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How about this insted of another Misty VS May thread...Swimsuit Episode Guide!!!

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Dark_Lukerio said:
Obviously you don't know what a pervert is. A pervert is a guy who has a subscription to PlayBoy, looks up porn and hentai on the internet, has sex videos all over his house, and/or grabs random womens' clothing to peek inside in public
Like quagmire!!!! hes quag mire quag mire, you never really know what hes gonna do next. hes quag mire quag mire Gigidy Gigidy Goo!!!
yeah pretty good pics, i just dont see hottness in them. watever

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little punks!
Surprised Nobody mentioned it on this thread yet but in movie eight pages 15-16 there are many swimsuit pics. So you can take a gander.
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That pic is from the 'Pika-kahuna' episode. Or whatever it's called. The one where Ash and co. meet that dude with the surfing Pikachu.


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ChaosMage said:
Everytime I try the links, a little egg thing comes up and my computer freezes. What is it meant to be?
Its a 'Dress/Undress Misty/May' thing. They had something similar to it a long while back iirc, the difference being that people could submit their own outfits for the characters and such. The owner of pokésho also used their own art style whilst drawing the characters too...I really liked that style :/

I've only ever seen this version once myself, as the page is absolute murder to load. Hours of fun for Haruka and Misty fanboys though >.>

Yami Ron

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Use VLC Player to play the ep... It has Snapshot capabilities and you can choose wheter to snapshot in .PNG or .JPG format.


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This thread seriously kicks ***! I have nothing to contribute, as of yet.


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Isnt that basically nudity??well anyways why are all the latest pics from like up to 2 weeks ago from the movie even though they are hawtness


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not really if u can post it on DA. Does anyone have any pics of Pike Queen Lucy??


Haru said:
not really if u can post it on DA. Does anyone have any pics of Pike Queen Lucy??
There's some pictures of her from speculation thread of her episode. But posting them up here would be Off-Topic: While you all may think she's 'hot', she is not wearing a swimsuit, or anything like one.
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