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Honor (Redux) [SU]

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Sketchie, Nov 16, 2015.

  1. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    PG-15 for Violence // v2 of an older roleplay of mine.

    Wow, so this place is dead. Let's see if we can pick it back up, hmm?

    The year is 2033. Each pokemon game events have taken place in the years they were released.

    In past years, evil organizations have always been present, trying to overthrow balance and take over in their region. And with every organization, there is a trainer who won't stand for it. That trainer rises through the ranks, fighting battle after battle until they find their way to the top. In an epic battle, that one trainer rises above his opponent, disbanding the evil organization and saving the day.

    But what if that trainer failed?

    In the year 2015, a Team Shadow was born. They worked in secret underground bases in each region. They started to appear in each region early 2016. The one trainer from each region who had defeated the evil in their own region decided together to take Shadow on like they took their other teams. The 5 trainers started their war against Shadow, and in the beginning, it looked as if the 5 trainers had the upper hand and were to defeat Team Shadow. But in late 2016, the war was still going, and Team Shadow started to rise. One by one, each trainer fell. And one by one, each region fell to Shadow. First fell Unova, then Hoenn, then Johto, then Kanto, then lastly Sinnoh.

    Team Shadow had control over every city in each region, and they made quite a few changes. There were guards constantly patrolling the streets, factories making supplies for the Shadow, and a curfew was set up- no one could be out after 9:00 without proper permission.

    And there was no natural light- the sun never rose anymore.

    In the dimensional plane of the Legendary Pokemon, a meeting was to be held to decide what to do. Being the crisis Team Shadow was, Dialga started to think if one of the other legendaries had started it. Knowing that Darkrai had attempted to destroy the world once, Dialga pinpointed her blame onto him.

    During this one fateful meeting, Dialga started she knew the culprit. She stated it was Darkrai, and he was going to attempt to destroy the world again. Many of the other legends, including Arceus, agreed with Dialga, ignoring Darkrai's protest.

    Dialga proposed that as a punishment, Darkrai would be sent to the Earthly Plane to live in the world he had created. Arceus thought it over for a minute, but then agreed that Darkrai's punishment was fair. However, 8 of the legendaries- Mewtwo, Jirachi, Giratina, Deoxys, Xerneas, Regice, Kyurem, and Entei- stood up for Darkrai, saying no one had any proof that Darkrai was at fault.

    This sent Arceus into a rage. No one had ever questioned Arceus's rule until now. As punishment for speaking out of turn and against the final judgement, the 7 pokemon would be sent down as humans with Darkrai. He also added on to the original punishment, adding that they will be separated out across the Sinnoh region, and that their memories will be wiped out. They will be born as a human children, all on the same day.

    Cresselia was horrified. She knew Team Shadow wasn't Darkrai's doing, but she was too afraid to speak out against Arceus. The day the 8 pokemon were to be banished, Cresselia was able to talk to the eight. The told them that on their 17th birthday, she would be able to restore their memories of who they were, and could give them a dream on where to meet with each other. Cresselia told them that they are the only ones who can take Team Shadow down, and they have to prove their innocence and bring each region to peace.

    You are one of these seven pokemon. Mewtwo, Jirachi, Giratina, Deoxys, Xerneas, Regice, Kyurem, or Entei. You were born in a different city in the Sinnoh region, to a nice family (rare for the times, but Cresselia was able to make it happen). You have no idea you are a legendary pokemon. However, as the weeks lead up to your 17th birthday you've noticed... odd things. You seem to have some sort of power, as if you're supernatural. For example, Darkrai might (accidentally) have found he can shoot orbs of dark energy from his hands, or Mewtwo moving things with his mind. While heavily suppressed due to your human form, these are manifestations of your true power.

    1. Follow SPPF rules (duh).
    2. This is PG-15, people, let's keep it that way.
    3. A reserve will be held for two weeks.
    4. At the beginning, only one pokemon is allowed with the character, preferably the type the character representing the legendary is but it doesn't have to be. I'd say base evolution, 1st evolution at most.
    6. No godmodding, or making your character insanely-powerful, or making a Mary-Sue.
    7. Please attempt to be active...

    Sign-Up Sheet
    [U][B]Part One: Human[/B][/U]
    - [I]Move One:[/I] Description
    - [I]Move Two:[/I] Description
    - [I]Move Three:[/I] Description
    - [I]Move Four:[/I] Description
    [U][B]Part Two: Pokemon[/B][/U]
    - Move One
    - Move Two
    - Move Three
    - Move Four
    [B]Part Three: RP Sample[/B]
    [SPOILER=RP Sample/Title of RP Sampled]Text Goes Here[/SPOILER]
    Darkrai: Jason Parker // Canalave City // Sketchie (mr angsty angst)
    Mewtwo: Maxim "Max" Lapidus // Jubilife City // Tangeh (angst, now with a side of edgy)
    Jirachi: Gwen Jerica // Jubilife City // HM02gon (magical girl who won't break out even with stage makeup. lucky.)
    Giratina: Valentina Araw // Canalave City // TheCharredDragon (winner of the Relatively Angst Free award)
    Deoxys: Ezekiel "Zeke" Nova // Veilstone City // Lost™ (aka space core)
    Xerneas: Aryll Cervus // Celestic Town // Mogar (miss angsty angst)
    Regice: Eirik Olavson // Snowpoint City // Schade (current holder of the Precious Cinnamon Roll title of the group)
    Entei: Eli Carter // Solaceon Town // Shampoo Thief (bite: he can bite you.)
    Kyurem: Kyle Uriah Remington // Snowpoint City // Monster Guy (a pun? in my roleplay? it's more likely than you think.)

    Granted, that's a looot a lot of spots. But, if they don't all get filled, that's okay! We can change canon a little bit. My sign up will be in a different post, and I'll get that up eventually.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2015
  2. HM02gon

    HM02gon Waiting...

    This sounds pretty cool. IK I wasn't here for the original, but I wanna get back into RPing. So I would like to claim Jirachi , if that's okay.
  3. Cometstarlight

    Cometstarlight What do I do now?

    I remember this! I was gonna pick Jirachi since that was my original, but looks like HM02gon beat me to it :p

    I'd like to reserve Giratina, if I could.
  4. HM02gon

    HM02gon Waiting...

    Lol I was actually gonna do Guratina, but chose Jirachi instead. We could switch if you would like.
  5. Cometstarlight

    Cometstarlight What do I do now?

    Oh, it's all good. Just poking some fun is all.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2015
  6. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    Welcome back, cometstarlight, I'm glad to see you again. And hello to you, HM02gon. Nice name, by the way. You both are reserved for your respective legendaries (unless you are going to change..? in which case just notify me and it'll be chill).
  7. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    YES! This again! Count me in!
    Ahem.. reservation for Regice, please?
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2015
  8. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    I don't remember this RP getting off the ground the first time, but I've grown since then (I'm sure we all have) and I'm glad to see you back. Reserved!

