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Honor [SU]

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Sketchie, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. Sketchie

    Sketchie >:3c

    A SketchQueen RP
    Forever will we stand, and we will not be moved.

    The year is 2033. Each pokemon game (not including Gen 6) events have taken place in the years they were released.

    In past years, evil organizations have always been present, trying to overthrow balance and take over in their region. And with every organization, there is a trainer who won't stand for it. That trainer rises through the ranks, fighting battle after battle until they find their way to the top. In an epic battle, that one trainer rises above his opponent, disbanding the evil organization and saving the day.

    But what if that trainer failed?

    In the year 2015, a Team Shadow was born. They worked in secret underground bases in each region. They started to appear in each region early 2016. The one trainer from each region who had defeated the evil in their own region decided together to take Shadow on like they took their other teams. The 5 trainers started their war against Shadow, and in the beginning, it looked as if the 5 trainers had the upper hand and were to defeat Team Shadow. But in late 2016, the war was still going, and Team Shadow started to rise. One by one, each trainer fell. And one by one, each region fell to Shadow. First fell Unova, then Hoenn, then Johto, then Kanto, then lastly Sinnoh.

    Team Shadow had control over every city in each region, and they made quite a few changes. There were guards constantly patrolling the streets, factories making supplies for the Shadow, and a curfew was set up- no one could be out after 9:00 without proper permission.

    And there was no natural light- the sun never rose anymore.

    In the dimensional plane of the Legendary Pokemon, a meeting was to be held to decide what to do. Being the crisis Team Shadow was, Dialga started to think if one of the other legendaries had started it. Knowing that Darkrai had attempted to destroy the world once, Dialga pinpointed her blame onto him.

    During this one fateful meeting, Dialga started she knew the culprit. She stated it was Darkrai, and he was going to attempt to destroy the world again. Many of the other legends, including Arceus, agreed with Dialga, ignoring Darkrai's protest.

    Dialga proposed that as a punishment, Darkrai would be sent to the Earthly Plane to live in the world he had created. Arceus thought it over for a minute, but then agreed that Darkrai's punishment was fair. However, 7 of the legendaries- Mewtwo, Jirachi, Giratina, Deoxys, Genesect, Regice, and Entei- stood up for Darkrai, saying no one had any proof that Darkrai was at fault.

    This sent Arceus into a rage. No one had ever questioned Arceus's rule until now. As punishment for speaking out of turn and against the final judgement, the 7 pokemon would be sent down as humans with Darkrai. He also added on to the original punishment, adding that they will be separated out across the Sinnoh region, and that their memories will be wiped out. They will be born as a human children, all on the same day.

    Cresselia was horrified. She knew Team Shadow wasn't Darkrai's doing, but she was too afraid to speak out against Arceus. The day the 8 pokemon were to be banished, Cresselia was able to talk to the eight. The told them that on their 17th birthday, she would be able to restore their memories of who they were, and could give them a dream on where to meet with each other. Cresselia told them that they are the only ones who can take Team Shadow down, and they have to prove their innocence and bring each region to peace.

    You are one of these seven pokemon. Mewtwo, Jirachi, Giratina, Deoxys, Genesect, Regice, or Entei. You were born in a different city in the Sinnoh region, to a nice family (rare for the times, but Cresselia was able to make it happen). You have no idea you are a legendary pokemon.

    1. Follow SPPF rules (duh).
    2. This is PG-13, people, let's keep it that way.
    3. A reserve will be held for a week.
    4. At the beginning, only one pokemon is allowed with the character, preferably the type the character representing the legendary is, and it can't be a psudo-legendary.
    6. No godmodding, or making your character insanely-powerful, or making a Mary-Sue.
    7. Please attempt to be active...

    Sign-Up Sheet
    Part One: Human
    Hometown: (Keep it in Sinnoh)

    Appearance: (Think Gijinka... sort of..)

    Part Two: Pokemon

    Part Three: RP Sample
    I'd like to see your work. This can either be something you wrote up on-the-spot, or you can link to rp's you've been in.

