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Honor [RP]

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Sketchie, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    A SketchQueen RP
    Forever will we stand, and we will not be moved.
    [Sign Ups] . [Discussion Thread]

    The year is 2033. Each pokemon game (not including Gen 6) events have taken place in the years they were released.

    In past years, evil organizations have always been present, trying to overthrow balance and take over in their region. And with every organization, there is a trainer who won't stand for it. That trainer rises through the ranks, fighting battle after battle until they find their way to the top. In an epic battle, that one trainer rises above his opponent, disbanding the evil organization and saving the day.

    But what if that trainer failed?

    In the year 2015, a Team Shadow was born. They worked in secret underground bases in each region. They started to appear in each region early 2016. The one trainer from each region who had defeated the evil in their own region decided together to take Shadow on like they took their other teams. The 5 trainers started their war against Shadow, and in the beginning, it looked as if the 5 trainers had the upper hand and were to defeat Team Shadow. But in late 2016, the war was still going, and Team Shadow started to rise. One by one, each trainer fell. And one by one, each region fell to Shadow. First fell Unova, then Hoenn, then Johto, then Kanto, then lastly Sinnoh.

    Team Shadow had control over every city in each region, and they made quite a few changes. There were guards constantly patrolling the streets, factories making supplies for the Shadow, and a curfew was set up- no one could be out after 9:00 without proper permission.

    And there was no natural light- the sun never rose anymore.

    In the dimensional plane of the Legendary Pokemon, a meeting was to be held to decide what to do. Being the crisis Team Shadow was, Dialga started to think if one of the other legendaries had started it. Knowing that Darkrai had attempted to destroy the world once, Dialga pinpointed her blame onto him.

    During this one fateful meeting, Dialga stated she knew the culprit. She stated it was Darkrai, and he was going to attempt to destroy the world again. Many of the other legends, including Arceus, agreed with Dialga, ignoring Darkrai's protest.

    Dialga proposed that as a punishment, Darkrai would be sent to the Earthly Plane to live in the world he had created. Arceus thought it over for a minute, but then agreed that Darkrai's punishment was fair. However, eight of the legendaries- Mewtwo, Jirachi, Giratina, Deoxys, Genesect, Regice, Kyurem, and Entei- stood up for Darkrai, saying no one had any proof that Darkrai was at fault.

    This sent Arceus into a rage. No one had ever questioned Arceus's rule until now. As punishment for speaking out of turn and against the final judgement, the eight pokemon would be sent down as humans with Darkrai. He also added on to the original punishment, adding that they will be separated out across the Sinnoh region, and that their memories will be wiped out. They will be born as a human children, all on the same day.

    Cresselia was horrified. She knew Team Shadow wasn't Darkrai's doing, but she was too afraid to speak out against Arceus. The day the eight pokemon were to be banished, Cresselia was able to talk to the eight. The told them that on their 17th birthday, she would be able to restore their memories of who they were, and could give them a dream on where to meet with each other. Cresselia told them that they are the only ones who can take Team Shadow down, and they have to prove their innocence and bring each region to peace.

    You are one of these eight pokemon. Mewtwo, Jirachi, Giratina, Deoxys, Genesect, Regice, Kyurem, or Entei. You were born in a different city in the Sinnoh region, to a nice family (rare for the times, but Cresselia was able to make it happen). You have no idea you are a legendary pokemon.

    1. Follow SPPF rules (duh).
    2. This is PG-13, people, let's keep it that way.
    3. A reserve will be held for a week. (UNLESS you give me a valid reason other-wise.)
    4. At the beginning, only one pokemon is allowed with the character, preferably the type the character representing the legendary is, and it can't be a psudo-legendary.
    6. No godmodding, or making your character insanely-powerful, or making a Mary-Sue.
    7. Let's start out with one pokemon (of your legendary's type, preferably). You can catch more as time goes on.
    8. Please attempt to be active...

