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How come the other protaganists aren't idolized/worshipped like Red?

Like others have already said, he's the original protagonsit.
The first.
The one that started it all.


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He's the only protagonist who has been recognized as a champion. Proof? You actually battle him in the Champions League of the PWT in B2/W2.
You don't battle any other protagonist.
By making him the Ultimate Challenge, it just proves how great he is.

Not to mention the fact that he doesn't speak, it's condescending behaviour. Implying that he is too good for you.

SoulSilver Eric

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Probably because he's the first like others have said, if anything it was actually pretty cool at the time to have to face him at the end. It showed a sort of continuity that you didn't see that often. Also, could it have been because of the Manga? Red in the manga was a pretty badass battler.


That is because Red is the only protagonist that you could fight in a game (G/S/C/HG/SS)
Also,he is the strongest one and has his own series (Pokemon Origins)


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He's the only protagonist who has been recognized as a champion. Proof? You actually battle him in the Champions League of the PWT in B2/W2.
You don't battle any other protagonist.
By making him the Ultimate Challenge, it just proves how great he is.

Not to mention the fact that he doesn't speak, it's condescending behaviour. Implying that he is too good for you.

True. He is also the one that many people started with and he is from the most popular generation. More people played games with Red in as the 1st generation sold the most and he has also been in many games since then.


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Well....We don't really know that for sure. The only reason we know Red, is because he is referred to in GSC, other characters are just not mentioned much after the games, but that doesn't mean the people of that region don't idolize this person. And I also seem to recall your character being talking highly of in BW2.


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Also,he is the strongest one and has his own series (Pokemon Origins)
Red was popular before Pokemon Origins, though - in fact, Origins was made because of Red's popularity amongst older fans.

As I said in my original post, I don't think Red's popularity comes solely from being the first, but also because he's kind of the "cooler" version of Ash. Everyone and their mother knows who Ash is, but not necessarily Red, so you get a lot of people who feel "cool" just for knowing who Red is.

Lets see I think The Pokemon Company and GameFreak programmed Red into the games ahead of gen 1 because of the hype about him from players and fans around the world at the time. And it's kinda a tradition for them to put him in the game. He appears in Gen 1 obviously as the main protagonist. Generation 2 at Mt. Silver. Interesting to note, why is he named "Red" when he has the team from Pokemon Yellow? Must be another Pikachu input and suggestion to the show (Pikachu reference). He actually appears in Generation 3, 4, 5 as well. Respectively in the Battle Towers. Anyway I just think that the reason the creators keep putting him into the games is because of Ash and the show. I know Ash does not have Blastoise, or Espeon. But the Pikachu and the similar look a like portrait is a dead give a way.

Breeder Drew

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Quite simply, he was the original protagonist. It's more paying tribute to the first protagonist of the games that made the franchise what it is today than anything.


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I think the Johto protagonists deserve more credit. They can beat Red!

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For all the reasons stated already. He was first, thus the original Pokemon protagonist and thus gets showered with worshiped love and fan devoted to him. Red is the most overrated character in the Pokemon series, period. Ethan/Lyra beat him in HGSS and it's never acknowledged. Every single game protagonist beat their regional teams and win the championship, but none are ever acknowledged. Only Red's amazing feats are. They don't even add the other protagonist in the BW2 Champion tournaments, but there's Red in it. Yes Red does get favored a lot. Much of it has to do with nostalgia. That's just the way it is.


Red is seen as the most relevant. He's the youngest pokemon champion and he's the final boss in gen 2. He is the one that we've all grown up with and we've seen him and his counterparts take a huge influence in the pokemon fandom. Ethan/Lyra/Kris/Brendan/May/Lucas/Dawn/Nate/Rosa/Calem/Serena don't even get mentioned outside their generation of games. Hopefully this may change in the future. I wouldn't go as far as idolizing and worshipping, but I know that Red is probably the most iconic.


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I always wondered why Gen 2 was the only instance in which you encountered the protagonist of a previous gen game.

