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How did you catch your Rayquaza?

i weakened Rayquaza and kept throwing Ultra Balls until i caught it
from memory i used a fair few ultra balls


its all blades
after taken me 1 hour
i only had a lv25 pikachu left
and i caught rayquasa with a great ball!


i caught mine in a timerball, what i did was weakening him and then throw ultra balls and once every while i heal and then throw a timerball which has a big catchingrate by then.

it works everytime though you have to watch out that rayquaza doesn't run out ofn PP.


<-most recent shiny
I caught mine in a timer ball on emerald (my very first one in an ultra ball on ruby), I got its HP down to the red, threw a few ultra balls and then started throwing timer balls (a master ball on sapphire because I was SRing for a shiny one)

Spirit of Darkness

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The first time I caught it with a Master Ball but I then SRed and fought with it for sucha long time in order to get it with an ultra ball. I got it then with a Timer Ball. :p


Shade of Blue
I ran out of Ultra Balls and I was just throwing a random assortment of Pokéballs. I was ready to SR when I suddenly saw it had been caught in a Dive Ball -_-


Trainin's Over! DIE!
With a net balll, after millions of timer and ultra balls.
Rayquaza? Let's see...

*Goes back into memory*

Oh yes, the one where I caught him with 2 Ultra Balls. I think I False Swiped him with something, I remember him having virtually no HP left, I had him Hypnotised and confused, and he was mine.

Shadow Tepi 8

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After getting it down to red HP and paralysing it, I managed to catch Rayquaza after about 4 Great Balls.


<- Zap Cannon Espeon
Rayquaza? Man... For me, that was a long time ago... 999:59+ game hours ago, I think...

My Emerald said that it was in a Timer Ball...

I had a Master Ball, but I didn't want to use it on Rayquaza. I had to save it for Latios, who is a bigger pain in the arse to catch (And the Latios I caught became one of my most loyal Battle Frontier partners, but that is another story).

Ok, so I think I had a good set of Pokemon with me... Wait! I think I had Groudon and Kyogre with me back then! I think I had them in my party. I'm sorry. That battle was 999:59+ game hours ago... But I'm pretty sure that I had them.

Anyway, I made sure that I bought plenty of Ultra Balls and Timer Balls.

And as I've mentioned above, I was able to contain it in a Timer Ball.