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Horror stories!


Galaxy Master Kush
Not so much horror as embarrassing, but I didn't think Metagross could breed with anything, even a Ditto. So I traded a better Metagross than mine for an EV trained Gengar (massive Sp.Attk), then was informed that a Ditto would work. And that god damn Gengar took out my Starmie in battle!


bassface OWNZZ
when i was a n00b at pokemon, i encountered groudon that was shiny and i killed it. I restarted becuase i didn't catch it. when i battled it again no shiny :'(
once i traded a pokemon from FR to my AWESOME sapphire and guess what? I gota bad egg and it DESTROYED my save file. Luckily i got all my good pokemon out of there.


Eternally Eternity
A little while ago I let my cousin play my Emerald and after she left i wanted to play it and looked for my Masterball and it was gone ! I did a little investigation and found she used it on a SLUGMA a level 14 common slugma. I could have screamed
on ruby i had a shiny poochyena that evolved into a mightyena. that was before i knew what shinies were and i started a new game:(
i dont know if i can put diamond and pearl stuff here but i was playing diamond at gts i saw a shiny shinx for a porygon-z. my porygon-z was on pearl and by the time i got the pearl in my ds it was traded


I remember trying to trade a Pokemon from a bootlegged LeafGreen to my emerald when all of a sudden the link cable had an error. After I reset my LeafGreen, the save file was destroyed and the cartridge ended up breaking down. To make matters worse for me, I had Lugia and Ho-Oh that I obtained from an event on that cartridge too.


Que Sera Sera
I picked up from where I left off on my Emerald the other day after a while of not playing it. I had Sceptile, Lombre and Manectric all lv 35. I needed to train to beat Norman so I caught Swablu and Serviper both lv 17. I spent AGES training them both to level 30 and I accidentally overwrite the game file and started a new game. I wasn't paying attention because my parents were moaning at me and I deleted it by mistake. I was SO angry and now I've lost heart to start it again.


I worked on Emerald for like 10 minutes trying to evolve a Pokemon. Then I turned it off forgetting to save. Is that horror? I think so. :p.

Dr Elite

ultimate Trainer
continously doing great things then forgetting to save. also in my first time in the elite four in my emerald, my god damn batteries almost ran out. they went dead during the credits.


probably elsewhere
I knocked out the VERY FIRST shiny I EVER met. A Roselia.


look a portkey!
dident ev train or clone shiny roselia before it got to lv 100


Well-Known Member
Let my friend play on Diamond. I told him to catch some pokemon in the route after sandgem town. He went and caught a bidoof with my master ball. I heard that noise that it does whwen you catch a pokeball and my friend said: "I caught it! It said I needed to use a master ball"! He's just a stupid liar. Good thing I turned off my game the second after he'd said that. I would of took pleasure in killing him if he'd of saved.


Well-Known Member
i was looking for a bagon in my emerald and i found my very first shiny, a shiny golbat. i caught and i started feeding it the berries that make it friendly so then it would evolve. at the same time, i couldn't beat steven because he was too good. so i traded my rayquaza for my friend's since his was better. i also traded my golbat for his trapinch so we could train them both. after i beat steven he said that his emerald got a glitch, so i never got my original rayquaza or my shiny crobat ever again :'(
one of my brothers older friends tossed my sapphire in snow.i would,ive went death star on him.same goes for my brothers other friend.grrrrr...i want to kill him...

Missingno. Master

Poison-type Trainer
I remember this vividly.

I was trying (and failing) to catch a wild Manectric. Ran after a while. A few minutes later, Pokemon appeared. A Zigzagoon. I wasn't paying much attention, until I heard that "da da ding!" noise. I looked at my GBA immediately. Perhaps it was a trick of the light, but the Zigzagoon looked reddish. i didn't know whether or not it really was a shiny, so I decided to catch it for good measure.

And there were NO POKEBALLS LEFT IN MY BAG! I had used them ALL trying and failing to catch the #@&!*@$ Manectric!

Later on, I saw a shiny Crawdaunt. I had a ton of Ultra Balls on me. Now, if only it hadn't been in the FREAKIN' BATTLE TOWER!

Crystal version. I'm going after Entei. I decide to hang some Pokemon posters in my room. While I'm doing this, I ask my brother to try to find Entei. I told him to wait for the strange battle music. It'll be at level 40. 2 minutes later, I hear the noise you hear in GSC when a Master Ball is used. I look at what my brother's doing. Wooper. It was a WOOPER. He WASTED MY LAST MASTER BALL ON A WOOPER! I snatched my GBA back from him and shut it off.

I mean, if the Wooper had been shiny, that would've been different.

Speaking of shinies. Gold version. I'm cutting through the grass to get to Goldenrod City quicker. And I find a shiny Ditto. I have it transform into my Hoothoot and begin weakening it. In the beginning of the game, I never have much luck trying to catch Ditto. I'm sorry to say this was no exception. After my last Pokeball was broken out of, Ditto KOed itself with Struggle.


Goofy time?
EV training for hours then accidentally hitting the power button.

The horror... I didn't feel motivated to EV train until the next week.