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How can Journeys improve on its criticisms?


Back in Bluk
Staff member
Or they could make an effort to improve him instead of taking the lazy way out.


I just have no idea how for 20+ years they were able to successfully focus on multiple pokemon per episode but for journey all they can focus on is 1-2 pokemon. Also, I have 0 problem with Gou. i don't hate Go and i have no idea why anyone does except for the fact that he captures all the pokemon that we wish ash got + he takes most of the spotlight of the show.. I mean he is literally written just like Ash 2.0 and ppl love ash so i don't think its the writing or him that is the problem. Also, it’s not difficult just give team rocket their own pokemon so they can look good too. In review, give more screen time to ash and his pokemon and everyone is happy camper