    (Also congrats on being made a mod! ... When did that happen..?)

    Quick Note: I've added something to the sign-ups, something I meant to add in and hha whoops, forgot. Each of your characters is exhibiting some powers of their own. It's in the last paragraph of the opener, and is a "moveset" option in the signup. Sorry for forgetting, it's there now.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2015
  9. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    Posting a WIP here. I'll work more on it later.

    Name: Eirik Olavson
    Gender: Male
    Legendary: Regice
    Hometown: Snowpoint City
    Moveset: Ice-Type based.
    - Hail: Surrounded by a blue aura, Eirik can summon a rather strong hailstorm, strong enough to hurt others.
    - Icy Wind: In the same manner as with Hail, He is surrounded by a blue aura as he summons a smaller storm of chilly wind
    - Ice Punch: By focusing his control over the temperature around him, Eirik can deliver a punch with an icy fist.
    - Cryokinesis: Eirik can drastically lower the temperature of things he is in touch with to the point of the object in question being frozen solid. This is not limited to things he touch with his hands, as this power also allow him to lower the temperature around him, allthough it is stronger if he touches something with his hands.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Eirik is a tall, lean teenager with a fit physique due to his habit of working out. His face is oval in shape, with somewhat sharp nordic features making him look skinnier than he really is. His eyes are icy blue in color, and are either looking stern and serious, or laid back and relaxed. He has very pale skin due to his inability to be in the sunlight for too long without getting burned, not that that is a big issue anymore. He has short, wavy platinum blonde hair, which he often keeps in a fashionable style.

    For clothing, he doesn't really care too much about how he looks, and often just keep it plan and comfortable. His usual outfit consists of a simple, yet elegant white short-sleeved shirt and a pair of worn out grey jeans. Eirik is also never bothered by the cold. He could be going out wearing next to nothing without feeling cold, or even chilly. Because of this, he often walks around in snowpoint without wearing proper outdoors clothing. due to this, his parents are forcing him to wear a light blue hooded jacket with fur lined on its hood. He doesn't particularily dislike the jacket, but he don't feel it is always necessary to wear it. He also has a pair of black combat bots, practical for the snowy environment.

    Personality: Eirik is the kind of guy that treasure social settings and friendship. He is very laid back and polite, and he does get along with other pretty well. Though he dislikes being the center of attention, he does enjoy being "Where it's at". However, he can be a rather cold-hearted guy sometimes, as he does prioritize himself over others. Allthough he's trying not to be douchy about it. He can sometimes come across as goofy and carefree, as he always has that laid back look on his face. He is actually very practical, and push aside both his own and others feelings if they are a hinder for getting something done. In this regard, he can also be very bossy, aggressive and fierce tempered. (He is also somewhat of a perfectionist). He can throw a tantrum if he fails at something, or if something doesn't go the way he planned.

    His interests lie within music, and he some day want to move to a different region and become a DJ. He often make tracks on his computer which he enjoys listening to while reading or walking around in the outskirts of town with Snoppe. When not socializing with others, he enjoy being by himself and just to take it slow. He's an intelligent guy that enjoys reading, working out and to just be alone, with the exception of Snoppe. He does great in school, and is considered to be one of the top students, though he does have his own flaws when it comes to math.

    Despite being a somewhat difficult guy to be around sometimes, Eirik is a very kind guy that treasure his friendships dearly. He stands up to people when they are having difficult times, and is generally liked by most people in Snowpoint. He doesn't care too much about Team Shadows arrival, and has had a few episodes where he told them exactly what he thinks of them, which did not result too good.

    History: Eirik was born and raised in Snowpoint City in Sinnoh, allthough his parents both come from a faraway land far up north. therefore, he was always used to the cold and didn't think much of it. His parents both worked a lot, resulting in Eirik being alone quite often. This just made him used to it, and didn't strain him in any way as he values being alone from time to time. He was a social kid that had a lot of friends whith whom he always spent time with, allthough this gradually faded with the years. Even from a young age, he did like to be on his own every now and then, and he would often walk off to spend time outside in the snow.

    One time though, a blizzard came upon Snowpoint city as Eirik was out playing in the outskirts of town. His parents were worried sick, and no one could really explain what had happened when, the day after, he came home as if nothing had happened, accompanied by a Snorunt. Not being affected by the cold at all, he just went to bed to sleep. After that, his parents got more strict with letting him goof around outside of the town, and he started spending more time reading and working with his hobby, which was music. He also read about Pokemon training, enough so that he and Snoppe could train for her to become stronger, which she gradually did, as Eirik also grew as a Pokemon trainer. As this happened, his parents started reminding him to be careful, as Team Shadow didn't really like aspiring Pokemon Trainers.

    Feeling somewhat lost, not knowing how, or even if, he would be able to leave Snowpoint to pursue his dream, Eirik grew more and more distant from everything. He still functioned socially, and had lots of friends, but he was often spaced out, lost in thought and overall just wanted to be more alone. He still aced school and grew better at his hobby, though he felt there wasn't much for him to do afterwards, which started to make him angry. Nontheless, he always tries to stay positive.

    - People often mispronounce his name as "Eric"
    - He is fluent in English and Norwegian.

    "Uhm.. That thing is not a good excuse for a hat." he said, rubbing his eyes to wake up faster. "Well, it is better than wearing a spider." Andre replied with a small giggle. "Huh...?" Zack was once more confused, and started noticing his own head was weighing down more than usual. He carefully took his hands to his head where he found the warm soft Tira lying, somehow still asleep. He gently picked her up and held her in his arms. "... Touchè" he said to Andre before stepping away for a moment to yawn off a huge yawn, and the rest of his drowziness.

    Name: Snoppe
    Species: Snorunt
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Snoppe is a caring and mild Pokemon. She acts mature, and never fly heads-first into a situation she hasn't strategically planned out yet. She cares deeply for her owner, and consider him her best friend.
    - Icy Wind
    - Protect
    - Hex
    - Double Team
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2015

    REAL DADS Shampoo Thief

    Could I grab the spot for Entei?

    Sign-Up Sheet
    Part One: Human
    Name: Eli Carter
    Legendary: Entei
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Solaceon Town
    Image isn't perfect, but it'll do

    Appearance: Eli is a shorter dude, standing at around 5’8. He has a stocky build, with broad shoulders and a sturdy body. He has dark red, medium-length hair that he keeps combed to the side and out of his face. He has deep, brown eyes and wears thick rimmed glasses. He has expressive eyebrows and a confident smile. His two top canine teeth are sharp and almost appear to be fangs. Pair that with his fair skin, and it’s easy to see why kids called him a vampire. He hates that. He’d kill to get a tan, but that’s hard to do without a sun. He is able to grow thicker facial hair than most boys his age, but he generally tries to keep it shaved. He has a desire to grow a handlebar mustache in the future, like it is his destiny. Its an odd feeling he has never been able to explain.

