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How did you catch your Rayquaza?

squirrel boy

A.K.A. myrandomness
well... thanks to pokemon box i had an altereria with false swipe, and my heart beat was racing cuz i knew it had outrage
but luckily altereia is faster and got a pretty good hit. then i had to change to my groudon and did some damage, then altereia again.
and an ultra ball did it.


By randomly throwing ultra balls on it whilst trying to Rayquaza's Hp in red, in Sapphire and Ruby anyway since I used the masterballs on Groundon and Kyrogre. In emmerald I saved the masterball for Rayquaza but battling it to low hp was still fun.

Darkrai's Nightmare

Well-Known Member
In Emerald,the first time I went through,I didn't catch it 'til after the E4.I just threw endless timer and Ultra balls at it while it had like 4 hp left. The secong time I threw a Masterball atit so I could wipe the E4 out.I forgot about Wallace,though. I had to use a few Max Revives for that battle.


Well-Known Member
I think in Emerald I caught it in a Dive ball. I didn't know you could buy Timer Balls in that Mart near the Rustborro-Verdanturf tunnel. 0_0 I got lucky because I switched to my last Pokemon (which was a Spheal) and I just chucked a Dive Ball then Shake...Shake...Shake...Click! I was so happy that day...(I was a n00b then XD)


probably elsewhere
Weakening with my entire party, paralysis from my Raichu, then Timer Ball. I believe I was underleveled at the time too.;;

Penguinist Trainer

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I used a masterball because it took me forever to get to the top of the tower. I'm soo bad at bike riding.


I tried many times to caught the serpent with pokeballs...fruitlessly..luckly enough i did manage to caught in a pokeball in one of those many attempts..i like catching legendaries in pokeballs...is more challeging ++ irritating =// but still..is pretty fun!!


Well. i Was On My Way To Capture Raquaza. But I Stumbled Into Latios On the Way. Caught It With The Masterball.

Got To Raquaza. Took Me Nearly 40 Ultra Balls To Claim The Beast
I don't exactly remember, but I think I used a lot of Ultra balls and one of my Pokemon used a sleeping ability to make Rayquaza sleep. But I do remember that it took a while to catch it; as well as getting to the top floor.


burning it down
I sent it to sleep most definitely, but I can't remember the specifics. I definitely used Swellow and Swampert though, and I'm pretty sure I used my Manectric to catch the Pokémon in an Ultra Ball.

maxx unlimited

<-Gender Undisclosed
I just kept throwing ultra balls at it.
Didn't even narrow down its HP.
.....it worked... :D
In Emerald, I realized that I wouldn't be able to beat Wallace with the team I had. So I caught Rayquaza with my Master ball because I was too lazy to do more training.

I'm pretty sure on Sapphire I managed to be patient enough to catch it with Ultra balls.


Don't QQ =p
Emerald-Kept on using Spite on outrage so it doesn't confuse-kill itself.
Used all the balls I had until I finally caught it with a Premier ball xD
Oh how I hate Rayquaza now...


Master of the Skies
I used the Master Ball to catch Rayquaza. I didn't want to take the time to catch it with other ball types. I really regretted doing it later on while trying to catch Groudon and Kyogre......


I think this game I'm going to SR for a shiny, so I'll be using my masterball.


ONM's emperor ing
On Ruby I painstakingly got its health down into the red than just used loads of Ultra balls and Timer balls. Caught it with an Ultra ball. I would have preferred to use a Master ball, but I missed it in the enemy team's base. Never bothered finishing Sapphire and Emerald (due to FireRed) so I only got that one.