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Honor [Discussion]

Discussion in 'RPG Café' started by Sketchie, Nov 24, 2015.

  1. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    Honor -- Discussion Thread
    PG-15 for Violence // v2 of an older roleplay of mine.
    [SU] . [RP Thread]

    Approved by Psychic.​

    hallelu, this is finally up.

    The year is 2033. Each pokemon game events have taken place in the years they were released.

    In past years, evil organizations have always been present, trying to overthrow balance and take over in their region. And with every organization, there is a trainer who won't stand for it. That trainer rises through the ranks, fighting battle after battle until they find their way to the top. In an epic battle, that one trainer rises above his opponent, disbanding the evil organization and saving the day.

    But what if that trainer failed?

    In the year 2015, a Team Shadow was born. They worked in secret underground bases in each region. They started to appear in each region early 2016. The one trainer from each region who had defeated the evil in their own region decided together to take Shadow on like they took their other teams. The six trainers started their war against Shadow, and in the beginning, it looked as if the six trainers had the upper hand and were to defeat Team Shadow. But in late 2016, the war was still going, and Team Shadow started to rise. One by one, each trainer fell. And one by one, each region fell to Shadow. First fell Kalos and Unova, then Hoenn, then Johto, then Kanto, then lastly Sinnoh.

    Team Shadow had control over every city in each region, and they made quite a few changes. There were guards constantly patrolling the streets, factories making supplies for the Shadow, and a curfew was set up- no one could be out after 9:00 without proper permission.

    And there was no natural light- the sun never rose anymore.

    In the dimensional plane of the Gods...

    "Children, I have called you here to discuss the turmoil that the world is in." At the head of a grand table sat a man appearing to be in his early twenties, yet his hair a stark white. He looked up and down the table, ensuring everyone was seated in their correct position. A meeting of the Gods. They happened often, but Arceus himself had called an emergency meeting.

    A girl sitting close by Arceus sighed. She twirled her long, navy hair, using her other hand to push a silver tiara higher on her head. "Please, Arceus, we all know who is to blame."

    Arceus raised an eyebrow. "I didn’t call you here to place blame on one person or another. Dialga, care to explain?"

    "Gladly." Dialga stood up. She scanned the table, until her eyes fell on a young man, dressed entirely in black, contrasting pure white hair. "Darkrai, this is your doing, I believe. No one else could have caused this mess."

    The young man flinched, furrowing his brow. "Dialga, I've tried to destroy the world twice. I've learned my lesson. I'm done."

    "A world full of darkness, taking away sweet Ho-oh's job of raising the sun, rendering Lugia's job of raising the moon pointless." Dialga smirked, throwing her hair behind her shoulder. "Isn't it what you've always wanted?"

    "Maybe once upon a time, but I would never--"

    "Don't you see him grovel like that, Arceus?" Dialga asked sweetly, turning towards Arceus. "All the evidence points to him. I say we... eliminate him, let him live in the world he so desperately wants."

    Arceus glanced over at Darkrai. "You do make sense, and I believe his first attack was your tower... you're right, all the evidence does point to him--"

    "What evidence!?" A voice shot from the crowd.

    The table erupted in argument, voices shouting left and right. It became clear, however, that few were on Darkrai's side. Mewtwo, Jirachi, Giratina, Deoxys, Xerneas, Regice, Kyurem and Entei were the only ones defending Darkrai. Verbal attacks flew across the table, until a shriek pierced through the heavens.

    Arceus stood directly behind Darkrai, his golden sword plunged through Darkrai's stomach. "I've heard enough. Speak all you'd like, but it won't make a difference. You are banished to Earth until further notice." He sliced upwards, pulling his sword out when he hit Darkrai's collarbone. With trembling hands and shaky gasps, Darkrai gingerly touched his wound, a horrified expression washing over his face.

    Cresselia rushed to his side as Darkrai collapsed onto his knees. "W-what have you done?" she sputtered, struggling not to break into tears. "You, you've killed my brother!"

    "And if you don't shut up, you'll join him," Arceus hissed, glaring at Cresselia. His glance shifted to the eight gods who defended Darkrai. "Expect the same fate for you. No one causes disorder like this and lives."

    And with that, Arceus disbanded the meeting, and sent the eight to a holding cell to be executed at a later time.

    Cresselia was horrified. Her brother brutally murdered, and now even more to follow. She took solace in that she knew they would all be reborn as humans, able to regain their godhood at a later date. With some of the other gods who were too afraid to speak against Arceus hatched a plan. On the eve of their seventeenth birthday, a birthday they would all share, one by one Cresselia would tap into their dreams and inform them of their true identities. From there, she would inform them of a way to regain their godhood, and dismantle Team Shadow. It was risky, for both the fallen and divine alike, but they knew it would be the only choice.