    Eli is typically found wearing his warm brown blazer with a button up underneath. Often a flannel of some sort. For pants he exclusively wears longs pants, and normally a pair of tan chinos. He wears a formal pair of dark brown boots, that are sturdy enough for hiking in but nice enough to wear in a professional setting. He always carries his leather messenger bag with him, where he carries all of his supplies including pokeballs, his camera, notebook, pens, and whatever else he needs that day. Upon first glance, you may say he has a trendy but professional look. Closer inspection may reveal that most of his clothes are old and somewhat worn out. Most of them are hand-me-downs or from second-hand shops. His family is not the wealthiest, and he has four older siblings.

    Personality: Eli is a social and charismatic guy. He is outgoing and not bothered by going up and talking to strangers (a necessary skill in his profession). He enjoys making friends and joking around. Despite the bleakness that Team Shadow has made for the world, Eli is usually considered a warm and positive person. He is eager to take on any task, and help those who are in need. He is often the first one to jump into an unknown situation, and he actively seeks out adventure and excitement. He always seems to be on a quest to find the most interesting things to share with others.

    Eli is very independent, and would rather do something himself rather than having to rely on others. When put in a situation where he has to work in a group, he will be quick to take a leadership role. His self confidence borders arrogance. He takes pride in his work, and is always making strides to better himself. His aspirations are big and his undying motivation fuels him. He does not deal well with failure and frustration, and he can be very hot-headed when he gets upset. He is not one to hold a grudge, however, and once he has cooled down he normally gets over things pretty quickly. Despite this, he hardly ever considers himself to be wrong, and if he does he is going to deny it regardless. He doesn't try to burn any bridges, as connections are very important for an aspiring journalist.

    History: Eli was born and raised in Solaceon Town, a town that has been hit hard due to Team Shadow’s take over. Very much a farming community, many here have fell on hard times after having crop failure after crop failure. Some people were able to adapt, finding ways to grow food using artificial light. Many, however, did not. Poverty in this town is great. Eli’s family was one of the lucky ones. He was born to two ranchers, who cared for a good amount of livestock including miltank and tauros, mareep, and more. They were comfortable enough. He is the youngest of 5 children, and is the only one in his family with dark red hair.

    Eli, despite having the sturdy build of a rancher, was never interested much in that business. Instead he had a real calling to photography and photojournalism. Most of his techniques are mostly self taught, but during the last two years he has been working with the Shadow Weekly (previously the Pokemon News Press). The Shadow Weekly is a propaganda paper, and Eli is aware of this. However, it allows him to practice his passion, as well as get paid for it. Sometimes, he gets into events he wouldn’t otherwise be allowed to because of his press pass. He has aspirations to expose the wrongdoings of the world, but feels powerless as the enemies are the ones in charge. He has stacks of unpublished photos showing the extent of poverty in his hometown hidden away in his room. He knows if he were to ever use his photos against Team Shadow, he would be arrested and probably killed.

    Eli has always been a pyro, and has a fascination with fire and type pokemon. He has trained a growlithe since he was young. In a world without natural light, the ability to create your own was something special for Eli. He would use fire as a source of light for his photography, and really helped him create his own style. In his dealings with fire, he has slowly discovered that he doesn't feel burns. He hasn't tested this to a great extent, but it has made him more fearless when handling fires for his photos. He will probably discover much more about this condition soon. Like when he turns 17.

    Flamethrower: Eli has the ability to create and control fire
    Fireproof: Eli is immune to the damaging effects of fire and heat, such as burns, pain, etc.
    Heat wave: Eli can manipulate the temperature to make it hotter and even send the heat out in gusts, as well as regulate his own body temperature (so he can keep himself warm in cold climates, or make it seem like he is sick to get out of school).
    Bite: He can bite you.


    Part Two: Pokemon
    Name: Rory
    Species: Growlithe
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Rory is incredibly loyal to Eli and will do whatever he is asked. He is often very energetic and loves receiving attention. He is friendly to others, but also perceptive to potential threats. He would put himself in harm’s way in order to protect Eli.

    Part Three: RP Sample
    [spoil] This was my intro post to the last RPG I was in on here, Pokeventure Fun Park

    Brady anticipated a huge crowd and long lines for the park upon its opening, so he instead decided to wait a bit for it all to die down. Reading through the rules of the park, he noticed electronic devices weren’t allowed inside. That is strange, he thought to himself. He was pretty dependant on his phone, and didn’t like the idea of not having it all day. He left it on the nightstand and left his room, headed downstairs to the exit that lead to the beach. It was about 8 AM, and right about now, thousands of people would be attempting to squeeze in through the parks entrances. He walked down to the sand and felt the warm sand between his toes. It was a bright and sunny day, and a warm breeze was blowing in off the water. He took out his Heliolisk’s pokeball, and released the pokemon. He knew Chopper would love to bask in the sun for a bit. The large lizard almost immediately spread his frills in order to catch as much sun as possible. Spitz, Brady’s Joltik, had crawled up onto Brady’s shoulder, and was excitedly hopping side to side. Brady sat down in the sand, leaning against Chopper’s side, using his frills as an umbrella from the sun. He pulled out a map of the park to see what they should check out first. Noting the limitations on some of the rides, he made a mental list of the attractions all three of them could enjoy.

    There’s Chansey’s Carousel, he thought, and Haunter’s Fun House, the Teacups, the Skylift, and.. nope that’s it for all of us. Chopper can ride with me on the Ryquaza ride, the Tree Swing, and the Mew one too.

    The more exciting rides were made for the larger sized pokemon, Brady realized. But maybe if he kept Spitz in his pocket, no one would be the wiser. He wouldn’t like being left out, he knew. After a while of beach lounging, Brady decided enough time had passed since opening that they wouldn’t have too much trouble getting in. He returned Chopper to his pokeball for the time being (much to the heliolisk’s annoyance) and headed towards the front gates.

    After getting through the entrance, he let Chopper back out. The pokemon gave him a sour look, but followed him nonetheless as they explored the park. People were everywhere, it reminded him a bit of his home city of Lumiose at lunch time. He was blown away by the diversity of pokemon that he saw. There were creatures of all shapes and sizes and types. And seeing pokemon riding on roller coasters was immensely entertaining. He couldn't help but laugh at that. He wondered if battling was allowed in the park, or maybe if there was a designated area. He would check the map later. In the meantime, he got in line for the teacup ride since it was the closest to the entrance and he knew his little Spitz would be allowed on.

    As he waited, he watched as dizzy people and pokemon exited the ride. He couldn't help but laugh a bit as a very spooked Meowth ran right into a Blissey. It was pretty clear the cat did not enjoy the ride.[/spoil]
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2015
  11. Tangeh

    Tangeh Well-Known Member

    Could I reserve Mewtwo, please & thanks?
  12. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    How did Kyurem get involved here? I want to reserve it, I think I have an idea for a character.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2015
  13. HM02gon

    HM02gon Waiting...