To answer this question, I would say that I think it was because a lot of people still name Red/Blue as their favorite games. I think that the other protagonists are kind of forgotten about once a new game rolls around. As other posts mentioned, the protagonists of other games only get a brief mention, if any at all, in other games.

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Well, it's already been said, but I feel like it has to do with the level of interaction between the player and Red. You play him in the first game, and then fight against him in GSC. Which is really a neat thing that they haven't done since.

I think it's the same reason there's a fondness for Lance, Cynthia, Steven, Diana, Green/Blue...you get some indication of what they're like through interaction. Even if for Red, the only dialogue is "..." His stance, the lack of speech (despite this probably being an omission due to the player playing him in gen 1--all PKMN players are mary sues), the battle afterwards with all the starters and the insanely leveled Pikachu where you find him training alone on top of a mountain: it hints at him being a dedicated trainer, and in a way, that's kinda cool, especially since players of red/blue played him. We want to see him be what we thought he was, and Gamefreak did that. I guarantee, if we played Ruby and Sapphire and they put Brendan in some secret area in Emerald to fight as a final uber boss, it would be the same reaction.

Any ways, I think it's the same excitement I get whenever I see Jasmine running around in Sinnoh, or Crasher Wake in Unova, or reading the little notes in FRLG. The little cameos and nods are fun to see.

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I also find it interesting that HGSS has Red in it, but no Leaf. With all the changes HGSS had over GSC, they didn't think to add the female from FRLG? I can just imagine all the little girls who played FRLG as Leaf, then pick up HGSS and learn it's a sequel and get to learn that all they accomplished was really done but some hick named Red.

I imagine if other protagonist ever got Red treatment it would be Ethan, Brendan, Lucas, Hilbert, Nate, and Calem as the big heroes. Lyra, May, Dawn, Hilda, Rosa, and Serena would get Leaf treatment.


Well, he is essentially an icon for the Pokemon games. Not only is he the first, but he is the only player character to ever return in latter generations. It's really neat how they designed that in generation II, where the final boss is you from the first game (aka Red). That, along with being the original, is why he is idolized.

I still remember hiking up Mount Silver in G/S not knowing what to expect and encountering that enigmatic guy who only says "..." and upon engaging him in battle, you discover that he is Red, the guy you built up from R/B. And not only that, he has some freakishly powerful, high level pokemon, more powerful than any other trainer you can encounter in any pokemon game. I always thought that was cool, really cool. If that isn't iconic and memorable, I don't know what is. I bet if they did that with other protagonists, they would get a similar reaction Red does.

Plus, Red has some of the best fanart out of all the pokemon player characters. I think that has definitely contributed to the "hype" about him.

Do I think he is overrated? Yeah, a bit. He gets credit for being the original, but as far as being the ultimate trainer goes, other protagonists have accomplished just as much, if not more, than him. Heck, Gold/Lyra/Kris even beats Red at the end of G/S/C/HG/SS, proving that he/she is a better trainer. Lucas/Dawn and Hilda/Hilbert/Rosa/Nate defeated evil organizations much more dangerous than Team Rocket. It is a shame that those protagonists do not get the same credit Red does, but not much you can do about it.

I personally like (almost) all protagonists equally. They all have their individual merits which makes them memorable and should all be appreciated to some extent.


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Red did great things. Took out Team Rocket single-handed, put an end to Marowak's ghost haunting the Pokémon Tower, helped protect Lostelle from a questionable Hypno, stopped a gang of bikers from harassing the Sevii Islands, and dethroned Blue from his position as Champion before it all got to his head. Sure, he is a great protagonist, and has helped make the lives of many easier. But there was greater fish to fry, such as Team Aqua/Magma and their hairbrained scheme to terraform Poke-earth, and while he sat idle on Mt. Silver, Gold took out Team Rocket after they returned while in Sinnoh, Lucas/Dawn stopped an ego-centric sociopath from scrapping the universe for one where said lunatic Cyrus plays the role of a god with no subjects and nobody else. Sure, Red did help many, but the other protagonists have done greater deeds than he did.