    Darkrai: Jarrith Mann - Canalave City - TheSketchQueen
    Mewtwo: Boone Granted - The Resort Area - Corrosion
    Jirachi: Stella Nocte - Sunyshore City - Cometstarlight
    Giratina: Gildor Vance - Snowpoint City - mjunior3
    Deoxys: Ridley Schade - Veilstone City - Kanima
    Genesect: Ian Blackwood - Celestic Town - SoulMuse
    Regice: Snö - Snowpoint City - Lost
    Entei: Sam Hunter - Sunyshore City - Beirut
    Kyurem: Zane Kreiger - Eterna City - Apollo77

    I would like it if everyone posted their name, legendary, and location at the beginning of their post, like this (doesn't necessarily have to be centered):

    Jarrith Mann
    XXX Town/City

    I know most people do that anyway, but I'm being the annoying reminder. Also: The first couple posts will be the afternoon and evening the day before their 17th birthday, and then the dream.​

    So, let's get this thing going! Have fun!

    Jarrith Mann
    Canalave Library - Canalave City

    Jarrith was sprawled out on a bean-bag reading his favorite book, muttering certain passages of it. The book was titled "The Legend of Darkrai," and for some reason, he was attracted to it. He read many other books, but he kept going back to that one, over and over again. He had just gotten to the fifth chapter when a girl poked him.

    "Uh, mister? Why is your hair white?" the girl questioned. The girl has short blonde hair and blue eyes, and didn't look much over 7 years old.

    Jarrith rolled his eyes. "I don't know, why is your hair blonde?" he snapped, getting back to his reading.

    The girl just blinked at him. "My mommy had blonde hair like me. Does your mommy have white hair?"

    "No," Jarrith sighed as he slammed the book shut and sat up. "My mother's hair is brown."

    "So why is your hair white? And why are you wearing that?"

    "Why do you keep asking me all these questions?" Jarrith yelled, his blue eyes locked on the girl.

    The girl took a step back. "I... I was just wondering..."

    "I'm just trying to read a book here!" Jarrith snapped back, standing up. He put the book back on the shelf and growled, "I'll be off now. Go back to your mommy or whatever."

    Jarrith walked out of the building and started walking home. He waved to a guard, who glared at him the whole way. Eventually he reached his home, where his mother was making something for dinner. Jarrith grunted something unintelligible to his mother and trudged up to his room.

    "Darkheart, go!" Jarrith said, throwing a pokeball. Blue light flashed, leaving a zorua lying on the floor. Jarrith scratched the zorua behind the ears and said in a whisper, "How are we gonna mess with the guards today?"

    Darkheart only giggled.
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2013
  2. mjunior3

    mjunior3 Link Jokers!

    Gildor Vance
    Spear Pillar - Mt. Coronet

    Gildor's yellow eyes open, as he lays on his fur-covered bed. He sees a pokemon lying on his chest; Claw, his Sneasle. As Claw sleeps, he rubs Claw on the head, who lets out a slight purr.

    "Time to get up. It's light out", Gildor whispers to Claw, who opens one eye, looks at Gildor, sticks his tongue out at him, and closes his eyes again.

    Gildor smiles slightly. "Don't be like that. We need to get up."

    Claw sighs, then stands up, stretches, then hops down to the floor of the tent, covered in fur rugs.

    Gildor sits up and yawns. "What do you want for breakfast?"

    Claw smiles, and leads him outside.
  3. Apollo77

    Apollo77 John Doe

    Zane Krieger
    Eterna City

    Zane stared up at the bronze statue that sat upon a stone pedestal in the northeast part of the city. He was always mystified by the statue and always wondered exactly what the statue was meant to symbolize. He knew that where a slightly lighter, rectangular spot on the pedestal stood out to the eyes of all who saw it, a plate inscribed with words once hung. However, no one left in the town seemed to know what it meant. Suddenly Zane felt a hand firmly grasp his shoulder; he whirled around to see an old man standing behind him. Zane knew he was from Eterna but had never actually met him before.

    “Curious about the statue, are you?” The man asked.

    “Yes, actually…” Zane replied. “For such a prominent part of the city, its significance sure is nebulous.”

    “Well, let me enlighten you a little about it, young man,” The man offered. “You see, the statue represents an ancient dragon Pokémon, partially responsible for the world’s existence.”

    “You mean like Dialga and Palkia?” Zane asked.

    “Yes, though the thing is, it’s unclear which of them is actually being portrayed,” The man explained. “There once was a plate that explaining what it was, but one day it just disappeared. I never really thought to remember what it said. In any case, it reminds us to be reverent to those Pokémon that helped create the world.” Without another word, the man walked away. Zane’s stomach grumbled; dinner was calling. He decided to let Leben out of his Poké Ball for the walk back to his house.