    Have to do this on my phone, so ill be writing it in sections. I'll say when its finished completely.

    Name: Gwen Jerica
    Gender: Female
    Legendary: Jirachi
    Hometown: Jubilife City

    Moveset: (mostly powered by light and energy, rather than frontal attacks. Despite them being very powerful, she has very little control of them.)
    Doom Desire- Gwen's entire body begins to glow, then she channels her energy into a silvery cloud than engulfs and rapidly spirals around the target. At her command, the energy is expanded, and rampages the target until they are left helpless. However, she is still learning to use this power.
    Wish-She uses this power mote for personal benefit, as she can regenerate herself, although it can take a while, and also can.use her charm and prestige to get anything she wants from almost anyone.
    Dazzling Gleam- The environment around her begins to glow pink, and she sends a wave of light towards her enemies that temporarily blinds them.
    Telekinetic Force- She can enter and to a small extent manipulate the mind of a target. She can then temporarily use them as her own fighting dummies. Also enables her to move inanimate objects with her mind.



    Gwen is on the short side, standing at a height of 5'2. She has long, slightly wavy white-blonde hair that falls down to around her waist and is always kept clean and shiny. Her bangs completely cover her eyebrows and brush the tops of her round, deep gray eyes. She has a very pale complexion and never breaks out, despite the amounts of movie makeup she is forced to wear on a daily basis. Her build is rather small like her height, and she is usually put on son sort of fad diet to prevent the building up of any body fat.

    Due to having a team of personal stylists and designers at her beck and call, she is always dressed in the latest trends in order to keep her image in top quality. Her closet mostly contains elegant, custom tailored dresses and jackets, but not to be mixed with an assortment of casual pieces such as fitted jeans and silk patterned blouses. Her favorite outfit (and the one she will be wearing for the sake of this RPG) is a white sleeveless dress that falls mid-thigh and has layers of white ruffles around the neckline and hem, followed by a yellow triangle pattern seperatingbthe ruffles from the body of the dress. Over her dress, she wears a beige cropped suit jacket that she leaves unbuttoned and a blue floral corsage pinned on the lapel, and a wide dark blue belt around her waist. She also wears dark brown metallic sheer tights and brown patent leather heels. For accessories, she spared no expense in a pair of blue crystal earrings in a triangular-like shape, and a black choker with a matching blue crystal dangling in the center. She wears a black woven bracelet around her left wrist, and a headband with a large blue flower sticking out the side. She also wears a silky yellow scarf over her shoulders.

    Personality: While in from of the camera or while making public appearances, Gwen holds up her persona as a bright, shining star who can shower light and joy into even the darkest corners. She's not really intimidated by people, due to having massive crowds of fans flocking her wherever she goes. And for the most part, she doesn't really mind. Due to being in the film business for a long time, she is associated with many renowned celebrities and is very surprised when someone has never heard of her. She can be slightly arrogant at times, this coming from being wealthy and constantly having people shower her with compliments. She is also very skilled with Pokemon, since in many of her films, she is a powerful trainer. However, she would choose her beloved Solosis, Vienna, over the expertly bred Eevees and pseudo-legends that her parents offered to buy her.

    However, off the silver screen, Gwen is often melancholic. She never had the chance to have a normal childhood. Instead of going to school, her parents hired her a tutor to teach her while they traveled the world. Gwen never had any friends other than Vienna. As much as she enjoys the charmed life of a child star, she is very lonely and depressed, often breaking down and crying at unexpected or inconvenient times. She often finds herself confused, and not really sure exactly who she is, due to always being someone that someone else has created for her. Despite not being particularly down-to-earth, Gwen does enjoy small and simple things. She likes watching old, bad movies and has a collection of rare and colorful stones and chunks of metal. She also loves to sleep.

    History: Most people, in fact all people would agree- Gwen's life was perfect. She was a rich, well renowned actress whose had at all. From the moment she was born, her parents noticed this strange aura she posessed, and could really only describe it as one word- cosmic. Not that it was in any way, shape, or form a physical manifestation, but more of a feeling that seemed to overcome that of anyone who came in contact with her. But nobody really questioned it. They just assumed that she was just that good. It kind of became her thing, especially while she played of many young, beautiful heroines in a variety of films that made her name known from Sinnoh to Unova. It was fairly difficult work however. Due to being discovered at a very young age (3, to be exact) Gwen never really had the chance to experience a normal childhood. Instead of going to school, she had a private tutor, however getting a formal education was not very important in the eyes of her parents and her pushy, demanding manager, Mr. Sanders. Sanders basically had control of her life, making sure that her image was positive and that when she went about the public, she would be dressed to the nines and be accompanied by a team of powerful, evolved Pokemon.

    As much as she enjoyed the charmed life, she wanted to do something different, and unexpected. She decided to start playing the tuba. If course, Sanders and her parents figured that it would be good for her to learn to play an instrument, just one a little more ladylike. They spared no expense in signing her up for violin lessons with one of Kalos's top professors, but Gwen disliked the loud, screechy noises it made. They finally settled on the cello, which she continues to play. Her parents and Sanders had an iron grip on her life, and most of the time, she just wanted to get away from them. But from being coddled and sitting behind the looking glass her whole life, she didn't know precisely how she could "escape it all." It all reminded her of one character or another that she played- a perfect heroine or beauty queen looking for freedom from the day-to-day scramble of her life. Just more flat characters trying to be dimensional and unique. She was afraid that she was becoming like them, but she had to face the facts. Her entire life's script was already written.
    Other: She once slept 52 hours straight.

    Gender: Female
    Personality: Vienna is very loyal to Gwen, and is basically her only real friend. The two of them have been together since Gwen was 6. Gwen's mother caught her in Reflection Cave in Kalos while they were filming for a movie. She can be somewhat aloof, but always has Gwen's back in the long run.
    Other: Moveset-
    -Future Sight

    From Safari World-
    After purchasing the (somewhat overpriced- aren't park maps supposed to be free- he wondered) map, he opened it up, searching for some sort of training or battling arena- somewhere where he could show off his skills and get some support. But unfortunately, he saw nothing. Or maybe they were secret and not open yet- like the arenas in the amusement park. Or maybe this was a sign that he needed to focus less on his gym career. He had been very focused- training his team nonstop day in and out. He went days without sleeping- trying to get his Pokemon ready to impress the league officials. And on that thought, he realized just how tired he was. He walked over to a nice tall tree, sat down, and closed his eyes...
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    @Shampoo Theif, Tangeh: Reserved!

    @Monster Guy: This is what happens when you decide to post things at midnight, you tend to forget things. Apparently I forgot to add Kyurem in the OP. Thank you for notifying me, you are reserved!

    @Schade and HM02gon: You both are pending, just notify me when everything's finished.

    If Genesect or Deoxys doesn't get filled relatively soon, I'll likely axe them tbh.

