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How about them pre-battle screens on WiFi?

Black Murder Heavangelon

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You know how before you get into a battle on Random WiFi, you see your pokemon as well as the opponents pokemon and if their holding an item along with their profiles, shiny or not?

How do you feel about them? Do you think they contradict the point of random wifi? Or do you think it embodies a different way of playing?

I think it's actually a good thing we have that. Yes, it may seem like cheating, being able to see your opponent's pokemon before the beginning of a match, but in the end it doesn't matter much, especially since you can only use three to four pokemon to fight with. I think it actually brings a sort of mindgame metagame. Like, 'He has a Scizor but will he use it? My Magnezone can easily take care of it but his Heatran will give me trouble. Eh, I have a Dugtrio to solve him. But what if he's scarfed?', stuff like that. It also adds to the surprise value sometimes, like seeing an Ambipom or Infernape without Fake out, or a Scizor without Bullet Punch.

And trust me, surprises like this tend to happen very often in Doubles. It's a different world there.

So, what are your opinions on this sort of thing?
I like it. And I don't see it as unfair because you each see each others Pokemon. I know I always try to find a common weakness between Pokemon and devise a strategy, and it's very helpful.

Plus, if you see the kid who has Arceus, Darkrai, Rayquaza, Kyogre, Mew, and Giratina all colored shiny, it tips you off about the trainer themselves. It's also nice to know whether you'll be facing an OU or UU team.

So I think that seeing your opponents Pokemon before battle is fair and a plus. :)


Epic Snake is Epic!
I like it and it is one of the main reasons I prefer PBR over normal DS battles as I suck at prediction normally so it helps to know his/her team before hand.

But it's fair seeing as they can see your pokemon aswell.


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Seeing as you both have a set of six you have to pick from, I think it's fair. It's not like you get to go into your storage or choose another pass, you're both stuck with the six pokemon you have on your pass to deal with the three or four you think the other one will chose from his six.

Shiny Mew2

i can base a little team around theirs.


I like it. You can get an idea of what you're up against right away and could gameplan accordingly.