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How did you catch your Rayquaza?


If you catched it. No matter if its Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald. Did you use Master Ball or you first weakened him and then used another type of ball? As for me I left 1 HP and used Timer Ball.


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I used my masterball on it like a noob -_-


my rolfcopter goes..
i have emerald and my team was extremely weak againts the damn thing
i had no choice but use a master ball on it
sucks training in hoenn, all weak

Rogue Striker G

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I was a beast. It was shiny so I had no choce but to catch it in my masterball

Blk Charizard

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Emerald: I weakened Rayquaza, saved when it was in the red and kept throwing all kinds, caught it in a greatball.
Later I transfered it and traded it away. xD
Got a Masterball. Finished the story. Found Rayquaza. Bam. Another added to the 'Dex.

I think most people caught Rayquaza with their Masterball, if they didn't use it on Kyogre/ Groudon beforehand. Face it, most people don't want to go up to a Lv 70 Dragon legendary with a few measy Poke/ Great/ Ultraballs (especially if they are SRing) - They'd rather go full throttle with the Masterball and get rid of any chance of screwing up and doing it all over again.


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since im sring for a shiny, its going to be a masterball as my team is weak =P


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well, I was stupid and missed out on my masterball.

so I had to save and reset until I caught him.

My team consisted of a 60 something Sceptile, a flier, a surfer, and the Regis UT except for Regice, who was 45.

mudkip master

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i used a ultra ball twice and master balls 4 or 5 times


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How did i catch it?

On my first try, baby!!!
before the elite four, and with level 50 pokemon. I used a ultraball, my mater ball was used on a latios on ruby.
i actually got my rayquaza by using a ultra ball, got his hp to red with my lvl 69 blaziken, then on the fourth ultra ball i got it, i still have my masterball, got every ledgendary pokemon in hoenn including jirachi (got two real ones from the colloseum bonus disk i have) except latias, latios and deoxys. SHOULD I USE IT ON LATIOS?


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After a week-long battle I caught it with a Pokeball on my Sapphire. I caught it on a Friday , it was a pain in the arse to catch it. =<


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I panicked the first time because my Swampert's ice beam almost KO'd Rayquaza, and he was the only pokemon I had that could stand up to Ray.
Still, from that battle onwards, I have loved TIMER BALLS. They're so useful for legendary fights like that one.

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I never caught Rayquazza. Lulz.

My brother caught any Rayquazza that he got with ultra balls though.