    Edit: Do you ever just forget that your pokemon needs to have a moveset? No..? Okay. It's just me. I've added an update to the sign-ups, and have learned my lesson not to post things at midnight.
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    I've been having an RP itch lately and I have a lot of free time now, and this was fun the first time around (For what did happen.) Deoxys reserve, if I may?
  16. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    Man, I feel bad for being so quiet lately -- I recognize all of you, you're all still here and relatively active. Of course you're reserved, Lost.

    I'm actually kind of excited for this RP, I'm going to try to use a system similar to what my friends and I use for LARP'ing, just formatted to suit a text-based system. I just hope it will work...

    Alright, here we go. My SU.

    Part One: Human
    Name: Jason Parker
    Legendary: Darkrai
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Canalave City

    Jason is tall, reaching about 6'5", and is quite lanky. You can see faint traces of major veins on his clear, pale skin. He has a heart-shaped face, with well-defined cheekbones and jaw. He has sad, gunmetal blue eyes, and a down-turned nose. His hair is a ghastly white, and he keeps it neatly combed, though he keeps his long bangs floofing up a little at the ends. His teeth are an unsettling white, nice and straight, with slightly sharpened canines. He has a couple piercings, one black stud in each earlobe, and two black rings in the cartilage of his right ear. He has very long and spindly legs, with proportional arms to match.

    Jason really only wears black and varying shades of gray. It's not that he can't wear color, he just chooses not to. He can be vary particular about his aesthetic. He likes to wear black button-ups, usually with the sleeves rolled to his elbows, black skinny jeans, and black converse. He also wears a silver ring on the middle finger of his left hand. He often holds an unlit cigarette in his mouth because he thinks it makes him look cool. What a dork.

    Personality: Jason seems quiet until you meet him. This is because he doesn't necessarily have much to say, but when he does, it's loud and likely cynical. Jason is sarcastic, apathetic, angry, defiant -- and lying about all of these things. On the inside, past the mask of a cynic, Jason is sweet and kind-hearted. He is incredibly insecure, and dislikes doing things without clear support.

    Jason runs on a slack moral system. He would never do anything to hurt people, and betrayal is out of the question. However, he'll break whatever rule he pleases if he thinks it a) won't hurt anyone and b) is for the good of the people. He's a very good actor and liar, and can come up with flawless excuses on the spot. However, he has a very unstable sense of self. He's never been sure of who he really is, and if you took out a part of his personality he'd be frantic to try to get it back, and "save himself." He acts under a mask in order to defend this fragmented sense of self. He puts a lot of his personality into music, putting hours of effort into perfecting both vocals and viola. He's also spent a lot of time in both math and science, and has become very smart both street-wise and academically. He also became a skilled dancer, especially in ballroom and modern dance. Take any of those talents from him and he tends to fall apart.

    Jason is very particular about how he looks and how he holds himself. He has a strict "aesthetic," in which he really only wears dark colors to contrast his pale everything else. He's particular about his posture and holds himself very straight and upright, and rarely will he break character so to speak. Even when lounging about he prefers to keep a stately, dignified air about him. He adores mythology and will spend hours in the Canalave Library poring over various books about history of various regions and mythology.

    History: Jason was born to Keith and Olivia Parker, in a tucked away house near the docks of Canalave City. He was born under Shadow influence, but his elder brother, Matthias, was born under free Sinnoh rule. The two boys spent hours together on the docks or in the forest, though Matthias was more physically inclines and Jason more mentally. Though he didn't care for the lack of sun, Jason felt the artificial light lamps did their job. Matthias on the other hand despised the lack of true sunlight, and vowed to aid in taking Team Shadow down.

    When Jason was six years old (Matthias being thirteen years old), Matthias joined a secret force to try to push back team Shadow's hold on Canalave City. Skirmishes were found on the streets day after day, the battles stretching on for two years until finally it reached a peak. In a last stand attempt to raid Team Shadow's supply base, all of Matthias's comrades were captured and slaughtered, including Matthias himself. Jason, who preferred to hide in his brother's shadow, realized that he had to become his own person. Angered and confused, he began to take on a personality separate from his true identity, a personality shrouded in sarcastic remarks and cynical jabs. He hated Team Shadow. He hated the world he lived in. But he mostly just hated himself.

    When Jason was fifteen, he found a Murkrow that kept hanging around his house. After a futile few days of trying to get it to leave, Jason gave up and befriended the small bird. He named it Lucas, as he felt it fitting. Lucas found his place perched on Jason's shoulder, and Jason was happy to share his space with the pokemon. As the years went on, Jason found strange anomalies happening around him. He found people sleepier when they hung around him, and more and more cases of reoccurring nightmares kept popping up throughout the city.

    - Dark Void: He can put people to sleep, plain and simple. It takes a second or two to charge, however.
    - Bad Dreams: A passive ability, he is able to give nightmares or restless sleep to those sleeping nearby him. It's useful once he learns to control it. Probably.
    - Umbrakenisis (or Darkness/Shadow Manipulation): Likely his strongest ability, he is able to use a physicaly manifestation of darkness to do his bidding.
    - Ominous Wind: He creates a shroud of darkness energy around him, then sends it flying in a direction of his choice.

    Other: He's very bisexual, and he's never had nightmares. Or dreams, for that matter. He is fluent in English and Swedish.

    Part Two: Pokemon


    Name: Lucas
    Species: Murkrow
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Lucas, like Jason, can be very reserved. He likes observing, staying ever quiet and watchful. He's not exactly a flamboyant pokemon, preferring to keep his attacks practical. Short, quick, in and out. He is very smart for a pokemon.
    - Sky Attack [egg move: isn't used often]
    - Assurance
    - Feint Attack
    - Dark Pulse
    Other: Don't touch Lucas's shiny things. It's trouble waiting to happen.

    Part Three: RP Sample
    I'm the GM so technically I don't need this? But I have to follow my own rules. So here we go.

    Princes lived by destruction, and Eridan was no different.

    It's not that he particularly meant to bring about destruction and doubt. For a while, it just happened. When Eridan was younger, he could never hold on to friends for very long -- they slowly found themselves doubting everything, turning themselves into a husk of nothing. When the pattern made itself clear, he was taken away to a different Imperial Testing Facility. Even the facilitators had a hard time keeping themselves positive, the power that Eridan had within himself to destroy all possible hope was undeniable. They sent him to another academy, far away, with other Princes learning how to control their powers and, y'know, not destroy everything they touch.

    Eridan proved himself to be incredibly powerful. Over time, as he learned to master his power, he found himself able to discern other's beliefs, motivations, emotions -- he found his powers similar to an empath's but not to the extent they see other's emotions. Eridan saw their faiths. He saw what drove them. He saw what kept them going, he saw their happy endings. And he could break them. Take their hope and shatter it at his will. Whether this was an emotional sense, truly breaking their souls, leaving breathing husks lying on the ground, or a physical sense, destroying something (or someone) a person believed in, it was all the same.

