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How cute is Spinda?

How cute is Spinda?

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Punk Rock > You
Caught a Spinda,straight into the box


Goddess of Mischief
Meh. It really needs an evo. We know how you feel, but respect another person's opinion, please. For us, Spinda isn't a competitive Pokemon, most of us only use it for HMs or contests.


I think Spinda's cute! ^_^
I collect Spinda's with unusual spot patterns.
So far I have two that have half hearts on thier faces, one that has a whole heart on her forehead (kind of hard to tell though) and another one which I can't recall right now.


herd i liek spindaz
I am the original.

The only.

Number 1 Spinda Fan.


Amen, you are an awesome person. Spinda freaking owns in UU when you use it right! Own Tempo lets its partner in double battles swagger up its attack, then Spinda sets up a Return and that adds up to alot of damage in an UU environment.

And it has a good design to boot, too! I mean, look at it...he's all " Do a little dance, do a little dance!"

@Zpinda: You own too. Let it be known that Spinda shalt not be taken lightly....


Strawberry Milk
I find it adorable. Seriously if you gave it an liquor bottle it could pass off as a pure drink. I also find it hillarious that it knows Thrash. How could something like a Spinda thrash? "GRAAA NO MORE DRINKING!!!!!" or something like that.