    Darkrai: Jarreth Mann - Canalave City - TheSketchQueen
    Mewtwo: Boone Granted - The Resort Island - wayjun
    Jirachi: James “Jamie” Isaac Richards - Eterna City - InfernalBlaze
    Giratina: Silence Dogood - Sunyshore City - Samantha Sparks
    Deoxys: Ashton Donovan - Veilstone City - Zwei
    Genesect: Renee Dudley - Oreburgh City - Eyepop
    Regice: Snö - Snowpoint City - Lost Requiem
    Entei: Natalie Flynn - Solaceon Town - A Ghost
    Kyurem: Reserved for The.Meta

    Have fun! The RP starts the day before your 17th birthday, so don't worry about age. My Sign-Up will be up soon is up! This page took hours of writing and revising...!
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2013
  2. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    I call Regice reserve!
  3. Sketchie

    Sketchie >:3c

    You are reserved, my friend.
  4. Corrosion

    Corrosion Hello Kitty =/= Cat

    May I reserve Mewtwo?
  5. SoulMuse

    SoulMuse Shadow of nothing

    Oh blast it all. Mewtwo reserve for me please.

    Damn ninjaed. Genesect please.
  6. Sketchie

    Sketchie >:3c

    SoulMuse and Wayjun, you two are both reserved.
  7. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    Can I reserve Giratina please?
  8. Sketchie

    Sketchie >:3c

    Yes, yes you can, Samantha Sparks. Reserved!
  9. Corrosion

    Corrosion Hello Kitty =/= Cat

    May I have a clarification? "Appearance: (Think Gijinka... sort of..)". How much of a gijinka should the character be? Just hair color and eyes, or beyond that?
  10. Sketchie

    Sketchie >:3c

    Hmm.... hair color, yes, eyes, probably. You can go father (with Darkrai, his clothes resemble the pokemon), but you don't have to.
  11. A Ghost

    A Ghost Spooky

    I'd like to reserve Entei, please.
  12. Sketchie

    Sketchie >:3c

    Reserved, A Ghost.
  13. Schade

    Schade The real Slim Schady

    Reserve Deoxys, please?
  14. Sketchie

    Sketchie >:3c

    Sure thing, Elysian.
  15. Schade

    Schade The real Slim Schady

    Thank you. I am a little bit troubled with how the sign-up works. Can you please explain it short to me in a VM, before I start plotting anything?
  16. Gryghaim

    Gryghaim InfernalBlaze

    Could I have a reserve for Jirachi? Not that there is much choice, but I don't mind.
  17. Flame Mistress

    Flame Mistress Well-Known Member

    Ah, darn it... all of the legendaries are taken.

    I was wondering, is this only on a "first come, first serve" basis? Because if it isn't, I'd like to challenge one of the others for a spot in this RP.
  18. Schade

    Schade The real Slim Schady

    Temporarily Sign-Up Sheet
    Part One: Human

    Name: Alex Lightwood
    Legendary: Deoxys
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Veilstone City

    Appearance: Alex is tall and slender, and not very muscular. His hair is not too long, and orange, with dyed Blue highlights. His eyes are unnaturally white, with no shades of any color at all, and people say he looks creepy. He usually wear sunglasses to cover them, though. He also dresses fairly average. Simple shirts, along with some classy jeans, and with some cool acessories, like his ring. His ring is a purple crystal he've had since as long as he can remember. Sometimes, it glows in a dim light, similar to the one of an aurora, which are ominously common in Veilstone these days.

    Personality: Alex is a dreamer, and often space out when being talked to. One would simply just think he's lazy, but he's actually in deep thought. He's a smart fellow, and is known in Veilstone as an eager reader. He often dream about going to space, away from all the woe in Sinnoh, which came after Team Shadow apeared a few years earlier. He's also a very wise person, and often compliment people on their intellects when needed. He's also a user of the Psychic-Type, because he feels a certain connection with them. He's kind to everyone, people as Pokemon, and can be a social butterfly when he's not in deep study on something extraordinary. His personality is quite unstable though. sometimes after he has visited the meteorites in Veilstone, he finds himself brave, and feels like nothing can get in his way. He feels strong, like he could take on the whole world alone. Other times, he gets nervous, and starts thinknig about strategies on how to be a great Pokemon Trainer. He feels like he needs to be on the defensive, and endure whatever the world throws at him. He can also suddenly feel impatient, and wants to do changes to the world of darkness ASAP.