    Being a Prince was awesome. Except for the fact that people kept finding him too pessimistic, sad, and defiant to be around. After years and years of training, he eventually graduated. Both of his parents had died what felt like ages ago, so he didn't have anyone to return to when he came home. When it came time to decide where this prince of power was to do with his life, where he was to fit in to the clockwork way of Imperial living... he ran away from it all. He found himself living in the capital, a path of destruction in his wake. He didn't have a name, though Orphaner, Widowmaker, and simply the Prince circulated around to describe him. Some would seek him out, wishing destruction on others, and paying Eridan to get the job done.

    He had heard of Jaguar many times in his career. One day, her name kept popping up as he glanced over some of his target's motivation. Over and over, Jaguar, Jaguar. Through some more investigation, he found out her folly. It was easy when you were paid to break someone close to whom she had tampered with. After a little more searching, he found where she could be found.

    Eridan slunk through the neighborhood where he knew Jaguar could be found. He ran his hand through blond hair, his violet eyes glistening. He had set everything up just so. A woman who knew her husband was cheating. A moonless night. Broken streetlights. He watched as the girl stepped out of the house to her car. Quickly, he walked up to her, taking her arm.

    Suddenly, he felt a pain to his stomach and a sharp jolt to his chest. After a moment or two they stumbled apart, Eridan clutching his heart. "****in 'ell," he mumbled. He shook his head as a shudder ran down his body. "You're just as powerful as they say."

    He stood up straighter, adjusting his scarf. "I don't believe there is a name I chose you'd know me by -- of course, Orphaner and Crown Prince seem popular these days."
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    REAL DADS Shampoo Thief

    Alright, my SU is up!
  18. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    I'm making a brand new character just for this RPG (I usually reuse one of my existing ones,) and he's not the type of guy I usually do either. BE GRATEFUL! Hopefully this goes well, making up new characters on the spot makes me nervous...

    Part One: Human

    Name: Kyle Uriah Remington (See what I did there? :p)
    Legendary: Kyurem
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Snowpoint City (I know Schade's character is from there also. They're both Ice types, it makes sense.)

    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
    (Pretend there's a blonde streak in the middle of his hair, and ignore the black wristbands.)

    Appearance: Kyle is tall and lean, standing at exactly six feet. His face is round, and a bit boyish, with a small nose, and large, expressive almond shaped eyes, which are a golden color. His spiky hair is naturally ice blue, with one blonde streak in the middle. He has no idea why he has this unique hair color, but he thinks it's cool. Besides, there are people with green or purple hair anyway, so it's not like it's that weird. He was born fair skin due to the general lack of sunlight. He is an athletic boy, and is in good shape. He has a toned physique, that he got from years of training and being active. He is quite proud of this, and likes to show it off. Apart from on top of his head and eyebrows, he has no hair on his upper body or face.

    For reasons he does not understand, Kyle is not bothered by the cold at all. He does not dress appropriately for Snowpoint's wintery climate. He's even been known to run around outside shirtless on some occasions. His taste in clothing is also pretty simple, and he isn't one for dressing fancy. His usual outfits consists of an tight ice blue tank top, and a pair of worn out faded gray jeans which are held up by a belt. On his feet, he wears a pair of gray studded combat boots. He'll sometimes wear a gray leather jacket when his parents make him, but he often takes it off once they're not looking.

    Personality: Kyle is a quiet young man who doesn't show emotion very often. In fact, it's rare to see him smile. Mainly because there isn't much to smile about these days. He doesn't talk very much, not because he's shy or anything, he just doesn't have much to say. It's hard to get more than a few words out of him at a time. When someone does try to talk to him, he tries to get straight to the point, and end the conversation as efficiently as possible. This often leads to saying things bluntly. He is patient and stoic, but he get very angry easily when pushed too far. He is quite friendly deep down. Something Frosty knows from experience. He can be one of your closest friends if you have the patience to deal with him.

    He doesn't have many friends, however he is popular with girls (and gay guys) because of his good looks. People are always trying to get him to smile, much to his annoyance. He is interested in Pokemon Training, as well as other athletic pursuits, such as snowboarding. He is proud of strength, and likes to show it off. He does a lot of physical activity to maintain it. However this does not mean he is a dumb jock. He is actually fairly intelligent, and gets good grades in his classes. It is not something he likes bragging about though. He also enjoys reading books in his spare time, when he's not snowboarding, or battling wild Pokemon or other trainers with his Sneasel.

    Kyle is always up for a challenge, and likes to explore new places. He likes the feel of winning, and can sometimes be a sore loser. His goal is to go traveling around the world, catch more Pokemon, challenge the Gyms, and become a Champion like he read about in books. Unfortunately, with all the restrictions in place because of Team Shadow, getting out of Snowpoint to explore anything is rather difficult. At this point, he has accepted the fact that with Team Shadow around, that goal is pretty much impossible.

    History: Kyle was born to an average family in Snowpoint City. Even though they didn't understand why he was born with blue hair with a blonde streak, and golden eyes, they loved him, and did everything they could to provide for their son. When he was young, he used to be a cheerful child. He liked to laugh and play with other kids. For some reason, he was never bothered by the cold, and never understood why he had to wear a jacket outside all the time. While playing in the outskirts of town one day, a blizzard came in. Kyle's parents were worried sick when they couldn't find their son. Several hours later, he came back with a Sneasel he named Frosty following him. Kyle was completely unaffected by the cold, and acted like nothing was wrong. After that, his parents got more strict with letting him play around outside of the town, warning him it was dangerous to leave the town with Team Shadow present. Before that incident, he wasn't that much aware of Team Shadow.

    After that, Kyle spent more time at home. He developed an interest in reading from an early age. He grew up reading a lot of books. His parents had all kinds of books about what life was like before Team Shadow. It was through these books that he learned about Pokemon training, and he trained Frosty to become stronger. Seeing young people travelling around the world, challenging gym leaders, and becoming Champion was a desire that was instiled in his head from all the books he read about the subject. However, because of Team Shadow running around, and the curfew, trying to do that was next to impossible.

    Kyle lived an average life, or as average as one could given the situation. As he grew up, he started to become more withdrawn. He rarely spoke to other kids, and started to prefer doing things by himself. As such, he had very few friends other than his Sneasel. He felt sad that he would essentially be stuck in Snowpoint City forever. He wanted to go out and see the world, and become a proper Pokemon trainer like the ones he read about. He still trained his Sneasel in battle, took up a hobby in Snowboarding, as well as threw himself into his schoolwork. However, he still felt down about the way his life was going. He wanted to hope that maybe things would get better, but he was beginning to doubt that.