    You are one of these eight pokemon. Mewtwo, Jirachi, Giratina, Deoxys, Xerneas, Regice, Kyurem, or Entei. You were born in a different city in the Sinnoh region, to a nice family (rare for the times, but Cresselia was able to make it happen). You have no idea you are a legendary pokemon. However, as the weeks lead up to your 17th birthday you've noticed... odd things. You seem to have some sort of power, as if you're supernatural. For example, Darkrai might (accidentally) have found he can shoot orbs of dark energy from his hands, or Mewtwo moving things with his mind. While heavily suppressed due to your human form, these are manifestations of your true power.

    Some extra information, revealed either through the SU or Almighty G[od]M: Most of the gyms are still standing and operable, however due to strict rule taking the league challenge is nigh impossible as you would expect. Unlike game canon, there are contest halls littered around Sinnoh, all still in use. Contests are quite popular to watch, as they bring a little light and sparkle to the bleakness of everyday life. There are Team Shadow supply bases everywhere, and administrative bases in every city, four major ones being in Jubilife, Eterna, Hearthome, and Sunnyshore. It is rumored the "big boss" resides in the administrative base in Veilstone. Though, no one has actually seen the big boss. Some aren’t even sure he exists.

    An important mechanic in this world: Legendary pokemon (basically gods) have both a pokemon form and a human form. They can do pretty much whatever they want with their forms (e.g. Palkia sometimes likes to look a girl sometime a boy, Dialga is almost always a girl, Arceus is male, etc), as well as go from pokemon form to humanoid form as they please. Due to the selected legendaries' banishment, they are stuck in one humanoid form. This will be used as other legendaries will likely show up as Relatively Important NPCs. Gods are functionally immortal -- old age and illness will not affect them, nor will being poisoned, or lack of oxygen, food, or water. They have a heightened recovery speed and heightened strength/endurance. But they can still be killed. If a god suffers a fatal injury, they will die. A few moments after death, their body will turn to dust. When this happens, however, they will be born on earth as a human, without memory of being a god. On their eighteenth birthday (or if they die before then), they are taken to Arceus to be judged. If they have lived good lives, their godhood and memory are restored. If not, they are killed again, and the cycle begins itself over.

    1. Follow SPPF rules (duh).
    2. This is PG-15, people, let's keep it that way.
    3. A reserve will be held for two weeks.
    4. At the beginning, only one pokemon is allowed with the character, preferably the type the character representing the legendary is but it doesn't have to be. I'd say base evolution, 1st evolution at most.
    6. No godmodding, or making your character insanely-powerful, or making a Mary-Sue.
    7. Please attempt to be active. I have faith we can take this one pretty far, especially since we're all pretty experienced, inactivity is really our only threat.

    Darkrai: Jason Parker // Canalave City // Sketchie (mr angsty angst)
    Mewtwo: Maxim "Max" Lapidus // Jubilife City // Tangeh (angst, now with a side of edgy)
    Jirachi: Gwen Jerica // Jubilife City // HM02gon (magical girl who won't break out even with stage makeup. lucky.)
    Giratina: Valentina Araw // Canalave City // TheCharredDragon (winner of the Relatively Angst Free award)
    Deoxys: Ezekiel "Zeke" Nova // Veilstone City // Lost™ (aka space core) Status: Deceased
    Xerneas: Aryll Cervus // Celestic Town // Mogar (miss angsty angst) Status: Captured, unknown.
    Regice: Eirik Olavson // Snowpoint City // Schade (current holder of the Precious Cinnamon Roll title of the group)
    Entei: Eli Carter // Solaceon Town // Shampoo Thief (bite: he can bite you.)
    Kyurem: Kyle Uriah Remington // Snowpoint City // Monster Guy (a pun? in my roleplay? it's more likely than you think.)

    Cresselia: Deceased
    Dialga: Alive, unknown position.

    Other Important Information
    Available Pokemon Route by Route

    Sandgem Town
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2016
  2. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    So, since I'm pretty sure all of us have posted now, what next? Do we continue with the day before or will we get a jump ahead?
  3. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    I'm hoping Eirik will talk to Kyle, but I don't think much will come of that conversation, so I don't mind if we jump ahead.

    REAL DADS Shampoo Thief

    II'd prefer jumping ahead. I'm alone in Solaceon so I don't really have much to do at the moment
  5. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    EDIT: Wow, by the time I get this up, three people have already posted. I'm good at this.

    ALRIGHT SO time to get this rp MOVING. So, I made mention of a dream, on the night before their seventeenth birthday, where Cresselia will show up and TALK. So. It's time for the Almighty GM to expound further. I will let you be writing Cresselia, because I trust you all, so let me write up a very very simplistic character sheet for her.

    Name: Cresselia
    Legendary: Legitimately Cresselia, God of Good Dreams
    Gender: Female usually

    Appearance: Cresselia is tall and willowy. She stands about 5'8", and has very little curvature. Her skin is pale without blemish. She has long, pale blonde, wavy hair, with short bangs in the front and the rest cascading down her back. She has large, expressive eyes that are a vibrant shade of pink, and very long eyelashes. She has a small nose, and pale pink lips. Her countenance just looks regal and stretched -- she has a long neck, long, delicate fingers, a long neck... she just feels taller than she really is.

