area around the orphanage. IT was just previous trecks around the site, though he started to run errands. This, however, has made him pay the price.

    At the age of 10, Team Shadow operatives laid siege on the orphanage, thinking that it was holding criminals. They started to burn the place down, and Sno was awake when it happened. If he wasn’t, his fate could have been different. He woke everyone up and tried to have them escape, and he was lucky enough to get everyone out safely, though not unscathed. When he was caught by the operatives, he agreed to be held captive in exchange for everyone’s safety. He was often tortured with fire, and it lead to the two burn marks he had.

    When he was twelve, he had the thought to escape, and in fact was able to escape captivity. Though, he wasn’t fully successful, as his body was still in pain from the searing flames. He was able to make it out, but he ended up having to sleep for a long while. When he staggered back to the orphanage, he found a new one was built. When he knocked on the door, it was the same woman who took care of him before. At first she looked at him weird, but after a while she broke down and cried with joy, just as Sno collapsed into her arms.

    After he got rested up, he started his yearly tradition of going to Mt. Coronet. He needed to think about everything he went through, and the many things that still left him questioning. He also started growing his raspberries, and got his more mature outlook on life. When he got back from the mountain, he vowed to protect the children, and educate them, and he slowly did. He also started to act like a silent watch for Snowpoint, making sure no one had to suffer his pain. Also, while in the mountain, he found a Pokémon egg. That Pokémon hatched into his beloved Snover.

    Other: Nothing else.

    Part Two: Pokemon

    Name: Ent

    Species: Snover

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Ent is a shy, quiet Pokémon who trusts Sno with more than his life. He is often shown close to Sno, and is a little too protective of his master. He also can get a little timid at times, trying to get out of dangerous situations, until Sno gets hurt.

    Even though he’s a quiet one, Ent is a massive Yandere for Sno, if it wasn’t obvious enough. If he ever sees Sno hurt, or even a possible love interest to Sno close to them, he will go berserk. He has help taken down some Team Shadow Grunts from this rage, but most of the time Sno just calms him down.

    He also seems to get sick often, most likely due to all of the pollution that has been in the air. Due to this, his ability doesn’t activate as often as it should, but it’s a good thing, as it would raise suspicion of sudden hailstorms in certain areas. Thus Ent can be out more often than regular Snover.

    Other: His berries grow more often than usual, but the pollution in the air and almost no sunlight has made them bitter instead of sweet.

    Part One: Human
    Name: Sam Hunter
    Age: 17
    Legendary: Entei
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Sunnyshore City

    Appearance: Sam stands at an unspectacular 5'2", and she's very uncomfortable about her height, I wouldn't bring it up if I were you. However, her weight is very well maintained and in perfect proportion with small height; putting her overall weight at a lovely 124 pounds. Although she's certainly not defenceless and I wouldn't exactly start a fight with her, she's a little scrapper. She has a feminine face, and would most likely be considered a cute or pretty female. Although she prefers not to talk with such words. Her cute cream coloured skin is only blemished with a few select freckles, which can only be seen when talking directly face to face with the girl. Her eyes are very bright, they've been announced as hazel, although Sam prefers to think of them as a lovely blazing orange, almost like a fire. Sam's hair is more like a mane than hair, it's very long and blows freely in the wind. However the young girl has always had trouble taming her wild beast of hair. It's brown in colour and usually messy at the top and sides, although it hands down in two perfectly straight sections that go down past her breasts. At the back, it goes down to around her buttocks area, making it so she's able to sit on her hair when she sits down. She tends to wear two earrings that are mid sized and point out like two large red fins.

    For clothing, Sam isn't exactly a spectical to behold. She likes to wear clothes that are comfortable, yet fashionable, and her style seems to gravitate more to the hipster side of things now a days. She tends to wear a brown plaid shirt, with the plaid being in tones of white and grey, along with this she wears a beige under shirt, allowing her to not have to button up the plaid shirt. She rather enjoys wearing her clothes like this, she finds it gives her a certain sense of freedom. With these she wears grey tights, these cling to her legs and show off her skinny, yet muscular calves and thighs. Her shoes are a light grey converse, one of which has a small hole that is slowly beginning to grow by the toe. She also tends to wear two metal bracelets on each of her wrists, both of which usually get covered by the plaid shirt's sleeves.

    Personality: Sam is bold. She's always willing to put up a fight if you endanger her or one of her friends, don't let her small size fool you, she's actually rather tough. She tends to be sarcastic and witty, having an almost cocky tone in her voice 60% of the time. She's also a very strong leader, finding it easy for her to lead a group, and having great ease with finding her true place in a new group of people. She's never exactly had a problem fitting in, which is odd considering she's actually rather weird when you truly get to know her. She enjoys random trivia, long walks alone, music, and reading. Sam can be a little too pushy at times, however she is rather good at taking criticism, and if you find her to be a little too 'in your face' it's probably best to tell her. She likes getting things done and tends to be very hasty, especially when it's something she's anxious or excited about.

    Her wit and tongue get her into trouble very often. Well, it's the second most common thing that gets her into trouble, the first being her curiosity. Sam always wants to explore for things, thinking that if she explores hard and deep enough she could probably find some sort of treasure or ultimate goal she's been looking for. She's very quick on her feet and usually manages to outrun anyone, or anything that tries to stop her from doing what she loves. She's sociable, although don't bring up cats, pop music, and guns. For one, she hates cats, finding herself to be more of a dog person. Two, pop music drives her INSANE, give her some good indie music and she'll be pleased. And finally, guns are her number one fascination, and she will not shut up about them if you mention them.