    Glaciate Kyle breathes a blast of Icy cold wind from his mouth that hurts foes, and slows them down.
    Ice Beam Kyle can fire beams of Ice from his hands that can freeze objects, or make constructs out of ice. Like Elsa
    Dragon Claw Glowing energy claws appear from his fingertips, and he can slash things with them.
    Outrage Kyle's most powerful ability. He gains super strength, and goes on a rampage attacking everything in his path. Afterwards, he becomes dazed and confused from fatigue, and has to rest for a while.

    Other: He is very ticklish.

    Part Two: Pokemon


    Name: Frosty
    Species: Sneasel
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Much to the surprise of many, Frosty is actually a friendly Pokemon. He is a playful and fun loving Pokemon. He is the loyal to his trainer, and is one of the few that has seen Kyle smile. He is also a competitive Pokemon who likes to win, and is as vicious in battle as his species is known for being.


    Icicle Crash
    Low Kick
    Knock Off
    Ice Shard

    Other: He's been known to tickle his trainer when he feels Kyle needs cheering up. Kyle hates when he does this in public.

    Part Three: RP Sample
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    I feel like the character pool is going to be really male-heavy because of the legendaries we were given to work with... but I can't imagine Mewtwo as a female so I'm going to have to follow the trend lol. Edit: Done!


    Part One: Human
    Name: Maxim "Max" Lapidus
    Legendary: Mewtwo
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Jubilife City

    Appearance: Max is a touch above average height, around 5'9", and has a thin build. His skin is pale and would burn easily if he were to leave it exposed, which he rarely does, even in warmer weather. He has a triangular face and well-defined cheek bones. The most striking part of his body are his piercing lilac eyes, which he highlights even further with black eyeliner. It's not uncommon for people to make eye contact with Max and then quickly look away, considering the unusual colour of his eyes combined with his perpetually annoyed expression. His hair is naturally a light silver, and though he's played with hair dye over the years to cover it (mostly out of guidance from his parents), he has tired of the upkeep to hide the terrible roots and has grown used to the colour. He has kept his hair its natural colour for a few years now, and spikes it upward to maintain a youthful style despite the grey. Although his eyebrows are also the same shade of silver, he draws them on daily in a much darker shade, considering his eyebrows are barely visible otherwise. His odd hair and eye colour originally led his parents to believe he was born with albinism, but medical evaluations have proven that to be false. He has a single black stud in each earlobe - he wants more piercings, but has opted to wait until he's moved out since his parents threw a fit when he got his ears pierced.

    His clothing ((take the reference picture with several grains of salt here; that was the closest I could get...)) generally consists of either blue or black jeans, black shoes, and black/ dark grey, white, red, or purple tops (though usually a mixture of two or more of these colours). His shirts almost always have some sort of text of them, and more often than not this text is difficult to read or in another language entirely. They also tend to feature a lot of vague pokemon designs. For example, a favourite shirt of his is dark grey with a red shadow of a dragonite in flight, partially overlapped with white Japanese characters (which he can't even translate). Overtop he has a few favourite black hooded zip-ups he likes to wear. He only wears his hood up if he knows he won't have to take it down for a while, as it messes up his hair. He tends to switch between different necklaces and has a fairly large collection of them. He usually only wears one at a time. Examples include chain necklaces (both large and small), silver pendant necklaces (pendants include a cross, a key, a wing, a flame... you name it), and even black chokers on the odd occasion. He also wears several black bracelets on his left wrist. He has a habit of wearing belts with very large belt buckles.

    Personality: Max can be a difficult person to approach, as he wears a signature glare that very clearly states "what the hell do you want?" He is unfriendly toward strangers and displays a startling lack of altruism toward them; for example, he will completely ignore somebody asking him for directions. Peppy and optimistic people are his least favourite kind of people. He only really gets along with people who show the same lack of respect for others that he does, which ironically means he has a fairly large friend circle at school, though he's not exceptionally close to any of them. He's actually a fair listener to those he actually cares about and generally remains calm even in arguments, although he likes to think he gives off a far more fiery vibe and is unlikely to apologize even if he knows he's in the wrong. He has a deep, very clear voice and enunciates really well, which could have made him a great newscaster if he possessed more charisma. He speaks very matter-of-factly and does not sugarcoat things. He hates it when others aren't as direct as he is, usually demanding they spit it out or get on with it already. Despite his general dislike of humans, he has a soft spot for pokemon and treats all pokemon with high respect.

    Not surprisingly, Max doesn't understand his place in the world, which is a great cause of frustration. He excels in science classes, to his family's delight, but despite enjoying the subject he struggles with what he wants to do with it. He is terrible at anything team-related, but does like to draw and paint in his spare time, which is just about the only hobby he enjoys that his parents approve of (though they have a "lesser of two evils" view on it). He sneaks out of the house a lot by levitating himself out the window, sometimes crashing at a friend's house after a party to avoid breaking curfew and then levitating himself back into his room in the morning. Alcohol makes him far friendlier toward strangers and he would never attend a party without drinking, though he will sometimes also initiate fights under the influence. He's dabbled in harder drugs and also tends to smoke when he drinks (he rarely lights up otherwise). He has been caught out after curfew before, landing him neatly in jail until his horrified parents could pick him up. He despises how Team Shadow has so much unnecessary control over his life and would revel if they were taken down.

    History: Max was born in Jubilife to a pair of research scientists. Even though much of the city lives in poverty, Max was lucky enough to grow up in the upper-middle class. As a young child, Max was violent toward other kids and very difficult to control. His parents sought professional help, which mostly got his violent tendencies under control, though he never quite grew out of disliking other people. His parents responsibly waited until Max was passive enough around his peers to have a second child, which explains the nearly six year gap between Max and his younger brother Gabriel. Although Max disliked his brother at first, once Gabriel started walking and talking Max took great pleasure into manipulating his brother to do pretty much anything he wanted, from swearing in front of adults to playing an innocent game of cards. Gabriel looked up to his older brother, and Max found himself becoming accustomed to this role. To this day, they are best friends despite their age gap. In particular, Gabriel's friendly and studious nature has filled the role of a perfect son for his parents that Max never wanted to fill, which has taken a great deal of stress off of him.

    Max had few friends until he reached middle school and his peers began experimenting with drugs and alcohol - curiousity led him to actively seek out social interaction for the first time, and he managed to maintain a spot in this clique through to high school, finding alcohol allowed him to be far more open with strangers. Despite his questionable reputation, he genuinely enjoyed school and excelled in math and science. He only ever had a vague idea of what his parents do for a career, and when he was fifteen requested to spend the day at their work. They resisted at first, but after persistence from Max they relented and allowed him to come with them for a day. It turned out that they had a good reason for hiding it from him all of these years, as much of their work involved experimenting on pokemon for the good of science. He was repulsed by what he saw, despite his parents' attempts at explaining themselves. He was in particular drawn to a litter of espurr being conditioned to violently attack other pokemon through different forms of reinforcement, especially as his parents explained that they would be put down after the experiment was completed since they could never be properly accustomed to regular life in the wild or with a trainer. Max was immediately reminded of himself as a child and how his parents never gave up on him, and challenged their reasoning. Impressed by his deduction, they offered him one of the young espurr to take home, hoping it would be an educational experience for him. He named the espurr Yoko and left the lab shaken by the experience.