    Being a goddess (and one over dreams no less), she dresses elegantly with an ethereal air to her. She wears a golden circlet atop her head, with a bright pink stone set nicely on her forehead. She has a long, powder blue and pale yellow toga with a long train trailing behind her. Tied around her waist is a pink silk ribbon, its tails long enough to reach the train. Attached from her upper arms to her wrists are pink silk streamers. She often walks barefoot.

    Personality: Cresselia is soft-spoken, and doesn't particularly like making a fuss. She speaks very clearly and eloquently, but she's quick to the point she's making and doesn't like to go around a subject. She is very concerned about other's safety and well being, and dislikes contention. She would have stood up for Darkrai, but with all the contention going on around her she was petrified until it was too late. She cries easily, and isn't fond of getting yelled at. But, she has a pure heart and good intentions, and with her brother gone she feels the need to stop hiding behind her brother and start standing up for herself before it grows too late again.

    She is actually Cresselia. Very very strong psychic powers, very very strong dream capabilities. Often dances while using said capabilities.

    There are at least three things the dream needs to cover, four if you'd like. The first is Cresselia must inform them of who they truly are, the second is the circumstances, and the third is how to meet up with darkrai. if you would like to reveal why your character spoke up against arceus, you may include that here but it is not necessary. If your character wishes to ask Cresselia anything, come take your question to me (through PM preferably), and I will give you Cresselia's answer.

    Now, something that does need discussion is the meeting place. All of these characters (preferably) will be meeting at Newmoon Island, but the question is, how do they get there? Teleportation, that's how! So here's the thing. Would you rather have to go the closest lake (Verity, Valor, or Acuity) and meet with the emotion trio, who will escort the group to Newmoon Island, or would you rather have a teleportation spot nearby activated by touch? You can discuss amongst yourselves, but when you'd like to say "yes hello i want to do this one" please PM me. Preferably, I'd like this done relatively soon so we can get things moving. I will inform you of which side won, and then we can progress to Dream Sequences.

    Preferably, I'd like to go with the lakes, though either one works.
  6. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Hmm, alright, after digesting that information, I'm much more a fan of the instant teleportation. While the lakes are a good idea for some characters, it's going to take a lot longer for others to get to their desired location. I rather get to the point where we start getting interactions within the cast so we can get friendships started and more drive into the plot.
  7. Tangeh

    Tangeh Well-Known Member

    At the same time though, dividing it into three lakes could form some more intimate groups before everybody gets piled into one place. It'd be roughly even - four of us are closest to Verity, two to Valor, two to Acuity, then Mogar's character could choose between Valor and Acuity to bump one up to three because she's smack in-between them on a map. Although I can see this dragging on and adding unnecessary fluff so... really I'm good either way.

    REAL DADS Shampoo Thief

    Seeing as it's just for teleporting us to our starting point, I say we keep them close rather than traveling to the lakes, unless we want to make our travel down to one post so we can go ahead and get the show on the road. I could have Eli teleport for the Solaceon ruins.
  9. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Although I'd be a fan of the lakes for meeting the emotion trio I'm going to have to agree with the others at this point and go for the insta-transport, mostly just to allow things to move by faster and get everyone acquainted with each other. Mostly because I'd really like to get things going rather than have a few travelling posts. Ie; the killers of some RPGs
  10. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    Same. If nothing else, they'll likely recognize each other later. They are from the same tiny town after all.
  11. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    I'm good either way. Then again, being in Snowpoint, the closest lake is not very far. xD
  12. HM02gon

    HM02gon Waiting...

    Honestly, if we add the travel to the lakes, we might suffer from lack-of-action boredom and quit. I've been in numerous RPs (outside of here) where there's too much exposition, and the action doesn't get started for a long time, so lets just get to the storyline-I'm for teleportation.
  13. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    Also, I second the idea about teleporting from the lakes.
  14. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    While I understand that travelling posts kill RP's, I really don't expect you to be travelling in groups, so the whole travelling post can get you from city --> lake in one shot. I'm... not entirely sure why it would take you longer than one post, is there some form of time limit to each post?

    Like I said, when you're done deciding, please please PM me. That was I can have a final, for sure count (and also everything stays anonymous). Majority will rule.
  15. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Aren't we gonna have to deal with Team Shadow guards though?
  16. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    There should be patrolling ones, depending on what time of day we do this.
  17. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    Depends on how you go about it. If you're quiet enough, you can sneak past guards. It's possible. The forests and routes aren't guarded very well, but is a little dark, kind of has a pmd-future feel to it if you've ever played pmd time/darkness/sky.
  18. TheCharredDragon

    TheCharredDragon Prince of Thieves

    So... We PM you when each of us make our choice, right? 'cause I'm gonna go for teleportation. Or...after discussing and we have all decided? I'm kind of confused.
  19. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    PM me with your choice, yes. At about midnight tonight, or everyone has voted, whichever comes first, I'll tell you which won and we'll go from there.
  20. HM02gon

    HM02gon Waiting...

    I have almost my entire dream sequence written, I just need to know how we will be getting to the Island so I can finish and post it (will probably be tomorrow)

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