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How did you discover Serebii.net?


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I searched "Pokemon FanSites" and Serebii was the first link on the list. I must've lurked for at least 3 years before actually joining.


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It was a four years ago an i think i was looking for help on my Sapphire on google when i stumbled upon Serebii and it was about...2006 i think and after about two years i checked out the forums for the first time an made an account..now its two years later again.

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Around 2006, I was with my family on vacation. We went over to a friend's place and I was hanging around the kids. I ask to go on the computer for cheats on Emerald thinking that every video game had some sort of secret cheat codes (I was 12 and more ignorant). I then found this website by going on Google searching "How to catch Mew in Emerald". A link to serebii's Faraway Island page showed up and I then began to read all of the Emerald pages until I had to leave and ended up forgetting about the site. Summer came and I started to remember the name of this site, but instead of serebii.net, I would type serebii.com when I heard of a pokemon game coming out for the DS called Jade and Diamond (more childhood stupidity). I learned that it was Diamond and Pearl by going to this site (after getting the name right) and kept on repeatedly visiting this site and eventually found the Forums where I chose to join.

That's my story and I hoped you enjoyed it.


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Well, I had kinda abandoned Pokemon for awhile. But I was on a general videogame forum, and when they announced "NEW POKEMON OMG" (for Diamond and Pearl) I started getting interested again. Serebii was at some point linked for news info, and when the games came out, I would visit the site more often. What made me check back regularly was that Advent Calendar. I liked the wallpapers, so I'd check daily to download 'em. After that I liked seeing what was going on with Pokemon and keep up to date on news. I think I became really regular around the time Platinum was announced.


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I was just googling stuff for Pokémon a few years ago and found Serebii.net. I just recently found out there were forums though. (End of November, 09 -.-)

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I pretty much just found it on Google. Although I didn't go on the forums until two years ago simply because I had a question about Pokespecial.

Bolt the Cat

Bringing the Thunder
I pretty much just found it on Google. Although I didn't go on the forums until two years ago simply because I had a question about Pokespecial.


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looking for where to find items and catch pokes on pkmn platinum( i started playuing on a dsi).
then I looked alot of things.
Then for wifi items.

soo then i went to the page evry day to see updates.
Then after 1 or 2 months I jopined the forums.
I saw the forums, but didn't join for a bout 1 month.

I never used the newbie lounge. Should I post a thread there?


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I found this website when I clicked on a link from the Dogasu website on a page talking about the differences between the dub and original version of the 5th pokemon movie. I kept going to that link, to a point it became my favorite website ever since.
I used to visit Psypokes and looked through the sponsored links thing. I randomly clicked the SPP one because that one didn't have a stupid name and stayed here. I joined the forums a few months later.


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Googling Pokemon stuff.


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#1 There was this quiz on some Pokemon website (I think it may have been Dragonflycave?) and it was about how obsessed are you with Pokemon and it asked you stuff like "Do you have all the 1st gen games?" and "Have you ever completed a Pokedex?" Well one of the questions was "Are you part of a fan website such as Serebii.net?"

#2 When FRLG came out in the US, I went to the Gamespot website and looked at a complete walkthrough of either FR of LG. I read the whole thing because I was so interested in these games. And of course it had an FAQ section.

Question: Can you rate/fix my team?

Answer: No, I don't have time to do that (he said something like that.) Go to the people at Serebii.net or something because they will rate your team.

Then I joined Serebii for good.
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I was actually reading the Pokemon anime forums on TvTome.com (which is now TV.com) and found several references to serebii.net, so I decided to check it out. Back then the backround was still that yellow brown colour and I remember the site being rather slow. The green is much better.


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I was looking to see how to do the Mew Glitch in R/B/Y. I lurked for a while, then joined, and now I interject my two cents as I see fit.


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Ikinda discovered this site after searching 'groudon' on google during the R/S period, I wasn't too bothered on the website but then overtime I came to notice the pokemon of the week and I was like 'Wow', every week I would guess who the new potw would be. Ever since, the more i came to the site more I learned about the mechanics of pokemon games, natures ev's iv's. Man, those were good stuff, still are


About 4 years ago, I was searching for info on Corsola because that used to be my favorite Pokemon. Then I came across Serebii's Pokedex. & I started exploring the site & I loved what I saw! Now.....here I am :)