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How did you discover Serebii.net?


And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared...
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:) I'm glad you have a good memory of the site. I'm going to merge this into the "How did you find Serebii" topic

Nitro123 (PG)

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I just Googled "poke'mon" to see what would pop up, and this site called Serebii.net came up. I clicked on it, and I liked, so I added it to my favorites, and I've been coming here a lot since then. :D

Zero Nexus

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Not long after Fire Red came out, i was looking for cheats, so i typed in "fire red" and Serebii's FRLG coverage page was the first link that came up


Guardiana Cristálica
I just wanted to search for an active Pokémon community since the dissolution of Pokémon Safari ( actually, one of the best Pokémon fansites in Spanish, but it got disbanded because Nintendo wanted to close the site for apparently "using" illegal software ).

Mr. E Goods

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I was looking at random google images of shiny pokemon with my friend and we srtumbled upon Serebiinet. A while later I joined the forums.


megacharizard king
i was looking for pokemon events to find out what they were when i found the site and i liked it but the next day i forgot it's name than several months later i found the site again started going to it regularly


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I can't remember what year it was, but I do believe that I found this site when I was looking for news on Fire Red.
I was doing a Pokemon roleplay on another site and the person who started the roleplay posted a link to Serebii so that people could use the Pokedex to see what moves Pokemon could learn.

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i found it through the unoffical english pokemon magazin, pokemon world.
they used to have portions of the forums on there! i remember seeing CERTAIN members on it!


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I googled pokemon web sites and one of the options was Serebii so i clicked it i used the website alot to help with my games, i lurked the forims for the longest time before registering. Its one of the best sites ive been too. I check the news daily. Its the first website i go to everytime i go on the net everyday.


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I found it by complete accident, I was searching ash's treecko and found it. It is now one of my most trusted pokemon sites and my main site for pokemon black and white updates
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I ended up on Serebii chat because more than anything else I wanted a charmander on my Pokemon Diamond version....carried on trading there for a few weeks, until some chappie invited me to join his forum league on chat. I obliged by signing up to Serebii, and whilst his league lasted about a week, the league I made myself soon after lasted over a year, and I've had no reason to leave. :)



Infernus Rex
I play at GPX Plus and since Black&White were announced, a lot of stuff that has been posted in their forums comes from here so it was a natural trail to follow :)



Ghost Type Trainer
I was searching for info on Pokemon Platinum (never did end up buying it :p). I was pleasantly surprised to find out so many people like Pokemon still.
And then I found fanfiction after deciding to lurk in the forums. I eventually registered, and now I'm here probably annoying all of you having a great time! :D


I. F.E.E.L. G.O.O.D.
I joined the forums this year, but I've used the website since like 2007 to find out stuff about pokemon games and such, how it happened I was just googling for info on how to catch pokemon in Emerald or something.


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My friend told me about it. It's also been mentioned on marriland a few times.


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Before d/p were out and I wanted to know what the new pokemon were, I found an image linking here with all the 'mon on. I'm glad I did.