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Hot action, Ludicolo vs. Shiftry

Discussion in 'Face-Offs' started by Wild Cherry, Jul 5, 2006.

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  1. Wild Cherry

    Wild Cherry Magma Commander

    Between shiftry and Ludicolo who would most likely win, Both pokemon arent super effective against each other. So who would win? my Bet is on Shiftry, it has slightly better stats and dark moves arent not effective so it has sorta an advantage. so what do you guys think, who will win?
  2. Volteon

    Volteon Back I guess??

    Of course Ludicolo, he´s TEH Grass Pokémon, among the best ones IMO, Ice beam destroys that strange thing, how can a Dark Pokémon use Sun to power up?
  3. Golden Latios

    Golden Latios Plushie Latios

    Yeah, I agree completely. Ice Beam would do a lot of damage to Shiftry. I think Ludicolo has better HP, too, in my opinion.
  4. Lalonde


    not only is it one of the funniest pokemon,it also dances!
    its stats and movepool are pretty good too.
    it dances in emerald and colo/XD!
  5. dArK_pOkEmOn_lOvEr

    dArK_pOkEmOn_lOvEr Umbreon master

    Ludicolo would win a one-on-one (Ice Beam) battle against Shiftry.

    They are both good in their own way tho.

    OH!!! I forgot, cant Shiftry learn Ariel ace?? And since Shiftry is faster...hmm...This might come down on natures and EV's now that I think about it.
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2006
  6. Leon Phelps

    Leon Phelps Don't Tread on Me

    Ludicolo because of the defenses and HP. Ice Beam would kill Shiftry in one hit but Shiftry's Aeriel Ace wouldn't kill Ludicolo first because of the HP and defenses.
  7. ShinyFufu

    ShinyFufu Arriving glacially.

    But Shiftry has higher base HP, remember that. But, i think Ludicolo would win... and, it just looks cooler :)
  8. coolcobra77

    coolcobra77 Your Worst Nightmare


    Turn 1: Shriftry uses agiltiy or something
    Turn 1: Ludicolo uses Rain dance to re-gain hp

    Turn 2: Shriftry uses ariel ace (Ludicolo has little hp but still alive)
    Turn 2: Ludicolo uses Ice beam

    Turn 3 : Ludicolo buries Shriftry's body

    lol Ludicolo hands down
  9. Comray001


    Ludicolo uses Ice Beam. Shiftry dies
  10. hrwiki2

    hrwiki2 Boulder Trainer

    Ludicolo would definitely win with ice beam and its a much better pokemon overall.
  11. SneazzL.com

    SneazzL.com Ezra.

    Ludicolo wins it easy with ice beam but if shiftry has the right nature and Ev's shiftry could win with Ariel Ace
  12. Dratini927

    Dratini927 Matt the Drat

    Moving to the Face Off's area since it belongs in there. :p

  13. pooheadkid

    pooheadkid Psychic Trainer

    y would shiftry use agility? its got more speed than ludicolo in the begining? and y would ludicolo use rain dance if all it has to do is use ice beam?...critical situation both are great pokemon but imo, ludicolo is better
  14. Dark Aerodactyl

    Dark Aerodactyl i am not a spammer

    Ludicolo, becouse only flying attacks can destroy it
  15. ^
    Actually, Ludi is weak against Flying and Poison, so yah :D

    But Ludi still towers Shiftry :D
  16. Blizzard

    Blizzard My new lover <3

    Ludicolo has a heluuva better moveset, and Shiftry is a bit... well... naff imo XP

    So thats my vote for Ludicolo.
  17. rocky505

    rocky505 Well-Known Member

    what if shiftry used a swords danced explosion then shiftry would win.
  18. Lebonaire

    Lebonaire Scary.

    Umm, wouldn't that count as a draw?

    Methinks Ludicolo wins.
  19. Golden_Latias

    Golden_Latias #SlayQueenSlay

    Ludicolo. Shiftry's good and all, but it just can't take a hit. Ice Beam would OHKO it.

    Or, you could kill it with Toxic + Leech Seed, I guess.
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