    “Hear that Leben? Legendary dragons were responsible for the world. Maybe you were related to them,” Zane pondered. Druddigon growled a reply, seemingly more concerned about food that what Zane had to say. “Yeah yeah, I hear you, let’s get home.”
  4. Cometstarlight

    Cometstarlight What do I do now?

    Stella Nocte
    Sunyshore City

    Stella sat on the edge of a cliff that overlooked the waters below. The stars, oh so dim, didn't do much to aleviate the scene with light. Even the moon, who's glow bathed the land for all time, seemed to pale in comparison to previous nights.

    She couldn't help but look out onto the ocean with gleaming eyes. The Pokemon League was just past this large body of water, assuming it was actually still there. It was forbidden to talk of the League for a fear of rebellion.

    Bringing her knees to her chest, she ran her fingers along the craggy ground where her reading material laid. It was a book that contained the various legend of pokemon across the world. Things like this were permitted for the general public to read, I mean, why not? It's not like many people thought they were real. It was mostly people from the more mythology based towns and cities that were fully invested in them.

    One story that the younger kids particularly liked were stories about the peaceful legendaries. The ones that would bring peace to the land. Legends like Cresselia, Victini, Shaymin, and more were the most common ones that brought joy to children. Other legends like Celebi, Giratina, Darkrai, and Kyurem didn't do much to lift their spirits. Since Celebi is said only to appear when times are peaceful, it is thought that we may never see them again. Giratina being the guardian of a distorted and parallel world; not to mention his near demonic appearance gave more children fear than wonder. Kyurem didn't even need to be explained. The fact that he would eat people who were out past dark scared enough children and adults alike.

    Pokemon like Darkrai were feared because of the nightmares they caused. There are rumors spread by the elder folk that Darkrai is the reason this all started. It would make sense, since more children have become frought with nightmares since this all began, or so Stella was told. Stella liked to think that even the creepiest and evil looking pokemon was only that. Creepy and evil looking. Just because a pokemon looked scary or foreboding didn't always mean it was evil. Now...to people's credit, there were pokemon that seem to have it out for humans nowadays, but this wasn't as common as once thought.

    Darkrai, Kyurem, Giratina and more; Stella hoped to see these pokemon one day. They couldn't be all bad, perhaps they could even help with the situation they were all in.
    Stella ran her fingers across the old book's cover and delicately skimmed the pages.

    There was one legend that fascinated her more than the others though. It was the legend of the pokemon Jirachi. There weren't many pictures on it, nor were there many stories about it, but for whatever reason it fascinated her. The realization that this pokemon could grant wishes was something truely spectacular. It seemed to always find something to be happy about.

    She didn't want to favor Jirachi more than the other legends though, she wanted to study as many as she could. Stella continued to stroke the book's spine as a breeze came off the of the ocean. It tustled and played with her hair as the articial sun lamps glowed in the distance.

    That's right, even though it appeared as dark as the ocean is deep, it was still considered daytime.
  5. Corrosion

    Corrosion Hello Kitty =/= Cat

    ((OOC: The majority of this was written in the early morning/late night, so don’t expect it to be cohesive.))

    Boone Granted
    Resort Area

    For Boone, the days passed without purpose. He had nowhere to go in life besides work eight or more hours a day for meager wages unless he worked for Team Shadow. Normally, he would have been reading at this time, but he was jogging with Elysium and he had time to introspect; he reflected on his future.

    The patrolling Team Shadow grunts gave him weary glances; they were tired of his tricks past curfew, so they gave him little trouble. The Resort Area had escaped the majority of the destruction thanks to rich residents who were able to shell out large amounts to keep their heads. Some of the more unscrupulous citizens had even donated to Team Shadow under the condition that they would be spared of some of the more unfair constraints. Of course, that did not mean that they had natural sunlight, only lamps that mimicked the sun’s patterns. It was technically afternoon now, but one would not know it from looking at the sky—neither the sun nor the moon shone.

    As Boone neared the end of his jog, he noticed that it was nearly in the middle of the afternoon. ’Oh. I need to feed the wild Pokemon.’ He looked back at Elysium, who had been lagging behind him the entire time. Often, Boone could sense his Pokémon’s intentions, but he could never communicate with it in words. “Egg-Yum, should we feed the wild Pokemon now?” he asked, always one to obtain permission before doing something.