    History: Sam was born to an above average family in the well-off, or rich side of Sunnyshore city. Her father was a rather successful businessman, and her mother was a regular house saleswoman. This meant that Sam was usually left alone in her overall large house, with little to entertain such a curious and adventurous girl. Like any young girl would do in her case, she snuck out. Wanting to see what the world around her home held for her. She climbed trees, ran around barefoot, and really just had the time of her life. She did this for many years, until she was approached. The people that approached her seemed... off. Even for a girl of her age, the asked if she had seen a girl named Sam. Realizing that they were looking for her, she lied, saying that Sam, or rather Samantha was her older sister who had left home in search of a better life. The men believed the girl's knack for lying and quick wit and left her alone.

    When Sam told her parents of the encounter they explained Team Shadow to her, she was surprised that people could be that cruel. Sam's parents thought it best to get the girl a protector, or companion. They bought her a dog Growlithe, and told the girl it was all hers. She named him Becharde and the Growlithe has since then never been seen without the girl by his side.

    Other: She has a medium sized tattoo of a cloud on her upper back. Her voice is also quite similar to Amy Pond's from Doctor Who.

    Part Two: Pokemon
    Name: Becharde
    Species: Growlithe
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Becharde, or Bec has been with Sam since she was a wee girl. She adores the little dog Pokemon and will do anything to please him, often giving him treats when no one is looking. Becharde is also very VERY loyal and loving to his master, he will fight off anyone who threatens her. Although, behind closed doors her is a complete suck and will usually scratch at Sam's leg's until she picks him up, only to then bury himself in her shoulder and cuddle with her.
    Moves: Flame Wheel, Fire Fang, Reversal, Morning Sun.

    Part One: Human

    Name: Zane Kreiger
    Age: 17
    Legendary: Kyurem
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Eterna City

    Appearance: Zane stands at about 5’6”, making him a bit shorter than average, but his bulk makes up for it. His stocky frame looks like fat from far away, but a closer look reveals he’s 175 pounds of muscle. His head is rather square-ish, and he has a slightly large jaw. His skin is an odd sort of tan, with some patches that are a bit darker than the rest. His skin is also incredibly rough and dry, and no amount of moisturizing cream can fix that.

    Zane’s hair is shaggy and ice blue, with an odd blonde patch in the center that runs down the back of his head. He has brilliant golden eyes, which can look rather eerie in the darkness. His thick eyebrows are also ice blue and very expressive.

    Zane has a very simple taste in clothing, as he doesn’t care much for extravagance, nor how he looks to others. He’s always wearing something gray, if not all gray. He’ll most often wear a gray muscle shirt, gray sweatpants, gray socks, and gray sneakers. The only color in this wardrobe of gray is the ice blue of the armbands he likes to wear on his forearms.

    Personality: Zane usually has a very calm temperament; it takes a lot to get a strong reaction out of him. He doesn’t usually say much, but when he has a strong opinion on something that’s important he doesn’t hesitate to voice it. Some would even go so far as to say that he lacks emotion, but he simply chooses not to share his feelings. He is incredibly stubborn and thick-headed about his decisions, and hates when someone questions his judgment without reason. Even though he’s withdrawn, he’s still friendly to other people he meets. He is very athletic, but a little below-average on the intelligence scale. He also likes to take walks in Eterna Forest and explore, and can often spend entire days in there.

    However, when Zane is around his friends, his personality is altered quite a bit. He becomes a lot more energetic and talkative, even willing to be the center of attention. He’s always willing to try new things, and would much rather be outside than stay in. While he would normally stand up for those being wronged, when it comes to his friends, he forgives no one who crosses them, and will do anything to help them. Rather than logic, he now lets his emotions take precedence when making his decisions. In short, Zane completely comes out of his shell when there’s at least one person around he knows.

    History: Zane was born to an average family of decent financial status, living in the Eterna Condominiums. He is an only child, so his parents encouraged him to socialize with others from a young age. There weren’t many others his age in Eterna, but he became fast and close friends with those who were. He enjoyed going into the forest and playing games with his friends, and after several months of exploration, knows the whole forest like the back of his hand. However, one day, when he was eleven years old, he and his friends were seen by some Team Shadow patrols in the forest. Because of the distance away and the darkness, they were mistaken for rebels and shot at. Zane luckily escaped with his life, but one of his friends wasn’t so lucky. After that incident, the parents of all the kids involved forbade them from going into the forest for safety reasons. They still hung out outside occasionally, but it was never the same.

    From being kept inside and away from his friends so often, Zane grew quite depressed, so after a while his parents decided to get him a Pokemon to cheer him up. They at first tried to get him all sorts of cute Pokemon like Pikachu, etc, but Zane would have none of it. He wanted a better match for his personality, and he didn’t find it for quite a while. This all changed when his neighbor, renowned for underground travel throughout Sinnoh and beyond, heard of his Zane’s plight, and gave him an Egg that he promised he would love. Zane was skeptical, but also very curious, so he accepted graciously. It was when he was fourteen when the Egg hatched, and out popped a Druddigon. Zane was completely overjoyed to see it, and named it Leben, meaning “life” in German. With his new friend by his side, Zane was relieved of his depression. He even snuck out to explore in Eterna Forest, for with his Druddigon by his side, he was afraid of nothing.

    Other: His last name means “warrior” in German. He loves rock music, and has a strange addiction to Dragonfruit.

    Part Two: Pokemon

    Name: Leben
    Species: Druddigon
    Gender: Male

    Personality: Leben is completely loyal to Zane, and will never leave his side unless ordered. He and Zane share a bond and know each other very well. He is calm, but doesn’t hesitate to show signs of affection to Zane and others who Zane trusts. However, he’ll growl at those Zane doesn’t know to attempt to ward them off.

    Other: Leben has a monstrous appetite. He knows the moves Dragon Claw, Revenge, Night Slash, and Glare.
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