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Hot Swapping cartridges on 3DS XL. Thoughts? (game froze)


Дми́трий Дми́триевич
I was wondering what your guys' opinions are on this. I'm wondering if anyone has ever had any issues.

I hot swap a lot, but I always make sure the cartridge is not running before I change cartridges.

99% of the time I have never had any problems, however the other day it took a while for my system to recognize that I had switched from Y to Alpha Sapphire. (pretty sure the software was off when I switched.)

Then it finally registered that AS was in the system and I opened the software. I opened up the save file and the game froze right as soon as I entered the world screen but the music was still playing.

I'm wondering if this was from hot swapping.

Also I've dropped my 3DS xl on a hardwood floor a couple times in the past so maybe it was a glitch from that?

I just want to take good care of my 3DS, I don't want to have to replace it since it has all of my pokebank info on it and switching that over to a new system sounds like a pain (not to mention expensive).

Anyone else had any game freezes on 3DS XL systems or any of the new ones?