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How about this insted of another Misty VS May thread...Swimsuit Episode Guide!!!

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High Commander Solomon said:
You licked the screen? Did you get electrocuted?
...Uh, no. o_o How the hell can someone be electrocuted from licking a TV Screen? It's impossible.

High Commander Solomon

This is MADNESS!
Well, there's at least all the static from getting close, so...

Anyway, I think we need a definition of the "hot outfit" corollary to this swimsuit thing. Preferably with visual aid.


Old Coot
Shame there's absolutely NOTHING on Kaede and Yuriko. :s
johnnyd2 said:
heres one to add to the list, theres a hot springs scene in the new movie (mew and the wave guiding hero, Rukario) and it features may.......
My goodness, all this talk about May in hot springs in the new movie and nobody has pics? Was she wearing a towel? Was she nude? Bikini maybe?

I can't have been the only puberty-hitting young teen who licked the screen when Misty stripped into that skimpy red bikini back in episode 4... right? D:
No, (though I did not lick the screen :D) you are not the only one who enjoyed that scene, remember it vividly, but not vividly enough that I don't demand pictures. :). And May I just say, that if a mod closes this (I can't think of any rule being broke) than I quit Serebii.


Comic Trainer!
I think Misty is the hottest girl... she's on my Anime-Girl-Love list. :p


Since no one wants to post bikini pics, I will. :x



A start. Now post more. >0


Lil Brother said:
Misty is so much more hot than May...
Maybe because she's older.
Fat Man David said:
May wins cos shes the hotest.
Mutanton_91 said:
I think Misty is the hottest girl
Good lord, I wasn't aware this was yet another "who's hotter" thread. Nobody cares who is hotter in this thread, we like all girls in swimsuits equally, at least I do.

Nice pics Alfonso.

Blackjack Gabbiani

Clearly we're great!
Wow. Brock is FINE.

...oh, bikinis. Yeah, ok.


Contaminated KFC
MagicBox said:
Where'd you hear that? That's the peak of all fanservice! The last hot spring scene we had was back in Kanto (as far as I can tell).
Edit: Its in the movie synopsis on the main site *cough* My bad...I'm only human~ ^.^;
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I am STEAMED, I can't believe Serebii does not have pics of the Samuri episode. Not fair.


It isn't loading for me, but I know what it is. XD The pic with Pheobe, LG Girl, Girl from Colo and... Bridget? :0

Horn Drill

Alfonso said:
Since no one wants to post bikini pics, I will. :x



A start. Now post more. >0
My computer won't load the images. I weep. :(

A bunch of girls are gonna come on here and get on us for dehumanizing woman or some other waa-waa-equal-rights tirade. :p

Getting all worked up over Delia is wrong in a way... I mean, she's Ash's mother... >_> But you guys don't care. :p

Blackjack Gabbiani

Clearly we're great!
So? She's also hot. Just 'cause she has a son that should make her not hot all of a sudden?

And if any girls come in here and start whining about that, I'll just point them to the 'hottest guy' thread and others like it. It's equal opportunity!


God IS in Control
*sigh* I have no idea why the hell I'm doing this... *shrugs*






And if you can't see them just go here: http://photobucket.com/albums/v346/chibi_chikorita/Pokemon/Kasumi/ .

I'll look for Haruka pictures now.

Blackjack Gabbiani

Clearly we're great!
Something for the ladies...

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