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How did you discover Serebii.net?


when D/P was newely released i used the main site's D/P pokedex after reccomendation from a friend, i used it for a few months and came to the conclusion that i missed a few unobtainable pokemon (celebi, mew, ho-oh, etc) and decided to use this site as a place to trade stuff, i shortly got my first celebi from skittyonwailord. i was an active trader untill i got really bored of the lag and decided to see what else is discussable on this site.


i wantz beef!
I came trying to get my SID so i could RNG. never did figure it out though. but man i love this site!!!


My Little Ponyta
When I asked on another forum where to find good epiguides.

This was before epiguides never came, btw :<


Hack n' Slash
My friend recommended Serebii.net to me after he saw the news about new 4th gen Pokemon, including Weaville, which I was quite understandably, rather excited about.
Haven't used another Pokemon site since


Skyla Fanboy!!!!!
i honestly can't remember since it was over 5 years ago. Thou i'm pretty sure it was after looking at psypokes for a long time and prolly searched for pokedex and and a link to serebii's marvelous pokedex and became instantly attached to the site and then joined the forums not to long later
Originally, my Former Boredom Buster (Someone you talk to only when you're bored, particularly on an IM like AIM) had recamended Serebii.Net to me so that I'd leave her alone, so I cussed her out (For the 4th Time in the same day). Then (much) later on, I got banned from a site I hated very much (The members were brainless ***s who spammed and all got on to me when I spammed, I stayed to redeem myself to a former friend) and the fact I needed Wi-Fi Distribution info, I decided to join this place.

So far, it's been great. Haven't made too many buddies to chat with, but it's okay ;)

Needs a Deoxys

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I had been looking up info on pokemon and was wondering how to get Deoxys and I stumbled upon this site. It's weird because this was back in 2005 and I was sure I joined then but then I became inactive for a little while and my account seemed to have disappeared. So, I just recreated it in 2006.

Nonetheless, it was one of the best decisions I've ever made!

Pearl girl

pkmn master
like 2-3 years ago when my brother came on this site to help me with a pokemon.... Then I came here looking for and trading pokes. eventually came on the forums. ^_^

then last year a friend of mine told me to come on here lol
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Some of my friends were telling me how crap the website was, and gave me a link to it. So far..I'm pleased with the info. (I wasn't saying SPP is crap, my friends were)


I lost the game
My awesome global studies teacher played pokemon and was always on this site, so I went to it. I joined the forums after about 2 years of being on here.


Mr. F
Linked to from the former official Ninty forums :( Too bad they were shut down... ;-;


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My friend(for lack of a better word), lets say class mate told me to go on it seeing as we both liked Pokémon. This was way back in, I don't know, 2006. It's been a long time.

This site is fantastic. I must say the updated PokéDex is brilliant, even better than the last PokéDex which was still great in many regards.

We must commend Serebii for the brilliant job he has done in building a brilliant Pokemon Place? (SPP)


Fighting Type Prof.
....googling hitmonchan, to look for more information. Serebii is better than Bulbapedia for movesets/locations/ect, but Bulbapedia has more trivia knowledge. (Though I'm yet to know what hitmonchan is in Spanish...and Spanish speaking peoples can VM me and tell me...it'd be much appreicated. I know in Germany, the land of my forebears, he's called "Knockchan", in France...also and Ancestor land, he's called "Tygnon", Japan=Ebiwalar and of course "Hitmonchan" in the English speaking parts of the world...in other news, when I google image searched "Tygnon", I found some disturbing things, porn and some pokemon hentai...there was a Gengar having a "Good Time" with someone...they didn't look too pleased with it, though.)

But yeah, Google.

~Nemmeh ;107;


I found Serebii after googling information about IVs & EVs. I was trying to get heavy into the Pokemon scene again after a few friends at College made me nostalgic while I was watching them play with their Pokewalkers.

Now I own Heart Gold and I bought Soul Silver for my brother because I wanted him to play with me again like we used to when we were little. He isn't into it at all though.

Also, a question: Does anyone know how to get that little accent "e" like there is in the word Pokemon?


Champ in the Making
I looked it up once and thought it was cool, then when I started to think competively this help give me ideas for movesets and spreads


Delibird fan
I learned about it a while ago... i searched pokemon info on google maybe a year or so, but i only came here for some references and stuff. Now i just joined the forums. :)


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i personally do not remember how i heard or was turned on to the main site, but this site is my go-to for Pokemon info, specially with the 5th gen lurking round the corner. :) and im constantly telling a guy i know on MSN messenger info i find from this site. :p i finally joined the forum just recently.

Metal Universe

I remember when I found serebii last year.

It was in august when I had JUST figured out there was a pokemon named arceus. I searched info and found a link to serebii.net
I was so happy and I ALSO got arceus with the help of AR. (go ahead and TROLL ME.)