    The Elgyem shifted its brown body around and a few lights flashed from its hands. Boone, deciding to interpret that as an answer in the affirmative section of the spectrum, turned around and started to head farther out on the path. Elysium trailed a few feet behind him, floating in the air. Certainly, it supposed, giving handouts to wild Pokemon would surely do no harm and trigger no adverse reactions from Team Shadow; there couldn’t be that many things that were outlawed. Then again, Team Shadow was rather unreasonable.

    Surprisingly, no wild Pokemon showed up when Boone called to them, but he supposed that was to be expected—the Pokemon in the Resort Area had not known him for a long time and accepted food only sporadically. Sighing, Boone turned back toward his house and trudged down the path. ’How would the Pokemon have reacted if Team Shadow not succeeded? …If they caught me thinking about such treacherous things, they would throw a hissy fit. Already, they have banned books telling of heroic exploits. Don’t want the masses to be educated, do they?’
  6. mjunior3

    mjunior3 Link Jokers!

    (I have permission from TheSketchQueen to re-write my first post, as the forum is givig me problems with editing.)

    Gildor Vance
    Spear Pillar - Mt. Coronet

    Gildor opens his yellow eyes to see a Pokemon resting on his chest, as he lays on his fur-covered bed.

    "Time to get up", he says to the Sneasle named Claw. He opens one eye, sticks his tongue out at his trainer, and closes his eye again.

    Gildor smiles slightly, "We have to eat, you know? It's morning."

    He rubs Claw's head, who lets out a purr, sighs, than stands up, stretches, and hops down to the floor of the tent, covered in fur. Gildor sits up, yawns, gets down on the floor, grabbs a pile of black clothing from under his bed, and begins to dress.

    As he buckles his boot up, and looks at Claw, "Do you want to eat now?"

    Claw shakes his head, smiles, then points towards the flap in the tent, leading outside.

    "Ok, just let me get my jacket," Gildor says, obviously knowing what his Pokemon wants. He grabs a leather jacket from a table in the middle of the tent, and heads outside with Claw.

    "Race you there?", Gildor asks his Pokemon, who looks at him, nods, and they both sprint in the same direction.
  7. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    Ridley Schade
    Patroling Sunnyshore City

    It was a pleasent evening, despite the fact that the skies were dark and actually quite depressive. Ridley were patroling the streets With two fellow Team Shadow members, and there was suprisingly little commotion this evening. It was really boring to patrol like this, actually, and Ridley was wondering why they had to be Three grunts when he easily could have patroled alone. The days were pretty much like this nowdays. As he was only a grunt, Ridley only patroled the streets some evenings a month. Otherwise, he had.. A lot of free time.

    It had been a calm day. Ridley had not had any sudden mood changes, and good was that; he didn't like being a timebomb of personalities. Though this was why Team Shadow liked him so much. Hypocrits. But hey, they were Nice to him, so it was okay. Ridley had seen how Team Shadow acted towards enemies, which means People who tried to take on Team Shadow. He had even been in a Group that 'took care of' a small Group of rebels. He didn't like it that much, but it had started to grow on him, so it really didn't matter much anymore. The two other grunts had taken out their Pokemon, a Snubbull and a Whirlipede. Ridley released Chrona, and as the Psychic-type emerged, he immediatly yawned loudly, speaking out what they were all thinking: "My God, this is so boring!" The other grunt laughed, and Ridley silently nodded. The first grunt was right, People had already learnt that you don't mess With Team Shadow, so nobody really made their evening any difficult.
  8. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    (OOC: Sorry that took so long... *facepalms* I'm getting busy...)

    Jarrith Mann
    Canalave City

    Jarrith ran down the stairs, Darkheart running behind him. As he ran past, his mother stopped him. "Jarrith, are you going to go mess with some guards again?"

    Jarrith grinned. "Heck yeah I am!"

    Melinda sighed. "Jarrith..." she said, walking back to the stove, "One day, that's going to bite you in the butt. Messing with Team Shadow will only bring you -- and your father and I -- trouble. I don't want you to go like Marcus."

    "Mom..." Jarrith sighed, "I'll be careful." Darkheart jumped onto Jarrith's shoulder. "Zor, zorua!" he said, defending him.

    "You better be careful. I don't want your favorite food to go to waste!" she smiled. Jarrith walked towards the door, waved to his mom, and ran off.