    It was only a few weeks after visiting the lab that Max began to realize he had some similar abilities to the espurr he adopted. He could move objects with his mind, and could let out psychic attacks that got stronger the more he practiced. The only two who knew about his strange abilities were Gabriel and Yoko, as those were the only two he trusted to keep a secret. His parents swore up and down that they no longer held experiments on pokemon, but began working odd hours past curfew and became far more secretive of their work. Max wonders off and on whether they are doing work for Team Shadow to keep up an affluent lifestyle for himself and his brother, but doesn't dare make the accusation for fear of hurting Gabriel. Max himself has become skeptical of the science field and is still struggling to figure out what he wants to do with his life on top of developing his odd powers in secret.

    Moveset: (Max's eyes glow bright blue when using any of his abilities)
    - Telekinesis: Max can move objects with his mind. Heavier objects require more exertion. He can also levitate himself, though not for extended periods.
    - Disable: The blue glow of Max's eyes extends to a blue glow around the target person or pokemon. People caught in this glow become frozen for several seconds (though repeated experience with disable and/or a strong will allows them to break out much faster). Pokemon caught by this attack are rendered unable to use the move they last performed for about half a minute, give or take. It also will cancel out a move if disable is performed while it is being executed. Only one move can be disabled at a time.
    - Psystrike: Max can create waves of psychic energy to assault opponents. These waves can also be condensed into a defensive force field, though in his human form he cannot do anything else while inside the force field and it exhausts him to keep it up. May be useful for shielding fallen allies for short periods or for regrouping (powerful attacks will generally break it).
    - Recover: Max can heal himself, though the process takes a while in his human form and he cannot do anything else while recovering.

    Other: Bisexual, if it matters.

    Part Two: Pokemon


    Name: Yoko
    Species: Espurr
    Gender: Female
    Personality: She knows she's incredibly cute and usually uses it to gain attention from people. Yoko is friendly and outgoing to humans, but is still antisocial toward other pokemon. Max has at least managed to extinguish her conditioned response of immediately attacking every pokemon she sees, though she still seems very confused on how to properly interact and tends to hiss at or ignore other pokemon. Max unfortunately has conceded that his parents were right in saying she could never live the life of a typical pokemon. He's only recently become comfortable with training her for battle, hoping that this might elicit more improvements.
    - Light Screen
    - Psybeam
    - Disarming Voice
    - Fake Out
    Other: Usually wears one of Max's necklaces - like Max, this typically changes day-to-day.

    Part Three: RP Sample
    Miella found comfort in the familiar trail to the Professor's Laboratory. In a way, this was just like another day of work. In a new environment with new people, but it would be research nonetheless. Important research, as she had gathered from Professor Oak's letter! She smiled to herself and adjusted the brown bag on her shoulder. The sun shone pleasantly down on the quaint little town, and a few pidgey cooed from the treetops near Route 1. Yes, it was just another normal day -

    She rounded the final corner and stopped short to stare at the entrance of the laboratory, which was teeming with girls tittering over something or other. Miella wondered vaguely if these would be her traveling companions. 'But then,' she realized as she got closer, 'why would there also be photographers...?' "Um, excuse me," she mumbled as she tried to squeeze through the crowd, though they were thankfully starting to disperse a bit. 'Weird... what the heck was that all about?'

    She pushed her way through the door and breathed a sigh of relief. She glanced around the area, though there weren't as many researchers around as there typically were - she imagined they were busy helping Professor Oak with the starter pokemon. The ones that were there recognized her and offered waves and polite greetings, which Miella returned with a smile. She walked quietly past two young men busy introducing themselves to each other. The taller of the two - a blonde with a pink beret - seemed vaguely familiar, somehow, especially with the little cleffa standing by his feet. 'Cleffa... pure fairy-type, evolves into clefairy.' The other boy had a pikachu perched on his shoulder. 'Pure electric-type, native to Viridian Forest...'

    Being an assistant to an assistant at Oak's lab herself, Miella typed a code into a number pad at the end of the room and disappeared behind the password-protected door. As she'd previously suspected, most of the assistants were busy preparing for the new trainers - including the assistant she was employed by, and she lit up when she spotted him.

    "Ah, Miella!" A middle-aged man in a white coat greeted. "The professor is nearly ready for the new trainers. Could you do me a favour?"

    "That's what I'm here for, sir!" Miella piped back, giving a mock salute.

    The lab assistant chuckled. "I had a feeling you'd say that. Here, take this - " he handed her a clipboard with a list of names " - and gather the to-be trainers near the front of the room so that we can get the process started. Professor Oak will meet you in a few minutes."

    "Sure thing! Thank you!" Miella smiled and tucked the clipboard under her right arm, considering her bag was on her left.

    She exited back into the main room and glanced around. There were a number of trainers here (she assumed some of them wouldn't be on her list), but there was a boy that caught her attention as he looked to be closer to her own age. Judging by the letter she received, she assumed most of the trainers she'd be meeting with today would be older, so it was a fair bet that he would be on her list. He was near a few other trainers, and reading a book that she immediately recognized as "A Guide to Mega Evolution" (she hadn't brought her own copy with her, though she'd made sure to skim it before leaving the house). He looked as if he'd put a lot of effort into styling his hair as it looked absolutely perfect - she felt a flush of self-consciousness, but gently cleared her throat anyways. "Um, excuse me?" She adjusted the clipboard into her left hand and offered her right hand to shake. "My name is Miella Reeves. Sorry to bother you, but I'm trying to get a quick count of the next group of trainers that Professor Oak is meeting with. What's your name?" She took a quick skim down the list of names and did a double-take. "W-wait, Andre Bellamy...?!" She craned her neck to sneak a glance at the blonde boy she noticed walking in. 'THE Andre Bellamy? I thought he looked familiar...' She wasn't one to be particularly well-versed on pop culture, but heck she didn't live under a rock. Why would he be here, and on the list no less? "Er, s-sorry." Her attention sprung back to the boy she'd spoken to before, realizing she'd gotten momentarily distracted. "Where was I... Oh, um, name?"
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  20. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    @Shampoo Thief and Monster Guy: You are both accepted! (And yes, Mon, I am grateful.)

    You both are incredible (or terrible depending on one's perspective) with puns and I am going to scream.

    @tangeh: Pending, just tell me when you're all good.

    Wow, this SU process has gone fast. I'm... actually quite happy with this. And yes, I realize that they are all very male coded, aren't they? Maybe I'll change Genesect to Mesprite or another "female coded" pokemon. Or something. Next RP if I do something ~*~new~*~ later on, I'll have to make sure that the gender field is more balanced.

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