    History: Alex was born into a wealthy family in Veilstone: The Lightwoods. William Lightwood, Alex' father, was a dedicated scientist, working at a place called Silph Co. in another region, so he was rarely home. Alex' mother was a quite classy lady, who tutored him the basics of Pokemon training when he was little. She even caught him a Pokemon when he turned ten: A Bronzor. This Bronzor is Alex' most valued friend, and despite he can't talk Pokemon, he somehow manage to understand what Bronzor says. (thus making Alex realize his connection with the Psychic-Types.) His mother just told him he was a talented, good person, and that he can achieve many glorious things with his friends, which were Bronzor, as Alex didn't really have many friends during his early childhood.

    When Team Shadow took over, however. They forced Alex' father, along with the oter employees of Silph. to work non-stop all the time, so Alex hasn't seen his father in 5 years. His mother got depressive during the ages of darkness, and rumors had it that Team Shadow was in control over the Darkness Pokemon, Darkrai. Alex did not believe in these rumors, but he had set himself a goal of his own. Veilstone was said to be the hometown of the Legendary Deoxys, a pokemon which had the power to raise beautiful auroras hat would light up the skies, chasing darkness away. Alex wanted to find this Pokemon and capture it. That would make his mother happy again. Veilstone was also rumored to once have been visited by Pokemon from space, and Alex was always facinated by this story. About how the DNA Pokemon had changed apperance by touching the four meteorites that lies in Veilstone. He had been at the meteorites several times, but he had not had any sorHe told Bronzor that they had to train, and become good Pokemon trainers, like the heroes that had saved the world so many times before.


    Part Two: Pokemon
    Name: Bronzor
    Species: Bronzor
    Gender: Nothing. lol
    Personality: Bronzor... is a Bronzor. It's a Brave little fellow. Bronzor often rushes itself into dangerous situations before thinking, despite being a pretty smart Pokemon, but it rarely gets damaged. It's a decent battler, and has learnt some cool moves from Alex and his mother. It's also a caring Pokemon, and it did try to cheer up Alex' mother several times during her depression, sometimes by using Confuse Ray on the house maids, making them act funny (At least in Bronzor's head).
    Other: It's moves are: Iron Head, Flash, Confuse Ray and Psychic

    This is the sign-up for the time being..
  19. Sketchie

    Sketchie >:3c

    @Infernal Blaze: Yup, reserved.

    @Azran Flame: Ah, yes. It is FC-FS. HOWEVER: if the reserved don't get their sign-ups by next Saturday/Sunday, there will be spots open.

    @Elysian: Almost done! It's accepted-worth, but I'd like an RP sample. And THEN you'll be accepted! So... pending now~
  20. Schade

    Schade The real Slim Schady

    Ok then. Last shot. Part Three: RP Sample

    Note* This is just something I made up now.

    Lucy was sitting alone in what seemed to be a forest. She had no memory of how she got there, or what she was supposed to do. The last thing she remembered, was walking across the road, and seeing the front lights on the bus that suddenly came towards her. She felt there was something she needed to do, like somebody was supposed to be there with her. "Hello..?" she whispered silently, before shouting out. "Hello?! Anyone?" Her voice made a im echo in the pleasent winds in the forests. Then, she saw something. It was a silhouette of a man, gliding towards her as a shadow. He approached her, and she suddenly realized what was going on with her. the shady figure lifted an arm, and pointed with bony fingers towards a small passage between the trees. "For you, there's only one way" a voice said inside Lucy's head, as the shady character guided her towards the neverending light at the end of her lifespan.

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