    He went behind his house, looking back to make sure no one would follow him. He crouched down next to a patch of grass. "Alright, Dark, undo the illusion!" The zorua snickered, and the patch of grass faded, leaving a trap door. Jarrith opened the door, letting his zorua in first, and then jumping in himself. He walked down some stairs into a small room, with a couple of crates near the door, a refrigerator, and a couple beanbags lying around. Dark did a backflip, transforming himself into a boy about the same height as Jarrith, but with pitch black hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a black t-shirt, and black pants with red cuffs. Jarrith walked to the refrigerator and pulled out a soda, then flopping himself on a beanbag. Dark sat down on the other bead bag. "So, Dark," Jarrith said, "What should we do today? I'm thinking on going on a little supply run."

    Darkheart snickered, and in broken English said, "Yes... good!"

    "Alright!" Jarrith hopped up, and spread his arms out. "Darkheart, will you please work you magic?" Darkheart snickered, and his eyes started to glow.

    Jarrith held his arms out, as blue light swirled around his body. His white hair turned into a dark brown, and his clothes turned into a Team Shadow uniform. Darkheart spum around, the blue light covering him. When he came out, he wore the illusion of a voluptuous woman, with long blonde hair and a Team Shadow uniform. Jarrith face-palmed. "You're going to distract me with that chest, you dirty minded creature. Be a male." Darkheart rolled his eyes, spun around again, and came out as his usual male self, still wearing the Shadow uniform.

    Jarrith grinned. "Dark- or should I call you Mark. Mark, we're going on a little adventure."
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2013
  9. mjunior3

    mjunior3 Link Jokers!

    Gildor Vance
    Mt. Coronet - Spear Pillar

    As Gildor and Claw are runnig, they head to a rocky overhang to the left of their tent, about 5 minutes away

    Gildor: Stopping at the overhang, he starts panting. "Alright, ready for our climb?"

    He looks at Claw, who nods, smiles, then runs, and jums off the overhang, only to grab on the edge of it at the last second. Gildor shakes his head, knowing what happened the last time that happened, and slowly climbs over the edge, and starts feeling the rocky face with his feet, finding his familiar foot-holds, and then they both start climbing down the face, Claw a little faster than Gildor.

    The two continue their desent down the face of the cliff, until they reach a small cave, jutting out of the cliff, and allowing access to the cave is a small rocky outcrop.

    Gildor: Stopping for a breather after the climb, and looking into the small cave, showing small natural shelves, holding various climbing supplies, and a tunnel leading farther into the mountain. "Alright, Claw, ready to go get breakfast now?"

    The small Pokemon, unlatches itself from the wall in a backflip, and landing neatly next to Gildor. Claw looks at his trainer, nods, and they both head silently into the tunnel, crouching down, as not to make noise.
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2013
  10. Apollo77

    Apollo77 John Doe

    (OOC: Let’s spark up some activity here, shall we?)

    Zane Krieger
    Eterna City

    Zane stared at the plate of food in front of him, his mouth watering. Before him were a double cheeseburger and a boatload of fries from the local burger joint. Alongside him, Leben too gazed at his bowl of Poké Food, as if lost in a trance. Zane eagerly grabbed the burger and took out a giant bite out of it, savoring the taste like he had never had it before, though that couldn’t have been farther from the truth. Zane proceeded to wolf his meal down, barely coming up for air. It may not have been his birthday dinner, but boy, did he love burgers.

    “Glad you’re enjoying yourself,” his mom laughed from across the dinner table. “Just don’t give yourself a stomach ache so you can’t enjoy tomorrow!”

    “I won’t, Mom,” Zane said during one of his quick moments of air. He immediately returned to the deep ocean of food on his plate. It disappeared in a matter of minutes, and its consumption was followed by a loud burp. An even louder roar came from Leben as he finished devouring his mountain of food, demanding more. “Don’t worry buddy, I’ll get you some more.” The Druddigon grunted in approval as Zane retrieved the bag of Poké Food and poured another mountain into the bowl. “Eat up as much as you want.” At that moment, with his family and his Pokémon beside him, enjoying a nice meal and having a laugh, Zane realized that, despite Team Shadow’s reign of oppression on society, things weren’t so bad. There were still many moments of happiness to be found in life. “Team Shadow may have taken away a lot from us, but they can’t take away our happiness.”

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